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Leading Ladies
The tale of Nancy Astor, Nancy Lancaster and Pauline de Rothschild coming to England from America and their determination to stand up and be heard.

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Beautiful and the Doomed
Tonight's is the story of three women who sought after love, but ran into disaster. Barbara Hutton, Clara Ward, and Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy married into European nobility but were shunned by everyone and the happy endings they tried for.

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Queens of Culture
Elizabeth McGovern, from "Downton Abbey," reveals how Winnaretta Singer, Sara Murphy, and Peggy Guggenheim influenced some of the most innovative creative talents of the 20th century.

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Queens of the Screen
How Grace Kelly, Gloria Swanson, and Rita Hayworth transformed from Hollywood royalty to part of European nobility.

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Million Dollar American Princesses is a captivating documentary series telecast in 2015 on the Smithsonian Channel. It weaves a tapestry of historically rich stories centered on American women who wrapped themselves in adventure and intrigue by marrying into European nobility. Its mix of drama, romance, and politics makes it an enthralling watch to understand the cultural exchange between Europe and America throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

The program is a fresh and thrilling take on the concept of the transatlantic marriage market. During the period, it was common for pedigreed but financially drained British nobles to seek alliances with rich, upwardly mobile American heiresses who sought British titles and societal status. Such marriages carried mutually beneficial aspects and had thorns of its own. Through historical accounts, unseen footages, and expert commentary, this Smithsonian Channel series dives deep into this captivating world of early transatlantic diplomacy. The heroines of this saga are the daring American heiresses who dared to sever their roots and plant themselves in foreign land and culture for the sake of prestige, examining their stories of success, disappointment, love, and loss.

Spanning across three seasons, Million Dollar American Princesses features incredible women. Each episode is dedicated to examining individual stories, providing viewers with a close-up view of the complexities of their lives. This series does an excellent job creating a contextual setup. The narration walks the audience through each character's journey, starting from when they were young women through their adult life, political intrigue, heroic adventures, and to their ultimate fate.

The series doesn't just deal with the women's personal lives but also highlights their significant philanthropic and political contributions in their respective countries. Some went on to shape the British monarchy's destiny, while others revolutionized charity, politics, and women's rights both in the United States and Britain. The long-list of characters include Consuelo Vanderbilt, a shy American girl who became the Duchess of Marlborough; Nancy Astor, the first woman to sit in the British Parliament; and the fiery Winston Churchill's mother Jennie Jerome.

Created and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Lucy Hurrey, each of the episodes blends stunning cinematic recreations, real-life locations, intimate personal revelations from descendants, and generally shies away from sensationalism in favor of balanced insight. The combination of scholarly interviews, personal testimonials, and brilliantly enacted scenes by actors offers a unique visual feast and engages even the non-history buffs. The series’ narration by “Downton Abbey’s” Elizabeth McGovern, who herself plays the role of an American heiress in the television drama, adds a charming and captivating edge to these stories of women who changed the course of history.

The production value of Million Dollar American Princesses is noteworthy, and it does justice to the melange of social, cultural, and historical contexts from which the featured stories stem. The series skillfully incorporates meticulously researched facts, exquisite period costumes, vintage photographs, and archival footage to present a multidimensional perspective to the lives and times of these American heiresses.

The cross-cultural narrative of Million Dollar American Princesses is as exciting for history enthusiasts as it is for fans of period dramas. It provides a riveting exploration of the grandeur, glamor, and grim reality faced by America's first crop of international celebrities who blazed their trails with audacity. It's a blend of reality and pomp, deceit and sincerity, and above all, it’s a look at individuals who crafted their destinies by bridging the Atlantic in an era of tradition and transformation.

Ultimately, Million Dollar American Princesses offers a richly detailed and engaging viewing experience. It documents the life of the American “Dollar Princesses,” their societal impact, fascinating relationships, and details the decaying Aristocracy's desperate need for finances and the American elite's eagerness to procure titles. It covers aspects of cultural collision, societal expectations, and the personal strain resulting from it. Seeping in courage, ambition, and great personal sacrifice, Million Dollar American Princesses stands firm in telling the stories of these remarkable women, their ambitions, loves, tragedies, and the indelible marks they left on history.

Million Dollar American Princesses is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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