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Episode 8
Clémence and her problems are back, complicating matters further at The Paradise. Tom flaunts his reconciliation with Clémence in front of Katherine, who is lonely and desolate.

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Episode 7
Moray and Denise come together again because of a ghost story. A traveling photographer is attracted to Clara.

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Episode 6
Moray and Tom are still struggling to take control of the Paradise. Denise is making her own plans. Edmund faces a health crisis.

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Episode 5
The Paradise is influenced by an heirloom watch resulting in seduction, sorcery, and sales. Because of it, roles are changed.

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Episode 4
Edmund Lovett comes back, only to the bad news that his shop was broken in to. Denise is faced with hard choices, and soon realized that being head of Ladieswear isn't too easy.

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Episode 3
Everyone is excited at the Paradise as they anticipate the annual staff outing.

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Episode 2
Jonas turns up, and a wedding affects more than just the happy couple.

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Episode 1
The Paradise is going through some tough times, after Moray left and hasn't been back for over a year. When Moray chose Denise before leaving, Lord Glendenning's vengeance came quickly.

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Set in the engaging period of late 19th Century England, The Paradise is an enthralling drama series filled with romance, power battles, and intricate human relationships. The show, aired on PBS between 2012 and 2013, takes viewers into the heart of England's first department store and explores the lives of its dedicated staff and loyal customers.

The Paradise is a captivating adaptation of Émile Zola's classic novel, "Au Bonheur des Dames". The drama series stars Emun Elliott as the ambitious and charismatic John Moray, owner of The Paradise, a larger-than-life department store that has revolutionized retail trade. Joanna Vanderham plays the humble and intelligent country girl Denise Lovett, who unwaveringly finds herself at the heart of The Paradise, holding an essential position in the store's thriving story.

The show opens with Denise moving to the city after her father’s death, seeking work with her uncle, Edmund (played by Peter Wight), a small-town draper. Soon she is whisked away to work at The Paradise, and the story unfolds with her perspective of the glitz and glamour, the friendships, and the rivalries of the employees and the power struggles within the store.

Accompanying them is Katherine Glendenning, a wealthy and high-status woman played by Elaine Cassidy, who herself stands at a high vantage point of mid-Victorian society. Sarah Lancashire impresses as the formidable Miss Audrey, the head of the Ladieswear department, exhibiting her command over her team and yet, an underlying vulnerability.

Adding to the mix are Matthew McNulty as shop worker Dudley, Ruby Bentall as the soft-spoken but keen-eyed Pauline, Stephen Wight as the lovable Sam, David Hayman as Jonas, the mysterious and often intimidating right-hand man to Moray, and Ben Daniels as Katherine’s calculating father. Not forgetting the role of Clara, played by Sonya Cassidy, a shrewd and worldly shop girl who juxtaposes sharply against the naïve country girl image of Denise.

Adrian Scarborough also shines in his role as Fenton, a rival business owner, presenting a formidable competition to Moray. Patrick Malahide as the overbearing Lord Glendenning brings depth to Katherine’s character while igniting an exciting, unpredictable dynamic within the unfolding drama.

The Paradise is not merely a tale of retail; it is a rich tapestry woven with narratives of ambition, betrayal, love, and loss, as it explores the wayward aspects of human nature with all its triumphs and failures. It tells a tale of class and society, of wealth and poverty, and portrays the tantalizing sense of power that comes from controlling an influential retail empire.

Though the core theme is set around the modern concept of shopping, the series is not devoid of affection and romance. Instead, it perfectly balances the dramatic tension within the store's walls with elaborate scenes of budding passions and unspoken orientations of the heart.

The visual appeal of the series is undeniable. The Paradise's rich aesthetics, with its detailed costume designs, vibrant sets, and the nostalgic atmosphere brought alive by the backdrop of the grand department store, are a significant part of the charm. The cinematography and music perfectly set the mood and enhance the texture, making the portrayal even more riveting.

A character-driven narrative, The Paradise, nurtures compelling characters who grow and evolve throughout the series, revealing different layers of their personas and relationships. The entangled affairs of business and love give an absorbing rhythm to the storyline.

While The Paradise explores the mesmerizing world of retailing within the glamorous setting of a grand department store, it also profoundly satirizes the consumer culture that began to take root in Victorian society. It gives keen insights into the desire of humans to possess and control, their vulnerability to ambition, their capacity for love, and their response to the intoxicating allure of wealth and power.

In a nutshell, The Paradise is more than a show; it's a journey, a richly textured historical drama filled with thematic depth and grandeur, emotional intricacies, and a strong character-driven narrative that ensures viewers are invested from start to end. It presents a fascinating glimpse into a crucial moment in history when consumer society was taking birth, through the eyes of engrossing characters who are part of this significant socio-cultural revolution.

The Paradise is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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