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High-Tech Skateboard
Brook and Brian help Marc vet four new products: a pair of dice that puts a new twist on games, a backpack support providing major relief, a programmable electric skate board and a personal training app.

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Dog Lovers Dream
Brook and Brian help Marc check out four big claims.

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Drones that Deliver
Experts Brook & Brian help Marc vet four big claims: the world's first dedicated survival flashlight, the first truly portable large drone, a drawing arm robot kit for kids and a device that makes caviar-like pearls out of almost any food.

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Superpowers for Sale
Marc, Brook & Brian scrutinize four claims: the most advanced bicycle handlebar, an emergency inflation device for flat tires, a product to check a wet diaper through clothing and a suit allowing you to safely navigate without the sense of sight.

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World's Greatest Grill
Brook and Brian help Marc vet four new products: a ratchet tool that gives you 5x the power with 5x the speed, an efficient portable solar cooker, the safest boat in the world and an archery training system that works without firing an arrow.

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Hack My Smart Phone
Brook & Brian help Marc vet four big claims: a device that can 3D print, laser engrave and mill; a trashcan that scans items to create a grocery list; an electronic coating that protects your device from getting wet; an enclosed electric hybrid bike.

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Disappearing Acts
Brook and Brian assist Marc in his investigation of four big claims: disappearing ink that allows paper be reused, a remote control steering system for a jet ski, a UV air filter for toilets, and an alarm clock that uses directional light and sound to wake you up.

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Brain Games
Marc, Book and Brian analyze four big claims: an electric car that uses a wall outlet; a product that helps prevent concussions; a saw that cuts exact holes for electrical outlets; a phone case that allows for instant printing of pictures.

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Catch Me If You Can
Experts Brook & Brian help Marc vet four big claims: a carbon fiber crash-proof drone; a fitness device using centripetal force for a total body workout; a silent, rechargeable, portable generator; a global tracking device that can be found anywhere.

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Hell on Wheels
Brook & Brian help Marc vet four big claims: a Big Wheels for adults; self-heating windshield wipers make scraping your windshield obsolete; a multi tool that fits in your hand and can chop down a tree; a device with both augmented AND virtual reality.

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Rise of the Machines
Marc, Book and Brian scrutinize four big claims: a suitcase with USB outputs & a patented vacuum-pack shrinking system; Legos for robots; a portable fish finding device that uses Bluetooth; a fitness boot that stores energy the same as animals.

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Playing with Fire
Experts Brook & Brian help Marc vet four big claims: a stylish and comfy flame-resistant work shirt; the world's first indestructible coffee maker; the first ever-portable wood-fired solar-powered grill; a full set of golf clubs that fits in a backpack.

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All-American Makers is a fascinating television series that premiered on the Science Channel in 2015. A compelling mix of innovation, competition and entrepreneurship, the show stands as a testament to the American spirit of inventiveness and ceaseless innovation that has paved the way for many groundbreaking inventions in the past. It captures the very essence of entrepreneurship by showcasing inventors and their unique creations, aiming to change the world one ingenious idea at a time.

The premise of All-American Makers is quite straightforward but simultaneously complex in its execution. Each episode introduces four inventors from across the country, who have spent countless hours and considerable resources to develop their unique prototypes. These creators rarely possess the necessary resources or business know-how to take their inventions to the next level; hence, they pitch their products to the panel, hoping to receive constructive feedback and financial backing for mass production.

The panel of judges comprises four experienced individuals with varied but complementary profiles. Printrbot-founder Brook Drumm, mechanical designer and robotics expert Brian Roe, renowned high-tech executive Marc Portney, and product specialist Eric Schroeder bring different perspectives to the table. Together, they dissect, test, and provide expert insight on each invention, determining the commercial viability and its capacity to revolutionize its respective industry.

However, the innovation is not merely judged on the pitch. Part of the intrigue of All-American Makers lies in its comprehensive evaluation process. The inventors' products undergo a 'Stress Test', a critical stage where prototypes are real-world tested, sometimes even destructively, to assess their durability, performance, and effectiveness. The results of these tests provide unbiased insight into the product's resilience and practicality, making the selection process fair and intriguing.

Simultaneously, a focus group provides feedback on the product's usability, need and appeal. Combining stringent stress tests with focus group reviews adds an authentic twist to how an invention's market potential gets gauged. Judging a product based only on its technical specifications might overlook potential gaps in its target audience's necessity or desire for it. Therefore, these combined evaluation methods provide a well-rounded perspective, paving a clear path for the viewers to understand the rationale behind the panel's ultimate decision.

The stakes are high in All-American Makers, as inventors risk their product's futures, relying heavily on feedback and the possibility of getting a significant investment. The panel's decision has the potential to catapult them forward into commercial success or send them back to the drawing board. It's worth noting that even if commercial investment isn't offered, the expert feedback and exposure often prove beneficial as a launchpad for the inventors' pursuits.

One thing that set All-American Makers apart is its educational value. The interaction of inventors with the judges, the dissection of inventions, and the stress tests reveal a lot about the scientific principles governing the product, making the show a great tool for understanding applied science and technology.

All-American Makers successfully delivers an engaging combination of entertainment, education, and real-world business insight, thus appealing to individuals from various demographics and interests. Whether you are an inventor, an entrepreneur, a science enthusiast, or embark upon a career in product development or marketing, the show has something to spark interest and satiate curiosity.

As viewers, the excitement of witnessing the birth and development of potentially revolutionary ideas from their initial conception stage offers a behind-the-scenes view of product development and market placement. This glimpse into the nerve-wracking pitches, intense evaluations, and ultimate rise or fall imbues viewers with a profound appreciation for the challenges and grit required in successful entrepreneurship.

Overall, All-American Makers offers an inspiring blend of entrepreneurial spirit, scientific inventiveness, and commercial ingenuity. It highlights the quintessential American dream – the opportunity for anyone with a great idea and relentless determination to sculpt their destiny and potentially make a significant impact on society. Both insightful and inspiring, All-American Makers is a must-watch for anyone intrigued by the transformative power of scientific innovation and the endless possibilities of human ingenuity.

All-American Makers is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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How can I watch All-American Makers online? All-American Makers is available on Science with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch All-American Makers on demand at Science Channel, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu online.

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