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House of Bondage
After Antietam, the Greens experience a setback and Pinkerton’s investigation heats up. Foster and Samuel head to Foster’s family plantation, where they intercede in a difficult task.

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Unknown Soldier
Lisette sketches the face of a disfigured, amnesiac soldier, generating a family reunion. When Anne's intentions to be made head nurse don't work out, she rejoins Hale to impair McBurney's authority.

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Southern Mercy
Following the Second Battle of Bull Run, Hopkins and Emma head out to save a stranded group of hurt Union soldiers.

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One Equal Temper
The Greens work with each other to mask an ugly secret; McBurney wants to separate Foster from Mary by sending him on a house call to a nearby army camp; Alice helps Frank get free; and Samuel secures Charlotte's respect.

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The House Guest
A house guest becomes the target of Alice's plots. When Mary becomes sick, Foster's efforts to care for her antagonize the new chief.

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Balm In Gilead
In the second season premiere, the staff unites to rescue one of their own and a former slave-turned-abolitionist stirs up trouble between Foster and Mary.

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Mercy Street is an American period drama series that graced our television screens from 2016 through 2017 on PBS. Inspired by actual events, this show presents a genuine blend of historical narrative elements and compelling character plots that encapsulate the harsh realities of the American Civil War. A warts-and-all depiction, Mercy Street ventures into the day-to-day life inside Mansion House Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia during one of the most tumultuous periods in American history.

This six-part series is masterfully crafted to dig beneath the surface, exploring the intersectionality of lives entrenched in war, including the influence of gender, race, and class in challenging traditional societal norms. It reverberates with the clashing melodies of resilience and compassion, while also jeering at the noise of societal prejudice and discrimination.

With a captivating storyline that presents dual narratives of the Union and the Confederacy, Mercy Street gives us the privilege of viewing the American Civil War through two different yet harmonious lenses. On one side, the show focuses on the daily experiences of two volunteer nurses, Mary Phinney, a staunch New England abolitionist, and Emma Green, a young Confederate belle. Their lives serve as perfect representations of the juxtaposition between the North and the South.

In the North, Mary Phinney, a recent widow, strives to navigate the unfamiliar territory of the Union's military medical system. Despite the numerous hurdles she faces, she remains staunch in her mission to serve and provide care for the wounded soldiers. Mary's strong-willed persona and her pursuit of justice and equality for everyone underline everything she does and says.

On the other side, the genteel Emma Green finds her refined Southern life disrupted by the invading Union Army. As the Green family’s luxury hotel, the Mansion House, is commandeered as a Union Army Hospital, Emma chooses to stay and serve as a nurse, treating the Confederates while keeping her Southern beliefs intact. The clash of Emma's upbringing and the surrounding reality provides a fascinating exploration of Southern gentility against the brutality of war.

Further enriching the narrative are the differing medical perspectives offered by the diverse set of doctors who operate within the walls of Mansion House Hospital. The experiences and western medical knowledge of Dr. Jedediah Foster and European-taught Dr. Byron Hale create a fascinating parallel to the evolving medical landscape of the era. Moreover, the racism and prejudice confronted by Samuel Diggs, a free Black man with medical knowledge, offers a revealing glimpse of the racial challenges rampant throughout this period.

Drawing from a treasure trove of historical documents and memoirs, Mercy Street gives a human face to historical happenings and constructs a compulsively watchable drama series. It explores the physical and emotional damage wrought by war, the constant shift between hope and despair in dire situations, the affirmation of the human spirit, and the blurred lines between right and wrong.

Executively produced by Ridley Scott, David W. Zucker, Lisa Q. Wolfinger, and David Zabel, Mercy Street artfully mixes history and drama to paint a vivid picture of the Civil War era. Despite the series' early conclusion after its second season, it leaves an indelible mark on viewers with its raw and authentic rendition of a nation split in two.

Notably, Mercy Street’s rich visual design captures the essence of the period, from costume and set design to lighting and cinematography. Its meticulous attention to detail allows the audience to immerse themselves in the time and place. Furthermore, the series features a stellar ensemble cast which includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Hannah James, Josh Radnor, Gary Cole, Peter Gerety, Norbert Leo Butz, McKinley Belcher III, and AnnaSophia Robb, among others.

In conclusion, Mercy Street is a gripping and poignant series that fiercely presents the American Civil War's multi-layered narrative in all its rawness. By unabashedly shading the war within the confines of a hospital and depicting diverse perspectives, the series encourages viewers to ruminate on the complexities of war and the humanity inherent in healing and survival. Through the eyes of Mercy Street, we witness a timeless story that, though set in the 1860s, rings true even in today's world.

Mercy Street is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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