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All Done?
Bouichiro has taken Kena to the Suhara Shrine. He attempts to make the contract with the Law of Identity, but Akuto appears and the battle begins in the presence of the God.

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The Girls' Final Battle
Sai Akuto takes flight with Peaterhausen, having sworn to kill the Gods to protect Keena, but the imperial aircraft carrier "Black Crane" makes it debut and due to the work of 2V, an agent of the Cabinet Intelligence Magick Office, Sai Akuto is flattened by the Black Crane. At the same time, the troops that are under the command of Teruya Eiko raid the school to destroy the monsters infesting it, but the student council president, Riri Shiraishi, repells them.

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Sai Akuto's Imperial Capital War
Yamato Bouichirou, head of CIMO8, saves Keena from being assassinated. But he was only interested in making her, who calls the "law of identity", his own in order to control the gods.

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The Marriage Interview Chaos
Without either of their input, it's decided that an arrianged marriage meeting is to be held between Junko and Akuto at Iga Village. Junko, who has feelings for Akuto, is unable to tell him, and so invites him to the village for other reasons.

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Do You Have a Crush?
Hiroshi gets the legendary blade, and becomes the hero Brave. But he didn't tell anybody his true identity.

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The Legendary Hero Appears
The island they'd come to was Hiroshi's hometown. There was a legend there: When the demon lord revives, a beast would appear, and a hero would appear who would defeat it and the Demon Lord.

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Let's Go to School by the Sea!
By defending Fujiko, Akuto finds himself in control of the Demon Lord's secret treasure: a dragon named Peterhausen. Despite his wishes, his reputation as a Demon Lord grows.

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Beware the Underground Labyrinth
Students keep getting hurt as they try to find the treasure on the map Keena put up. Akuto, in his role as disciplinary committee member, insists that they give up looking, but a girl named Teruya Eiko appears suddenly and he ends up having to find it himself.

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Is Solitary Fun?
Keena's intervention manages to somehow make Junko and Akuto friends again. But during a class on mana control he knocks her unconscious again.

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The Upperclassman Who's A Bit Scary
Akuto applies for the position of Disciplinary Committee member at Fujiko's suggestion so he can get back in Junko's good graces. But that job entails defeating those who threaten the school's discipline, and is considered perfect for the "Future Demon Lord".

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The Odd Observer
On his first day, Akuto was told he was destined to become a Demon Lord. He tries his best to tell everyone it's all a misunderstanding, but everything he does just makes matters worse.

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Your future occupation is: Demon Lord
The year is 3000 where magic is common place. Transferring to the Constant Academy of Magical Arts just as the new quarter begins, Sai Akuto hopes to become a High Priest.

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"Demon King Daimao" is a compelling action, fantasy, and comedy anime series from Marvelous Entertainment that aired in 2010 for one season. It draws its fantastical narrative from the realms of magic, prophecy, intrigue, and rebellion, orchestrating a brilliantly intricate plot for the viewers.

The narrative pivots around the main protagonist, Akuto Sai, a seemingly ordinary boy with high ambitions of upholding justice and contributing positively to the world. He joins the Constant Magic Academy, where students master magical skills and prepare to play a significant role in shaping the future of the magical world. Akuto’s ambition is to become a high priest - the highest office known in the realm, and a beacon of good. However, his life takes an unforeseen turn when a school-arranged aptitude test declares that his future profession is to be a "Maō" (Demon King), the most malevolent mage in the magical universe.

Even as the news brings about disbelief and confusion, it triggers a chain of events that severely hampers Akuto’s plan of leading an ordinary school life. He instantly becomes infamous and feared by the majority of his fellow students. His intentions of maintaining peace and creating a harmonious environment are misunderstood, causing perpetual conflict with some schoolmates who are afraid of his designated prophecy.

However, the promise of becoming a Demon King also brings with it some strange advantages. Akuto not only finds himself gaining immense magical powers but also finds unexpected camaraderie in some unexpected quarters. While many students steer clear of him, others are drawn to him, including a robotic doll programmed to serve the Demon King and a martial arts expert who admires strength above all else.

"Demon King Daimao" skillfully employs humor, sprinkling it throughout its darker themes. Notable are the moments of comedic relief that manifest particularly in the interactions of Akuto with his diverse set of classmates, and their varied reactions to his supposed fate. The show paints a vivid picture of Akuto’s life as he constantly tries to reassert his true-free will against a destiny that everyone seems to have accepted for him.

The anime closes the gap between fantasy and reality, exploring existentialist themes of predetermined destiny versus individual choice and the notion of good versus evil. Bound together by powerful narratives of friendship, human spirit, courage, and ambition, the series is a constant exploration of personal and social identities.

An amalgamation of magical school life and a dark prophecy, "Demon King Daimao" is steeped in action-packed sequences and intricate plot twists. Viewers are kept at the edge of the seat as they journey through Akuto's transitions and growth, witnessing his brave struggle against destiny and attempts to escape his foretold future. The magical battles are a visual treat and lend credence to the characters' development.

Marvelous Entertainment doesn't skimp on character development either - each important personality in "Demon King Daimao" has a distinct, multifaceted personality with space to grow as the series progresses. Whether friend or foe, each of Akuto's peers have a part in shaping his journey and the narrative.

The anime's art and sound direction serve to set the tone for every twist and turn. The character designs stand out and the beautiful visuals of the magical world and jaw-dropping battle scenes elevate the viewing experience. The series' music plays an important part, helping to reflect not only the high-tension battle moments or dramatic plot reveals but also the lighthearted comedic times among friends and the more serious, contemplative moments.

In a nutshell, "Demon King Daimao" is an engaging foray into an enchanted world where everything is put to the test – friendships, destinies, honor, and personal identities. It tests the choices of its characters, placing trust in their abilities to shape their futures, and confronts traditional notions of categorizing events and people as simply good or evil.

If you're a fan of magic-fueled action, intense plots, multifaceted characters, and meaningful underlying themes, "Demon King Daimao" can offer an immersive viewing experience impregnated with excitement, depth, and complexity. Whether you're intrigued by the conflict between predestination and free will, or just want to enjoy some exciting magical battles and comic school life scenarios, this anime has the versatility to cater to a wide spectrum of anime enthusiasts.

Demon King Daimao is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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How can I watch Demon King Daimao online? Demon King Daimao is available on Marvelous Entertainment with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Demon King Daimao on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Apple TV online.

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