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A series of death notices in the Oxford Mail, each with a distinctive, cryptic message, provides clues to Endeavour

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Crime drama series. A crime wave has taken hold of Oxford - a homeless man is grievously assaulted, a young PC is found dead, and a notable artist reported missing.

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Crime drama series. Endeavour's return to duty at Castle Gate with a newfound sobriety coincides with a gruesome discovery in a college garden linked to an Oxford orchestra.

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Endeavour is a gripping detective drama that originally aired on PBS. The show, which premiered in 2012, is a prequel to the long-running series, Inspector Morse, replete with all the suspense, intrigue and brain-puzzling mysteries that typified its forebear. With the distinctive period of the 1960s as its backdrop, this drama is set in Oxford, England, and is built around the early career of the young Endeavour Morse, effectively played by Shaun Evans.

One of the most defining characteristics of Endeavour is the show's meticulous attention to its central character, shaping him as a prodigiously intelligent, ever-curious, and occasionally emotionally raw individual. Shaun Evans delivers a spirited performance as the young Endeavour Morse, bringing life to the complex dimensions of a character known for his enduring moral compass and a deep passion for opera, cryptic crosswords, and real ale.

Roger Allam stars as Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, Endeavour’s enigmatic and gruff mentor. The interplay between the seasoned Thursday and the novice Morse is heavily featured, providing a depth to their relationship that evolves with each episode. Allam’s portrayal of Thursday is commendable, providing a calculated and steady foil to Morse's intuitive and chaotic method of policing.

Emily Barber, Anton Lesser, Sean Rigby, Sara Vickers, Caroline O' Neill, Simon Kunz, Dakota Blue Richards, Lewis Peek, Jack Laskey and Jack Bannon all contribute in creating a convincing and engaging ensemble cast. Each of their portrayals adds a dynamic and unique flavor to the series' interwoven plotlines.

Documenting an era of social and cultural change, Endeavour incorporates elements of period drama and the traditional 'whodunit?' mystery. Every episode is a standalone case, with intricate details and compelling narratives that lead viewers down unexpected paths before revealing the offender. The series successfully takes advantage of the rich history and stately charm of its setting, Oxford, using its iconic architecture and academic backdrop to create visual appeal and deepen the narrative.

That said, Endeavour is not just a detective drama; it's also a detailed exploration of its time – a tribute to the 1960s, covering everything from the cultural revolution, music, societal norms, to the politics of the era. This element adds a fresh touch to the series, offering a blend of classic crime investigation with nuanced storytelling which ties in historic moments and societal changes.

An intriguing aspect of the series is the appearance of Abigail Thaw, the daughter of the late John Thaw who originally portrayed the iconic character of Morse in the original series, Inspector Morse. Abigail Thaw's brief periodic appearances in Endeavour represent a sentimental connection to the beloved Inspector Morse series, thus delighting long-standing fans.

In terms of visual storytelling, Endeavour is a masterstroke. It imposes beautifully filmed, atmospheric, and stylized cinematography to take the audience on a journey. The show uses an iconic and haunting musical score, reflecting the complexity and depth of the narrative.

Endeavour is not just an indulgence for the fans of its predecessor, Inspector Morse, but it also stands firmly as a distinct entity because of its engaging storytelling, attention to period detail, and the layered performances of its cast. The series smartly incorporates a modern approach to storytelling while retaining aspects of its classic detective genre. Endeavour is a rich blend of mystery and character drama that is as complex and enigmatic as its lead character Morse, keeping the audience on their toes with tangible suspense and sophisticated narrative arcs.

In short, Endeavour is a smart, atmospheric, and thoroughly engrossing detective drama that showcases a young Morse's journey in the Police Service. From its engaging plot lines to its compelling performances, it's a show that ticks all the boxes for memorable characters, intriguing mysteries, historical references, and cultural storytelling. Like a well-crafted puzzle, its storylines are intricate, challenging, and immensely satisfying to unlock, making it an unmissable offering for sophisticated viewers seeking depth, tact, and suspense in their television content.

Endeavour is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 43 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.6.

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