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Going Home
With the signing of the Treaty of Paris, loyalists are forced to leave their homes.

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The Man Who Wouldn't Be King
Ben Franklin and John Adams sign the peace treaty with England, ending the Revolutionary War, but General Washington must thwart a potential uprising by his frustrated officers.

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Born Free and Equal
Massachusetts slave Mum Bett sues for her freedom. When she wins, she renames herself Elizabeth Freeman.

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The climatic battle of the war. After a long siege, Cornwallis surrenders. It's a huge victory for the Americans, but Washington is not yet convinced the war is over

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James Armistead
Virginia slave James Armistead joins Lafayette and spies on Benedict Arnold.

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Deborah Samson: Soldier of the Revolution
Deborah Samson masquerades as a man so she can enlist in the Continental army.

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Conflict in the South
General Nathanael Greene replaces Horatio Gates as the American commander in the south.

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Benedict Arnold
James, Sarah and Henri are there when Arnold tries to hand West Point over to British.

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Sarah and Henri join the Adams family in Massachusetts just as John and his son John Quincy return from France and are reunited with Abigail.

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The Great Galvaz
Spanish Governor Bernardo de Galvez aides the American cause by capturing Baton Rouge, Natchez and Mobile from the British.

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Not Yet Begun to Fight
In a long, desperate battle, John Paul Jones and his wildly outgunned Bonhomme Richard defeat the British Serapis off the coast of England.

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Honor and Compromise
The States struggle to unite politically before the arrival of the French Ambassador.

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The Hessians are Coming
While General Horatio Gates battles Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga, James is captured by British and Hessian forces as a spy.

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Sybil Ludinton
Sixteen-year-old Sybil Ludington makes her own midnight ride in Westchester County, New York. Benedict Arnold fights for respect from Congress.

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Liberty's Kids is an animated historical fiction television series produced by DIC Entertainment Corporation, originally broadcast on PBS Kids from 2002 to 2003. It comprises forty half-hour episodes, offering a captivating and immersive exploration of American history aimed at young viewers, particularly those in the seven to twelve age range.

The show offers the unique concept of untangling the complex weave of events that formed the United States, presenting historical events from the perspective of three fictional protagonists: Sarah Phillips, James Hiller and Henri LeFevbre. Card woven into the rich tapestry of the American Revolution era, their intertwining narratives offer an engaging perspective on significant historical events and figures, which thereby come alive for young audiences.

The series opens with Sarah Phillips, portrayed as a young British loyalist from an elite English family. Sarah's conservative world view and unwavering loyalty to King George III are crucial narrative drivers, often leading to disagreements, particularly with James Hiller, who has opposing political notions. Sarah's character development, replete with the exploration of her shifting political views, serves as a metaphor for the evolution of political ideologies amid the American Revolution.

James Hiller is a young American colonist who aspires to become a renowned journalist. His character adds an element of self-discovery and growth, showcasing his transformation from an eager apprentice to a respected reporter. His journalistic work intertwines with the historical events of the Revolutionary War, leveraging his stories to transform complex political events into relatable, kid-friendly narratives.

Also central is Henri LeFevbre, a humorous and energetic French orphan who accompanies Sarah and James in their adventures. Although Henri can't read or write, he serves as an important contributing factor to unraveling the different thematic layers of the show. His mischievous escapades often land the trio in daring circumstances, igniting curiosity and amusement among young viewers.

A significant character rounding up the main cast is Moses, an older African-American former slave who serves in Franklin's household alongside the three protagonists. Moses has an important role in the series as he helps the kids navigate their way around Philadelphia and provides some of the most important lessons in the series. His backstory as a former slave provides a perspective of the historical African-American struggles during the times of the American Revolution.

The narrative arc of Liberty's Kids heavily emphasizes historical authenticity. It involves real life historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson among a host of others, brought to life through the lens of the central characters. Using this narrative subplot, Liberty's Kids explores the critical and intense phases of the American Revolution, including the Boston Tea Party, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, and the framing of the Constitution, among other historical events.

With Benjamin Franklin as a mentor and a guide, the trio of Sarah, James, and Henri experience first-hand the events that shaped America's road to independence and beyond while working for Franklin's newspaper, the Pennsylvania Gazette. The ambition of Liberty's Kids is not only to narrate historical events but also to impart a deeper understanding of the principles, struggles, successes, and failures that founded the United States.

In a cohesive fusion of education and entertainment, Liberty's Kids manages to instill in young viewers an appreciation and understanding of the historical events that went into the making of the United States. It's a dynamic synthesis of classroom history lessons and animated storytelling, marking an innovative approach to making learning history fun for kids.

The series, while maintaining a historical foundation, manages to take liberties in characterization, introducing a variety of engaging personalities and complex relationships, thereby ensuring kids' entertainment. It's a brilliant attempt to demystify history, making it accessible and fascinating for younger audiences, thereby living up to its mission of bridging the gap between learning and entertainment.

The combination of lively animation, engaging plotlines, well-drawn characters, and relevant historical context makes Liberty's Kids an important series for any young student looking to understand America's early years. The show is, in essence, a vibrant history book brought to life, offering a potent blend of fact, fiction and fun to nurture and engage the minds of young viewers.

Liberty's Kids is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 67 episodes, the show debuted on 1970. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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