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Rocket Blast
Kevin and his team of experts explore the amazing science behind rockets, using unconventional materials to power homemade projectiles to incredible heights.

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Fistful of Flames
Kevin and his team of experts investigate the secret science at work in your kitchen. They show how you can hold fire in the palm of your hand, reveal what it takes to break a wine glass with sound, and discover incredible uses for fire extinguishers.

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No Gravity, No Problem
Kevin and his team of experts investigate the strange science of invisible forces, revealing how a penny can defy gravity on a hanger, how to painlessly lie on a bed of nails, and other incredible feats you can't normally see with the naked eye.

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Curve Your Enthusiasm
Kevin and his group of experts explore the secret science behind the laws of motion, teaming up with pro athletes to discover how a curveball works and how to make a football do unbelievable things.

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Strange Goo
Kevin and his team of experts explore the strange science behind oobleck, a bizarre material that can behave as both a solid and a liquid.

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Fire Vortex
Kevin and his team of science experts head to the streets to show what it takes to build a vortex cannon that can pump out a ring of fire. Later, they transform everyday objects into explosive fireballs.

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Red Hot Nickel Ball
Kevin and his team of experts explore the incredible science behind food, showing just how dangerously explosive non-dairy creamer is and how a bunch of bananas can be transformed into a piano.

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Flying Saucers
Kevin and his team of science experts use a racecar to put a new twist on an old magic trick and show what it takes to build homemade hovercrafts.

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Fire Tornado
Kevin and his team of experts explore the incredible science behind fire, showing how to make it rain fire and how to create a fire tornado.

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Big Bam Boom
What Happens When You Mix Sulfuric Acid and Sugar?

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Street Science is an invigorating and fascinating educational series that aired on Science Channel in 2017. It blends the complexities and intrinsic beauty of science with the thrill and immediacy of street experiments. This captivating show is not your typical science class – it brings the subject to life in the real world, surprising ordinary people in everyday locations with extraordinary demonstrations.

Kevin Delaney, the host of the show, is a master science communicator and the Director of Visitor Experience at the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Arkansas. Qualified with a background in education and theater, Delaney is known for his engaging and dynamic presentation style, which makes complex scientific concepts relatable and understandable to viewers of all ages.

Each episode of Street Science features a series of spectacular yet practical experiments designed to showcase the principles and theories that underlie the world of science. From exploring the power of thermite to understanding the science behind gravity, Delaney brings abstract concepts to life with visual stunts conducted right in the middle of the street. His ability to translate complex scientific concepts into everyday language also contributes to the popularity and appeal of the series, making science not only accessible but fun and exciting for viewers who may not originate from a scientific background.

Street Science is not confined to a classroom or lab; instead, it unfolds in the great outdoors, against the backdrop of crowded city streets, public parks, and plazas. Here, Kevin Delaney displays the magic of science directly to the public, using physics, chemistry, and other scientific disciplines to produce incredible experiments that can sometimes seem like street magic because of their visual intensity. This ‘guerrilla’ scientific approach sparks intrigue and curiosity among the viewers and bystanders, encouraging them to learn more about the science that shapes our everyday world.

The show is not just about mind-blowing visuals. At the heart of each Street Science episode is a great dedication to education and understanding. Delaney consistently explains the principles behind each experiment, ensuring that viewers grasp the “why” as well as the “wow.” He dissects the details of various large-scale experiments using graphic illustrations, slow-motion footage and simple terminology which enhance the understanding process.

Delaney also often ropes in curious bystanders for smaller experiments, providing firsthand experience of science at work. This interactive element of the show further tightens the bond between viewer and on-screen content and makes the learning process more organic and engaging on a personal level.

The series is also renowned for its excellent production values. Every episode is well shot, with special emphasis on capturing the elemental beauty of the various experiments. High-speed cameras and precision editing give viewers a detailed look at events that would otherwise be over in a blink of an eye. Furthermore, the upbeat and engaging background score adds an additional layer of vibrancy to each episode, enhancing the viewing and learning experience.

Street Science stands out in the educational television genre for its distinct approach to science education. Known for its exploding watermelons and rocket-powered skateboards, the program cleverly balances entertainment and education. Kevin Delaney’s infectious enthusiasm for science, combined with his knack for narration, renders the learning process almost seamless and certainly enjoyable, offering a fresh perspective on the world of science and its wonders.

In summary, Street Science is an educational, engaging and highly entertaining television show that takes viewers on an extraordinary journey through the marvels of everyday science in action. The stunning visuals, coupled with in-depth commentary from the charismatic host, make this a must-watch for anyone intrigued by the grandeur and intricacies of science. Through its distinct street-style delivery, the show successfully encourages viewers to perceive science as less daunting, more approachable, and definitely much more fun.

Street Science is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.2.

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