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Reverse Engineering a New World
How would reverse-engineered ET tech change our world?

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Weaponizing ET Tech
Mike Herrera, a former US Marine shares with Emery Smith that ET tech is not only being reverse engineered into advanced aircraft but weaponized as well.

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Project Jericho: Extraterrestrial AI
Does artificial intelligence come from an extraterrestrial origin? And if so, how does it impact the technological growth of our civilization today?

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Ant People: The Subterranean Civilization
Tim, Tactical Advisor talks with Emery Smith about a very little-known benefactor to the human race, the Ground People.

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Orion War: Grey & Zeta Species Split
Are there organic tribes like the Zetas and technological races like the Greys both derived from ET ancestors pre-dating our universe that were responsible for waging an ancient conflict known as the Orion War?

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Black Team P3 Breeding Project
What roles do homegrown byproducts of the Black Team's Psionic Potential Project play both inside and out of the covert paramilitary organization's underground installations?

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Targeting UAPs & Crash Retrieval
Is it possible that psionic assets are being used to lure ET craft to be targeted by underground military installations, and is genetic material being harvested when non-human biologics are captured?

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Cosmic Disclosure is a breakthrough original series from Gaia that started in 2015 and navigates the expansive universe of extraterrestrial life, ancient civilizations, and the surprisingly intricate cosmic web that stitches together our known reality. With its primary focus on unveiling humanity’s interconnectedness with the cosmos, the series provides its viewers with refreshing and thought-provoking insight into the mysteries of our universe.

The viewers are taken on a fascinating exploration through time and space on a quest to unravel the truth about the human heritage, our cosmic origins, historical extraterrestrial encounters, and the cosmic hierarchy. It positions itself as a hub for those eager to escape the confinements of prevailing narratives and uncover deeper universal truths.

Unfolding its stories over multiple seasons, Cosmic Disclosure's narrative is both engrossing and thought-provoking. It weaves together compelling conversations, riveting testimonies, rich illustrations, and professional analysis, ensuring each episode is both informative and entertaining. The show adeptly catwalks on the captivating line between fact and fiction, challenging viewers to expand their insights and question embedded beliefs.

The series features interviews with insiders and whistleblowers who claim firsthand experience and knowledge of classified government programs. These individuals share their stories about secret space programs, extra-terrestrial alliances, and advanced ancient civilizations, creating an amalgamation of testimonials that act as the bedrock of the program.

Emmy award winner and veteran host David Wilcock facilitates these discussions, drawing from his extensive research on metaphysics and ancient civilizations. Corey Goode, touted as an insider from the Secret Space Program, frequently joins him, unfolding personal experiences and testimonies from his alleged time in the program. Their symbiotic relationship propels the narrative, posing new theories and questions in each episode, maintaining the suspense throughout the series.

Goode’s narrative is particularly interesting; his stories about his induction into a top-secret program at a very young age introduces a human element into the discussions about highly advanced races, interstellar technology, and extraterrestrial intelligence. His first-hand accounts from his alleged 20 years in the Secret Space Program offer a unique look into classified space operations.

Throughout its run, Cosmic Disclosure introduces other personalities, each offering their unique perspective and adding dimensions to the revelations. The commonality among them is their defiance against perceived secrecy, providing an alternate perspective to mainstream narratives about humanity's past, present, and possible future.

One of the intriguing aspects of Cosmic Disclosure is its comprehensive exploration of complex subjects such as Space-Time manipulation, interstellar travel, Zero Point Energy, and the classified technologies behind these concepts. The series also takes its audience through speculated structures of Alien societies, inter-species dynamics, and cosmic alliances, broadening the horizon of viewers and encouraging them to question the status quo.

Cosmic Disclosure beautifully balances the fine line between skepticism and belief, neither entirely dismissing any claims without investigation nor blindly accepting anything without critical examination. It encourages viewers to approach the presented information with an open mind and think deeply about the possibilities.

In essence, Cosmic Disclosure can be described as a voyage into the farthest reaches of our reality, providing unparalleled insights into topics that most would dismiss as science fiction. The show opens up pathways for potentially paradigm-shifting discussions about humanity's place in the universe, our past, and where we might be headed in the vast cosmos.

Cosmic Disclosure is more than just a series; it's an invitation to an adventure into the realms of the extraordinary, an exploration of the unexplored, and a journey toward the truth hidden within the stars. It's an intriguing investigation into secret space programs, alien life, and concealed knowledge, wrapped in a captivating, profound, and sometimes unsettling narrative that pushes the boundaries of conventional thought. The series, therefore, often leaves its viewers hypnotized, haunted, and hungry for more.

Be it for the curious ones, willing to explore beyond mainstream narratives, or the skeptics, seeking to challenge these extraordinary claims, Cosmic Disclosure provides a captivating journey into the unknown. Whether one steps out a believer or a skeptic is, indeed, an individual journey. But one thing is for certain: Cosmic Disclosure leaves no mind unchanged.

Cosmic Disclosure is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 24 seasons with a total of 317 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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How can I watch Cosmic Disclosure online? Cosmic Disclosure is available on Gaia with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Cosmic Disclosure on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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