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Juegos de invierno
It's the Winter Games and Pocoyo is so eager to win medals that he forgets the most important thing: to enjoy himself! Will he manage to do it?

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No quiero dormir
It's time for bed, but Pocoyo is not sleepy, he just wants to play! But, while playing with the blocks or the ball he seems to nod off a little bit...

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Dia de bromas
It's Prank Day and Pocoyo is having fun at his friends' expense. But then they all decide to get back at him.

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Nina adiestra a Loula
Nina agrees to train Loula for a day, but she is so convinced that it's a simple task that she ignores Pocoyo's advice, landing her in trouble. What will happen?

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 49 Now

La raqueta
The kids are playing tennis, but Elly gets upset with Pato and Pocoyo because they won't follow the rules. Will they manage to enjoy their game?

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 48 Now

El mando
Pocoyo discovers that the TV remote allows him to change, mute and rewind his friends. He will never again have to argue about what channel to watch!

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 47 Now

Nina descubre el mundo
Pocoyo shows his knowledge by helping Nina learn the use of different objects. Nina is impressed, her friend seems to know everything!

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 46 Now

El picnic de Elly
Chaos breaks out when Nina brings her ant friends to Elly's picnic. Elly, Pocoyo and Pato want them to leave, but Nina has no intention of getting rid of her friends.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 45 Now

El amigo de Pocoy
The arrival of Pocoyo's invisible friend creates problems with Pato and Elly. Since they can't see him, they are left out of the games!

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 44 Now

El rescate
Pocoyo and friends must rescue Caterpillar from the top of a tree, so they come up with plenty of crazy plans. Will they succeed?

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 43 Now

Mi h
After being rescued by him, Caterpillar decides to "help" Pocoyo win his golf match against Pato. Will she get him in trouble?

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 42 Now

Pocoyo and Nina create some mad inventions to finish their chores quickly so they can go to a party. But things are never that simple.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 41 Now

El coche de Pocoy
Unwilling to accept that he has grown too big for his old toy car, Pocoyo will get into some crazy trouble and even argue with his friends! How will it end?

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 40 Now

Roberto ultraprotector
When Nina gets a small scrape while playing, Roberto becomes obsessed with protecting her. But he goes over the top and poor Nina cannot even play or have fun with Pocoyo and friends!

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 39 Now

El juego del silencio
Pocoyo, Pato and Elly challenge Narrator to spend some time without talking. Will he be able to do it?

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 38 Now

El globo
Pocoyo and Pato lose Nina's balloon and must try to recover it, but Angry Alien has found it and has no intention of returning it. Will they be able to get it back?

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 37 Now

A ordenar
Pocoyo and Elly are playing and making a mess in Pato's room. At first, Pato doesn't mind, but when he realises that they don't tidy up afterwards he gets very mad.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 36 Now

Pato is obsessed with bowling when he discovers that, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot hit any pins, whereas Elly and Pocoyo are doing it with no effort. Will Elly and Pocoyo manage to help him relax?

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 35 Now

Fiesta de disfraces
There is a fancy dress party and competition and Pato is absolutely convinced that he will win. But when he has to choose a costume, he puts so much pressure on himself that he ends up not even going to the party.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 34 Now

El m
Pato is hooked on his phone and Pocoyo and Elly become worried because he doesn't even want to play with them anymore. They will try everything they can to get their friend back.

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Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 32 Now

El perfume rosa
Elly has a small bottle of her favourite perfume. Pocoyo discovers it and likes it so much that he starts to perfume everything he sees, until he uses it all up.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 31 Now

Pirate Pocoyo and Pato are duelling over a ship. Which one of them will manage to raise his pirate flag on it?

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 30 Now

Pato tries out Pocoyo's latest invention, the Dino box, and is transformed into a dinosaur! Pocoyo loves his new pet, but looking after a dinosaur is very difficult...

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 29 Now

Pato aceitoso
Pato puts on so much oil that he becomes very slippery and can't even play with his friends. At the beginning he loves it, but he soon discovers that too much oil has its drawbacks.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 28 Now

La gran final
When Elly and Pato see what a bad basketball player Pocoyo is, they decide not to play with him. Pocoyo is angry: if he can't play...

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 27 Now

Que empiece la partida
The grumpy Martian is back in Pocoyo's white world and he's kidnapped Elly's doll. Surprise surprise!

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 26 Now

Elly wants to make the most of the sun and decides to head off to the beach. Along the way, Elly sees her friends who all want to join her.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 25 Now

Un cuento de Navidad marciano
The angry Martian hates Christmas since his father disappeared one Christmas Eve and he's decided to use his cannon to ruin Christmas for Pocoyo and his friends. But you never know what life has in store.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 24 Now

El cartero espacial
Pato the Postman is back with a new mission: he has to deliver a package to the green Martian. But things aren't as simple as they seemed: the green Martian has moved to a different planet and Pato doesn't know his new address.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 23 Now

El peque
The buses to the theme park are absolutely packed, so Nina shrinks all her friends. Now that they're tiny, any object can be a theme park ride!

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 22 Now

Historias de Holloween
It's Nina's first Halloween and nobody can tell a story that spooks her. Nina is really brave and isn't afraid of anything.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 21 Now

La banda de rock
Pocoyo and his friends have a rock band and Fred the Octopus has organized a photo shoot. They can't decide on the front man.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 20 Now

Acampada de verano
Pocoyo, Pato and head off to the mountain top to flee the heat. Pato brings a huge, heavy backpack that makes things very difficult...

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 19 Now

El guardi
Sleepy Bird is getting ready for a peaceful nap, but Pocoyo is banging away on his drum. Pocoyo promises to be quiet and help Sleepy Bird get some much needed sleep, but that's harder than it seems.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 18 Now

Elly and Nina are dancing in synch. Pocoyo and Pato enter the scene and challenge them to a dance off.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 17 Now

Atrapados por los turistas
A group of green Martians have come to Pocoyo World to take photos of our friends. The tourists keep flocking to see them, will it ever stop?

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 16 Now

Palabras m
Something really weird is happening today... Every time the narrator asks what Pocoyo is playing with, the audience says something else and Pocoyo's object changes.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 15 Now

Regreso al pasado
Elly has been cooking her delicious cakes all day and now they're all ruined because of a banana skin. Don't panic!

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 14 Now

Pocoyo and Nina are playing tennis until Pato switches the tennis ball for a basketball ball. Elly joins in and adds rugby rules.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 13 Now

La tarta de fresibayas
It's time for tea and our friends head out into the forest to pick berries. The key ingredient to make a delicious cake.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 12 Now

Rasca y baila
Loula has fleas, so Nina uses her shrink ray to try to get them to leave Loula alone. But it turns out the fleas are in the middle of a massive party.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 11 Now

La casa de los colores
Elly has a new house and wants to paint it pink. She asks Pocoyo and Pato for help, but they want to paint it a different colour.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 10 Now

Weird things are happening to Pato: his hose won't work and his favourite hat seems to have a mind of its own. Pato investigates and finds Nina, a tiny girl dressed in green who lives among the plants with her robot Roberto.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 9 Now

Nina doesn't like football, so she goes off to find a different game. Meanwhile, Roberto stands in as goalkeeper but after he gets hit with the ball one too many times, his circuits break down and he goes crazy.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 8 Now

Environmental disaster: the water is polluted! Elly can't make her tea and Pato can't water his plants.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 7 Now

El marciano furioso ataca de nuevo
The Angry Alien is back in Pocoyo World with a brilliant master plan: he's going to impersonate Pocoyo! Everything goes smoothly at first, but soon enough everyone starts switching bodies.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 6 Now

Pato al aparato
Pato has bought a brand new phone and can't get enough of this fantastic technology. But he'll soon realise his flashy new device comes with some drawbacks: he can't hang out with his friends and be on his phone at the same time.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 5 Now

Montando el pollo
Pocoyo finds three chicks whose parents seem to be missing, so he decides to look after them. But he can't get the unruly chicks to calm down or behave.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 4 Now

El agujero negro
Pocoyo, Pato and Elly are playing marbles: you aim at a hole and shoot. But this isn't a regular hole.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 3 Now

It's Christmas time and Pato wants to decorate a Christmas tree. He can't bring himself to fell an innocent fern, but with a bit of ingenuity and a lot of team work the gang manages to find the perfect tree.

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 2 Now

Our friends reunite after the holidays and can't wait to tell each other what they got up to while they were away, but they're blowing things out of proportion... Did Pocoyo actually swallow an entire planet?

Watch Pocoyo Season 4 Episode 1 Now

Pocoyo is a vibrant and thought-provoking animated children's series that first aired on UK's CITV in 2005. This unique series is a British-Spanish co-production produced by Zinkia Entertainment and Granada International. Later, it enjoyed a larger, more global audience, gaining recognition and popularity amongst children and their parents alike. The program uses a combination of 3D animation and digital motion-capture technology, resulting in a visually striking and memorable cartoon.

The show revolves around its eponymous character, Pocoyo, which means "little me" in Spanish. Pocoyo is a curious, fun-loving, and somewhat mischievous little boy with an insatiable hunger for discovery and learning. The character's design is minimalistic yet incredibly endearing; a young boy dressed in blue, with a hat to match, always ready for a new adventure.

Pocoyo is never alone in his ventures. He's accompanied by a vibrant ensemble of characters that include Pato the yellow duck, the pink elephant Elly, and the adorable Loula the dog. Each character possesses unique traits, quirks, and personalities, which contribute to the overall dynamic of the cast, making the show enjoyable for a diversity of viewers.

Another key character is the unseen narrator, whose voice guides the young characters through their day-to-day adventures. The narrator not only moves the storyline along but also prompts conversation with the characters and the audience. He frequently questions Pocoyo's motives and actions, prompting the little boy to think, react, and learn from the situation at hand.

The charm of Pocoyo comes from its ability to take simple, everyday scenarios and turn them into grand adventures. From exploring nature, engaging in make-believe games, to learning how to share and care for others, Pocoyo's world is filled with captivating discoveries. The show expertly tackles various themes related to childhood learning, such as problem-solving, social interaction, and knowledge about the physical world. An episode might involve Pocoyo dealing with Pato's reluctance to play a new game, or Elly teaching everyone a new dance.

With its accent on exploration and curiosity, Pocoyo gently encourages children to understand and learn about the world around them. The show provides valuable life lessons about companionship, empathy, and the beauty of the natural world, all while keeping the audience entertained with amusing storylines and lovable characters. As a bonus, the brilliant use of color, design, and visual humor makes Pocoyo a visual delight.

Moreover, Pocoyo often interacts with the young viewers, breaking down the fourth wall. He acknowledges the viewer's presence, directly engages with them, and even asks for their help in resolving his dilemmas. This interactive nature of the show encourages active involvement and enhances children's educational experience, making every episode an exciting learning journey.

Pocoyo's language is simple, concise and understandable, making it a perfect educational tool for pre-schoolers starting to learn basic communication. Other than language skills, the show also promotes motor skills, through dance and movement incorporated in the storyline. An impressive collection of catchy tunes and dances further enhance this emphasis on physical activity.

In conclusion, the magic of Pocoyo lies in the carefully crafted blend of education and entertainment. The show's creators took tremendous care to make sure that the world of Pocoyo is a space where children can learn, explore, and grow, essentially celebrating the essence of childhood. The engaging characters, delightful animation, and strong educational slant make Pocoyo an excellent TV resource for pre-schoolers and a much-loved children's show. Each episode provides kids with laughter, learning, and an engaging young figure they can relate to, making this series a memorable part of their early years. Pocoyo is a meaningful, fun, and wholesome journey that young children and their parents will enjoy together.

Pocoyo is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 182 episodes, the show debuted on 1970. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

Stephen Fry, Alex Marty, Montana Smedley
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