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Episode 8
As the Ellinghams prepare to leave for London, Ruth admits to Martin that she"s been writing a paper on his blood phobia, and she thinks he"s been misdiagnosed. Ruth is also counseling Mrs.

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Episode 7
The news of Martin"s invitation to be the dean of Imperial College spreads through Portwenn like wildfire, before Martin and Louisa have even decided whether he will take the job. Mrs.

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Episode 6
Martin and Louisa travel to London so he can deliver the keynote address at the Imperial College Obstetrics Conference. All does not go smoothly, however, as Martin is accidentally headbutted while saving a choking woman, and then his ex-flame Sophie causes a scene at the cocktail reception.

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Episode 5
Louisa is shocked when her father, Terry, makes an unannounced visit. After it becomes clear Terry is unwell, he agrees to let Martin examine him—but that backfires on the Doc, who is now bound by the rules of medical confidentiality.

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Episode 4
When Martin advises a patient suffering from migraines to stop cold-water swimming, Mrs. Tishell"s attempts to help almost lead to disaster.

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Episode 3
While checking on a sick sheep farmer, the Doc runs into Stewart James, a patient who used to suffer from delusions that he lived with a giant squirrel. Stewart is now starting a survival course business, and he invites Al and PC Penhale to join him in the woods for a test run.

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Episode 2
The Portwenn surgery has reopened, but between Martin and Louisa sharing the office and a less-than-competent new receptionist, things aren"t running very smoothly. When Louisa"s childhood dream home goes on the market, she jumps at the chance to look for a larger space.

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Episode 1
It"s been a year since Martin resigned his medical license, and Louisa is now the one seeing patients out of the surgery for her child counseling practice, while Martin looks after James Henry and four-month-old Mary Elizabeth. When the mother of one of Louisa"s patients presents with serious symptoms but refuses to allow Martin to examine her, he finally admits that he wants to be a doctor again.

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Christmas Special
Portwenn is full of festive cheer—until Martin tells Leonard that he needs to stop playing Santa while he awaits the results of his medical tests. Leonard decides to show "Doc the Grinch" the magic of Christmas, with unintended consequences, and Louisa works to arrange a Christmas parade through Portwenn.

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Doc Martin is a British television medical comedy-drama series. The show, which initially premiered in 2004, has been a perennial hit for the Digital Rights Group and continues to be broadcast till 2022. Over nearly two decades, the programme has built a loyal and robust viewership base, leaving audiences both heartened and entertained by its blend of quirky humor, compelling narratives, and eccentric, relatable characters. Set in the fictitious village of Portwenn, the series centers around Dr. Martin Ellingham, a successful and sought-after London surgeon, who develops hemophobia - an irrational fear of blood, prompting a dramatic career shift. With surgical procedures no longer an option, Martin takes up a position as a general practitioner in the quaint Cornwall village where he once holidayed as a boy. Played compellingly by actor Martin Clunes, Doc Martin's character contradicts the archetypal friendly and warm village doctor. Instead, he is socially inept, curt, and gruff, with an almost total lack of bedside manner. Combined with the tranquil pace of Portwenn, this transition from his bustling city life presents unique hilarities and challenges that the viewers are privy to. The show's charm lies not just in Doc Martin's unorthodox character, but also in the delightful ensemble of vivid village locals. Each episode weaves intricate narratives of their lives, brimming with a blend of humor, drama, and sometimes, romance. Among these characters, Pharmacist Louisa Glasson, played by Caroline Catz, stands out as a significant presence. Her relationship with Doc Martin, fraught with ups and downs, provides a long-running romantic subplot complementing the episodic medical mysteries. The medical aspects of the show are precisely depicted, dealing with a wide array of common and uncommon conditions, thereby grounding the series in authenticity despite its comedic undertones. While the eccentric doctor is solving these medical mysteries and dealing with his personal phobia, the audience gets a clearer image of the man beneath the gruff exterior and the intrinsic goodness of his heart. Doc Martin's compelling narrative progression, comprising delightful character arcs, unexpected turns, and constant tension between comedy and drama, adds depth and excitement to the series. The viewers begin to feel a part of the community, sharing in their joys, sorrows, and laughter, making the show a heartwarming watch. The scenic backdrop of the Cornwall coastline adds another layer of appeal to the series. Its picturesque beauty, along with the fictional village depiction that brilliantly marries whimsy and reality, provides a breathtaking setting that enhances the visually immersive experience for the viewers. The series also boasts captivating writing, marked by a perfect balance between humorous and serious undertones, creating a rich tapestry of storylines that keeps viewers hooked. The expert storytelling is complemented by strong performances from a talented cast, who bring to life the show's endearing characters. Over the seasons, Doc Martin has managed to maintain consistent quality, allowing it to retain and even grow its dedicated fan base. Critics have also lauded the show for its captivating blend of medical drama, romance, comedy, and vivid characterization. With its unique premise, sincere storytelling, engaging characters, comedic flare, stunning backdrop, and medical accuracy, Doc Martin is more than a television show. It is an experience that has consistently entertained audiences for nearly two decades. For anyone who enjoys character-driven narratives with humor and heart, Doc Martin offers a compelling watch that melds the charm of a small-town setting with the drama and intrigue of medical practice. With every episode, viewers are welcomed into the quirky community of Portwenn, experiencing a delightful immersion into a world that captivates, entertains, and tugs at the heartstrings.

Doc Martin is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 87 episodes, the show debuted on 2004. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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