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Part 7
Alex Haley (JAMES EARL JONES) is now a successful magazine writer; his latest assignment: an interview with Malcolm X. He later goes on to write The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

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Part 6
Alex Haley (DAMON EVANS) joins the Coast Guard after leaving college. He meets and marries Nan Branch (DEBBIE ALLEN) before being sent to the South Pacific during WW II.

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Part 5
12-year-old Alex Haley (CHRISTOFF ST. JOHN) learns his family history from grandfather Will Palmer (STAN SHAW).

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Part 4
Simon Haley (DORIAN HAREWOOD) spends World War I with the 92nd Infantry, Colored, in France. On his return to the States, Simon and his buddies Doxey (CHARLES WELDON) and Haywood (BERNIE CASEY) are greeted by a lynch mob in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Part 3
Seventeen years later: Will Palmer (STAN SHAW) prospers as the owner of the lumber company. His daughter Bertha (IRENE CARA) goes to college where she falls in love with Simon Haley (DORIAN HAREWOOD), a poor sharecropper's son.

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Part 2
Tom Harvey's daughter, Cynthia (BEVER-LEIGH BANFIELD) falls in love with Will Palmer (STAN SHAW) a railroad worker who soon lands a job at the lumber company. Tensions meanwhile mount in Henning as the white community seeks to strip the blacks of their rights.

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Part 1
Tom Harvey (GEORG STANFORD BROWN) assumes the leadership of the black community in Henning, Tennessee from his aging father, Chicken George (AVON LONG). Tom establishes a school but trouble brews when Col.

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Roots: The Next Generations is an extraordinary chronicle of American history that plunges deep into the heart of the African American experience. A sequel to the 1977 television mini-series, Roots, this Warner Bros. production debuted in 1979 with iconic actor James Earl Jones playing a pivotal role. Adapted from the last seven chapters of Alex Haley's groundbreaking novel, Roots: The Saga of an American Family, Roots: The Next Generations further illuminates the struggle and perseverance of succeeding generations after Kunta Kinte, immortalized in the original series. This ambitious and dedicated project is striving to make tangible the abstract concept of heritage, uncovering the monumental journey of a family battling through centuries of hardship, injustice, and adversity. Roots: The Next Generations is infused with a star-studded cast that adds gravitas to the already arresting story. Undoubtedly, James Earl Jones is a significant contributor to this ensemble. Jones, notable for his trademark baritone voice, ensures that his character in Roots: The Next Generations becomes a memorable part of the series. His innate ability to summon a range of emotions, from delight to absolute despair, helps to enhance the changing dynamics of the plot. The series is a testament to the humanity and endurance of the characters, as it meticulously unravels three generations of an African American family from the end of the American Civil War through the Civil Rights era. It portrays the aftermath of slavery, the consequential societal challenges, and the sustained fight for equality and justice, culminating in an era of hope, awakening, and change in America's Civil Rights period. Roots: The Next Generations offers a relatively explicit yet sensitive depiction of the African American experience, intricately weaving elements of politics, culture, and personal struggle. It also sublimely highlights issues such as identity, heritage, and self-discovery. Altogether, this comprehensive narrative weaves a rich tapestry of the African American experience. One of the most compelling features of Roots: The Next Generations is its historical accuracy. The painstaking detail and commitment to reproducing period costumes, settings, languages, and etiquette create a vivid landscape against which the story unfolds. This careful attention to detail adds another layer of authenticity to the series, enhancing its impact and emotional vigor. The series does not shy away from displaying the periods of strife, discord, and triumph that paint the tumultuous yet rich background of America. By confronting such challenging narratives, Roots: The Next Generations progressively provides viewers with an insightful exploration of the African American journey through different periods. Unlike the original Roots that displayed the horrors of slavery, The Next Generations primarily focuses on the struggles of African Americans in a post-slavery society. The series, while retaining its foundational essence, breaks new ground in representing family struggles, resilience, ambition, and perseverance, along with the ongoing fight for racial equality. One key theme portrayed strongly through Roots: The Next Generations is the power of oral tradition. The virtue of storytelling, along with the importance of holding on to one’s roots, resounds as a prominent motif through the series. It beautifully captures how storytelling intertwines with history, providing strength and substance to the familial bonds. Roots: The Next Generations presents the viewer with a compelling mix of historical perspective and character-driven narrative. The enduring legacy of the characters, their tales of grit, survival, and ultimate triumph, serve as poignant reminders of the relentless human spirit. In conclusion, Roots: The Next Generations is much more than a sequel. It is an encapsulation of a vital segment of American history, providing viewers with a profound and deeply moving portrayal of an African American family's journey through different generations, reflecting the wider community's struggle and determination. Aided by a versatile cast, with James Earl Jones delivering a standout performance, the series successfully brings to life the complex tapestry of the African American experience.

Roots: The Next Generations is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 1979. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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