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Riddle of the Child Mummies
Ancient investigations turn tech as specialists harness an advanced digital forensics lab and use the latest scientific discoveries to solve the biggest mysteries of ancient history.

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Legend of the Cursed Temple
A temple to the Roman god of the underworld was the site of ritual sacrifice and a gate to the underworld, but it was buried because it was believed to be cursed; experts use cutting-edge forensics to reveal what actually happened here.

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Tomb of the Red Queen
Experts unearth what appears to be a mysterious hole to hell surrounded by cryptic Pagan carvings in rural England; experts use state-of-the-art forensics to investigate and uncover the dark secrets of this mystical site.

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Grave of the Red Skulls
When experts discover a 500-year-old grave, they find mysterious red skulls, pointing to a shocking mass sacrifice; experts use the latest technology and state-of-the-art forensics to investigate what happened at this horrific sight.

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Gladiator Graveyard
Experts reveal the mystery behind a macabre scene of ancient execution.

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Secrets of Mayan Murders
Archeologists make a bone-chilling discovery when they unearth 20 mutilated skeletons in Mexico; investigators use advanced forensic analysis to examine the bizarre burial and reveal an ancient case of Mayan mass murder.

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War of the Ancients
A gruesome archaeological discovery leads to a shocking excavation that uncovers ancient human carnage on a scale that's unparalleled; experts use 3-D bone modeling to reveal evidence of what may be the first catastrophic, major war in human history.

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Secrets of Skull Grave
Archaeologists excavating a historic Chilean site make a chilling discovery and find decapitated human skulls separate from a nearby burial site; experts use advanced cranial forensics to reveal what really happened to these ancient, butchered victims.

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Maze of Cryptic Terror
A team of explorers discover a forbidding cave system riddled with ancient markings that seem to contain a mysterious meaning; using advanced photogrammetry, experts finally decode these cryptic scrawls to expose a dark chapter of English history.

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Mystery on Easter Island
Archaeologists have struggled for centuries to understand the ancient moai statues of Easter Island and the purpose behind their mysterious placement; now, experts use cutting-edge tech to finally reveal the hidden logic behind their cryptic locations.

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"Ancient Unexplained Files," is a riveting TV series premiered in 2021 on the Science Channel, a pioneering platform known for providing quality edutainment for its audience by delving into the realms of science, technology, research, and the unknown. This show presents an absorbing fusion of history, archaeology, and science - a truly captivating experience for viewers with the curiosity to unravel unexplained mysteries from the ancient world.

At the heart of "Ancient Unexplained Files" is a team of experts - archaeologists, historians, and scientists. The show focuses on investigating unsolved mysteries from ancient civilizations, defying the boundaries of time and unfurling the blankets of history to scrutinize the unanswered riddles of antiquity. It revives lesser-known tales from the past and brings forward groundbreaking hypotheses using advanced technologies and innovative research methods. While the experts navigate these ancient mysteries at their own accord, the viewers embark on a thrilling journey, confronting uncharted territories of human history and civilization.

Spanning globally and crossing different eras, "Ancient Unexplained Files" explores a multitude of mysteries from varying cultures and time periods - from the enigma of the puzzling Stonehenge and Egypt's imposing pyramids to the bewildering Mayan temples and their astounding astronomical accuracy, the perplexing Nazca lines carved in the deserts of Peru, mysterious underwater cities, and numerous other inexplicable phenomena and structures that have withstood the test of time. The series delves into these riddles, attempting to decipher the purpose of their existence, the principles behind their construction, and ultimately, their possible connection to each other if any.

The brilliance of "Ancient Unexplained Files" lies in its commitment to unraveling the complexities of the past that could potentially influence understanding of the future. Moreover, it underscores how ancient civilizations, despite their lack of advanced technology, were capable of constructing magnificent and intricate structures that befuddle modern science to this day.

As the investigations unfold in each episode, viewers are taken through cinematic visuals of remarkable ancient sites worldwide, accompanied by comprehensive animations and cutting-edge visual effects reconstructing ancient times. Meanwhile, the professional commentary from the sleeve of experts further adds fascination to the extraordinary stories, theories, and hypotheses.

"Ancient Unexplained Files" provides insights into the complex puzzle of human history. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, it connects pieces of evidence - often scattered and disconnected - to get a bigger picture of the past, providing lucid interpretations while encouraging the viewer to challenge their understanding of ancient civilizations.

Viewers are invited not just to listen but to actively participate, uncover and confront these unknown realms. While the show presents experts' theories and interpretations, viewers are left with room to form their own opinions and theories, thereby creating a dynamic and engaging viewing experience.

Each episode of the series quest into unknown territories of the ancient world, ignite curiosity, and stimulate a thirst to learn more. Yet, they also remind viewers that our understanding of these past civilizations is still evolving, subject to interpretation, and even conjecture, thereby highlighting the transient nature of knowledge.

To sum it up, "Ancient Unexplained Files" is more than just a TV series - it's a medium of exploration and revelation. It allows viewers to appreciate the ingenuity of ancient cultures while shedding light on the captivating mysteries that remain despite centuries of academic and scientific investigation. For anyone intrigued by the wonders of the world and the brilliance of antiquity, wrapped in the enigma of the unsolved, "Ancient Unexplained Files" is absolutely a must-watch. Whether rooted in history, science, or simply the love of a good mystery, this series propels a stimulating journey into the ancient world's unknowns, one unexplained file at a time.

Ancient Unexplained Files is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

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How can I watch Ancient Unexplained Files online? Ancient Unexplained Files is available on Science with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Ancient Unexplained Files on demand at Amazon Prime, Discovery+, Philo, Science Channel, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu online.

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