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Gizmos Gone Wild!
There's mayhem at the Umi City Mall when a group of little Gizmo robots malfunction and wreak havoc through the shops, food court and department stores. Will Team Umizoomi's mighty math powers be able to save the day?

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 20 Now

Umi Rescue Copter
The Team gets a distress call from way out in the ocean. Their friend Danny the Dolphin hurt his tail and can't swim!

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 19 Now

Gizmo's Gone Wild!
Team Umizoomi takes off on an outer space mission in this one-hour special! When The TroubleMakers break the moon into four pieces, Milli, Geo and Bot blast off in Umi SpaceShip on an intergalactic adventure.

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 18 Now

Sleeping UmiCar
Team Umizoomi is visiting their friend Zeppo the Wizard. When Zeppo's magic sleeping potion makes UmiCar fall fast asleep, it's up to the Team to get the ingredients for the wake up potion!

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 17 Now

Cuckoo Bears
Milli, Geo und Bot haben eine besondere Aufgabe zu erledigen. Max, der Drache, ist der beste Freund der Prinzessin.

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 16 Now

The Big Boat Race
Sonya is excited to be in the Umi City Toy Boat Race.

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 15 Now

Umi Knights
Milli, Geo and Bot are brave UmiKnights today! Just then, the Princess calls with a problem. Max the Dragon lost his glasses and is flying around bumping into everything in the kingdom! The UmiKnights must help the dragon!

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 14 Now

The chief of police calls the UmiCops with a big case: to catch the 12 Stinkbugs who are on the loose and causing a stink wherever they go.

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 13 Now

Umi Ninjas
Team Umizoomi wins the coveted Ninja Trophy, but suddenly, Squiddy the Squid swipes the trophy for himself! Milli, Geo and Bot break out their super ninja skills to track down Squiddy and get their trophy back!

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 12 Now

Movie Madness!
It's a night out at the movies for The Team. But The TroubleMakers show up and make off with all the movie snacks!

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 11 Now

Gloopy Fly Home
Team Umizoomi finds a little alien named Gloopy who crash-landed in Umi City. Gloopy wants to go home, but his spaceship is missing the star crystals that make it fly.

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 10 Now

Umi Grand Prix!
UmiCar and Shark Car are revved up for the big race- the Umi Grand Prix! With tough competitors like Shape Bandit, Dump Truck, Squiddy, and The TroubleMakers, winning will be a big challenge.

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 9 Now

Meatball Madness
When The TroubleMakers take away the stop button from Chef Mario's Meatball Machine, the city fills up with millions of meatballs!

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 8 Now

Stolen Lunches
The Team is visiting their friend's school when The TroubleMakers steal all the kids' lunches! Milli, Geo and Bot take off in hot pursuit to get the lunches back before The TroubleMakers reach their secret picnic spot!

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 7 Now

Little Panda Joe
A baby panda named Little Joe is lost in Umi City! The Team finds him and sets off on a journey to take him back home to his family at the Panda House, taking good care of him all along the way.

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 5 Now

The Sunshine Fairy
The Team's friend Travis and his mom were on their way to his soccer game when their car got a flat tire! It's up to Team Umizoomi to get to Travis and fix his tire in time for his game.

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 4 Now

UmiCar's Birthday Present
Today is UmiCar's birthday party and everyone's having a fantastic time! But when The TroubleMakers crash the party and steal UmiCar's birthday present, the chase is on to get the present back!

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 3 Now

City of Lost Penguins
Milli, Geo and Bot are at the UmiCity Zoo viewing the newest animal attraction... 50 baby penguins! But when the Troublemakers arrive, they decide to wreak havoc by letting all the penguins loose. Now it's up to Team Umizoomi to collect the lost penguins and return them to their home.

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 2 Now

The Boy with the Dragon Skateboard
Team Umizoomi is visiting the Umi City Skate Park with their friend Logan. Logan has an amazing dragon skateboard and can do all kinds of cool tricks.

Watch Team Umizoomi Season 4 Episode 1 Now

Team Umizoomi is an educational, animated series tailored for preschoolers, created by Soo Kim, Michael Smith, and Jennifer Twomey. Aired from 2010 to 2015, the program is characterized by its unique integration of interactive, educational content wrapped in an entertaining package. Debuting on the Nick Jr. channel, the show is innovative in its approach towards teaching early childhood mathematical concepts alongside improving problem-solving skills.

The central premise of the series revolves around a trio of miniature superheroes - Milli, Geo, and Bot, often referred to collectively as Team Umizoomi. Milli is a vibrant, resourceful six-year-old girl with an ability to change her dress patterns, which often assists in solving various problems. Her brother, Geo, is energetic, with a knack for shapes and a super belt to create any vehicle necessary for their missions. The third member, Bot, is a funny, friendly robot who loves to dance and possesses a wide range of tools in his robotic body.

Set primarily in Umi City, a brightly colored metropolis populated by friendly and helpful citizens, each episode revolves around Team Umizoomi embarking on exciting adventures. The superheroes solve everyday problems using their mighty math powers, assisting the distressed members of their community. The crises can range from finding lost items, fixing damaged items to helping someone win a race. These adventures seamlessly incorporate mathematical concepts such as counting, measurement, patterns, and sequences, demonstrating the practical application of these ideas in the real world.

One of the distinctive features of the show is its fourth-wall-breaking tendency. Breaking traditional narrative norms, the characters frequently interact and engage with the viewer directly. These interactions are designed to test the viewer's comprehension of the presented math concepts and to involve them actively in the story. This interactive story-telling approach, combined with vibrant visuals and lighthearted humor, creates a captivating viewing experience for young audiences.

Team Umizoomi also emphasizes the value of teamwork, as the mini superheroes rely on each other's unique abilities to overcome the challenges they face. Their individual strengths, when combined, empower them to successfully navigate through their city's various landscapes - from parks, playgrounds, and city streets to magical lands that abound with learning opportunities.

The series employs an excellent fusion of 2D and 3D animation that ignites the imagination of young viewers. The colorful and upbeat art style, along with catchy, educational songs, augments the series' charm and appeal. The characters, despite their diminutive size, demonstrate a powerful presence on screen, reinforcing to young viewers that even the smallest can make a significant difference.

Team Umizoomi's educational value does not stop at math. It also introduces children to spatial relations, shapes, logical thinking, and observational skills. Aside from these cognitive aspects, the series gently instills vital virtues such as helpfulness, kindness, resilience, and perseverance. The show highlights that everyone can contribute to the society they live in, regardless of their size or perceived limitations.

In conclusion, Team Umizoomi isn't just another children's television show. It's an engaging, educational journey full of adventure, teamwork, problem-solving, and learning. With its excellent cast of characters, dynamic storytelling, and dedication to educational content, Team Umizoomi not only entertains but also stimulates the minds of its young viewers, making it a fun-filled learning experience for them. The series successfully demonstrates that mathematics is everywhere and can be fun to learn when coupled with engaging narratives.

Team Umizoomi is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 84 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.1.

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