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Household Nature
Test a new type of glass, inspired by spiders, that deters birds from crashing into it. And she visits a new type of farm that delivers better-tasting produce at a cheaper cost than traditional farms.

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Host Danni Washington experiences amazing new modes of transportation, all inspired by nature. There's a robot on wheels, patterned after sea urchins, that may someday roll on Mars.

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Outer Space
Learn how biomimicry is being used for space exploration. Through virtual reality, visit the International Space Station, learns how a Mars Rover has been inspired by the inchworm and more.

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Explore the latest advances in medicine, all inspired by nature. Discover a glue made from synthesized mussel adhesive, a prototype for an artificial heart that is part spinach leaf and a new form of cardiogram based on an ivy plant.

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Mother Nature Takes on Climate Change
The millions of species on Earth have spent billions of years learning to survive vast changes in climate.  Host Danni Washington follows scientists and inventors as they turn to Nature to help us cope with a warming world.

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Budding Ideas
When it comes to biomimicry, the Animal Kingdom isn't the only place to look for inspiration! Uncover some of the different ways plants and fungi are inspiring new inventions and technologies - like a pair of baby shoes made from mushrooms.

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Robots and Drones
Host Danni Washington presents the latest robots, inspired by nature. In this new age of robotics, machines slither like snakes, robots with wings fly like birds and squishy mechanical creatures inch along like worms.

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Mother Nature Gets Fashionable
Whether it's under the ocean, in the jungle, or up in the air, our animal friends can have a remarkable way of presenting themselves to the world.  Bionic boots inspired by the ostrich.

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Sea Life Inspires Future Tech
Our oceans are almost as vast and unexplored as the far reaches of our solar system. Join host Danni Washington as she meets an inventor using squids to create a new kind of camera.

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Host Danni Washington presents the amazing world of Bio-Hybrid science, where sea slugs become robots, spinach plants prevent explosions and jellyfish could help prevent heart failure.

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Food Goes Green
Discover how microscopic bacteria can create organic fertilizer. She heads out to sea to explore 3-D ocean farming.

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Whale Watching
Whales have changed the way humans move on land. Today, we go whalte watching to discover new inventions inspired by the humpback whale!

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Nature and Physical Activity
See how nature makes our favorite physical activities a little better! Shark Wheel skateboarding and more.

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Xploration Nature Knows Best is part of the Xploration Station two-hour syndicated block of science-based programming aimed at children and teenagers. First aired in 2016, this enthralling television show is a beacon of infotainment that brilliantly links technology and the natural world, making it not just interesting for the younger viewers but also for anyone with an inquisitive mind.

The show revolves around the fascinating and wide-ranging concept of biomimicry - the science of learning from and imitating nature to solve human problems. Each hour-long episode delves into the details of this emerging discipline, presenting a clear and visual representation of how the intriguing traits, behaviors, or characteristics of various animals and plants can inspire groundbreaking advancements in the field of technology.

The series is hosted by the charismatic Danni Washington, a passionate advocate for the oceans and the first African-American woman to host a science television series. Washington's genuine enthusiasm for nature and ground-breaking technology is infectious, subtly teaching kids about science while keeping them entertained. Her sharp wit and energetic presentation style add a fresh vibrancy to the series.

In Xploration Nature Knows Best, Washington leads viewers on a thrilling journey around the globe, meeting with scientists, researchers, mechanical engineers, and other specialists in various fields. She introduces viewers to the experts behind the innovations and discoveries that stem from understanding and mimicking nature – everything from robots that mimic human movement to energy-efficient buildings inspired by termite mounds.

In one episode, viewers might explore how the surface of a butterfly's wing inspired the development of efficient solar panels, while in another, they might learn how the intricate design of a gecko's foot could potentially revolutionize the adhesive industry. Being able to learn about these extraordinary instances of biomimicry is both awe-inspiring and humbling, and it gives the viewers a deep appreciation for the ingenuity inherent in the natural world.

While focusing on groundbreaking technology and animal science, Xploration Nature Knows Best also strongly promotes environmental awareness and the interconnectedness of life systems. One underlying theme is the need to conserve the world's biodiversity, as nature's various organisms hold the key to solving the necessary technological challenges of our time. Beyond its scientific content, the show carries an essential message of the importance of preservation, respect, and harmony with our natural environment.

Technological lingo and complex scientific concepts are presented in an accessible, viewer-friendly way that engages young minds. The stunning visuals, high-definition graphics, and slow-motion replay effect make it easier for viewers to understand how these natural phenomena could translate into innovative technologies. It's a stimulating learning experience that fosters curiosity, encourages pressing questions, and offers mind-expanding answers.

Xploration Nature Knows Best also highlights the sheer diversity and beauty of our planet. Through this show, viewers travel from the deepest jungles to the highest peaks, and from the heat of the desert to the icy antarctic. Alongside virtual journeys, real-life outdoor expeditions are conducted, whether diving with sharks or exploring vast rain forests - making the show a blend of robust learning and adventurous exploration.

Despite the show's scientific and educational core, it never feels too heavy or serious. The mix of fun, adventure, and pure fascination never fails to maintain the viewers' attention. The fast-paced narrative, varied content, and surprising analogies keep it lively and entertaining.

Overall, Xploration Nature Knows Best brilliantly brings an appealing pitch to a subject that some might find unexciting. Each episode is truly insightful, giving viewers a chance not only to learn about our natural world and its remarkable residents but also to understand how they can contribute to much-needed advancements in technology and sustainable initiatives. This learning-through-entertainment approach, paired with exciting expeditions, makes the show a must-watch for curious minds of all ages. It's a series that will satisfy both the adventurous spirit and the intellectual appetite, proving that indeed, when it comes to design, nature knows best.

Xploration Nature Knows Best is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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How can I watch Xploration Nature Knows Best online? Xploration Nature Knows Best is available on Xploration Station with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Xploration Nature Knows Best on demand at Amazon Prime, FuboTV, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV online.

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