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Behind the Scenes of Parenthood
Cameramen endure weeks in the Congo battling heavy vegetation, soaking humidity and swarms of biting insects to film bonobo chimpanzees in the wild.

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Behind the Scenes of Courtship
Hoping to document the complex geometric nests made by a pufferfish, the camera crew constructs elaborate rigs for an ad hoc underwater film studio.

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Behind the Scenes of Power
Filmmakers venture into the wild and manage to catch footage of aggressive boxing matches between rival kangaroos vying for dominance.

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Behind the Scenes of Home
The team travels to an isolated island in the tropics to film a group of hermit crabs as they begin swapping the shells they use as homes.

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Behind the Scenes of Growing Up
An underwater film crew faces unique challenges getting footage of a veined octopus building itself armor from fragments of a coconut shell.

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Behind the Scenes of First Steps
A camera crew battles boredom and challenging camera angles to film days-old barnacle goslings leaping from their 400-foot-high cliff-side nest.

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With the final challenge of life's journey comes the chance to win nature's only prize - continuing the family line through the next generation. Successfully raising offspring is the next best thing to immortality.

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Competition to win a partner has created some of the most extraordinary beauty and life-threatening violence anywhere in nature. Dazzling colors, elaborate dances and powerful weapons are all ways to attract and defend a mate.

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An individual's life journey interweaves with many others. Those who are successful know when to fight or back down, when to cooperate or to go it alone and how to manipulate and deceive.

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To survive, animals need somewhere to live; a place that provides the necessities of life, shelter from the elements and a refuge from enemies. Good homes are rare and competition can be intense - finding a home is one thing, but defending it is quite another.

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Growing Up
On reaching adulthood the moment comes when animals must strike out on their own. Without their parents they must learn to survive in a dangerous world.

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First Steps
Each and every animal is born with a chance: to survive, thrive and produce their very own next generation. The first hurdle in life is infancy.

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Life Story is a captivating six-part documentary series that was first aired on BBC One in 2014. Co-produced by BBC Natural History Unit, Discovery Channel and France Télévisions, it was crafted under the guidance of the well-known British broadcaster and naturalist, Sir David Attenborough. Each episode of this series takes viewers on a journey that manifests the remarkable, intricate, and every now and then, harsh story of life, set in the backdrop of the endless struggle for survival.

Beginning with the birth of various creatures, the series then proceeds to chronicle how these animals learn to adapt to the world evolving around them, focusing on their 'First Steps' before finally stepping out into the 'Growing Up' stage. Each chapter of this narrative progresses according to the stages of life, hence drawing parallels between the different species and the humans who watch them.

Life Story is essentially a chronicle of the journey an organism takes from birth until the moment it succeeds in leaving a legacy behind, its offspring. The episodes titled 'Home', 'Power', 'Courtship' and 'Parenthood' portray the struggles that animals face, such as the search for a home, dealing with threats from predators, finding a mate and finally, nurturing and protecting their young ones.

The series adopts a storytelling style that is both instructive, exploring the details of evolution and survival, and personal by presenting the experiences through the perspective of individual animals. It depicts the tragedies, triumphs, and sheer perseverance of these creatures, invoking a deep sense of empathy and wonder in the viewers.

A major highlight of Life Story is its outstanding cinematography. The series features breathtaking visuals from locations spanning all seven continents. The shooting team left no stone unturned, venturing into diverse habitats, from the depths of vast oceans and the rugged terrains of mountain ranges to the dense forests and bustling cities. The use of high-definition cameras and advanced filming technology helps bring out uncanny details and previously unseen aspects of animal behaviour, delivering an unprecedented viewing experience.

Each episode is perfectly complemented with a score by Academy Award-winning composer Steven Price, which amplifies the emotional depth of the narrative. The series doesn't shy away from evoking a deep sense of sentiment, tragedy, and triumph through its powerful audio-visual presentation.

As the presenter of Life Story, the renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough brings the journey to life with his one-of-a-kind narrative style. His passionate and engaging commentary helps the viewers forge a profound connection with the animal characters. Attenborough does what he does best—rendering complex scientific information accessible and entertaining, never failing to inspire appreciation and respect for the natural world among his audience.

Viewers are guided through the various stages of life as experienced by these organisms—birth, infancy, adolescence, maturity, and ultimately, parenthood. On occasion, they get to witness the wildest extremities that nature can throw, all depicted through the glorious and sometimes brutal lens of survival. The series generates an enriching debate about the shared experiences of all life on Earth, throwing light on our similarities rather than our differences.

Life Story is henceforth an exemplary portrayal of the rigours of existence, viewed from the perspective of the animal kingdom. It is an epic tale of survival, shedding light on the dangers, hardships, and moments of joy encountered by these creatures over a lifetime. It is a spectacle of the most magnificent visuals along with deeply resonant narratives.

Marking a milestone in nature documentary filmmaking, the series is a fitting reminder of what binds all organisms together – the indomitable will to survive, grow and propagate. It underscores the shared journey of life that every organism, from the smallest insect to the largest mammal, undertakes. For all those who are intrigued by the beauty and ruthlessness of nature, BBC One’s Life Story is a must-watch, as it offers a fascinating and holistic view of the circle of life we are all a part of.

Life Story is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a outstanding reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 9.0.

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