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What A Tangled Web
Jeremy Brown's repsonsibility as and English teacher to foreign students doesn't always end when leaves the class. Ali Nadim, his Pakistani student, seeks advice on marital problems and Jeremy feels bound to help.

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The School Fete
The college goes off on a desperate search for a celebrity to open their school fete.

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Repent At Leisure
Anna comes into the classroom upset when she discovers she will have to return to Germany because her work permit has run out. The pupils decide to help and hatch a plan for Anna to marry Jeremy.

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Guilty or Not Guilty
Jeremy's pupils end up in court in front of the local magistrate court. Unluckily for Jeremy, Miss Courtney, who is a JP, is to preside over the court.

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No Flowers By Request
Jeremy takes one of his pupils to hospital and ends up needing hospital treatment himself. Meanwhile, his pupils believe that Jeremy has died and go off to his funeral.

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Who Loves Ya Baby?
Danielle, an au pair, brings in to college the baby that she looks after. The baby gets lost several times causing panic and concern for all.

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Just The Job
Jeremy accepts a higher paid job only to discover it has already been taken and that his previous position has also been filled. Now that he is jobless his pupils plot to help him gain back his position.

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I Belong to Glasgow
A wealthy Arab Sheik comes to see Miss Courtney about English classes. He himself speaks perfect English, but he wants his chauffeur to have English lessons and is prepared to pay two thousand pounds if the college can make this happen.

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Mind Your Language is a classic British comedy television series originally aired on ITV from 1977 to 1979, and then briefly revived in 1986. The hilarious comedy wove a magic of its own during the period, delighting countless viewers with its clever dialogues, colorful characters, and creative premise. The series centered around Barry Evans who played Jeremy Brown, an affable, earnest, and somewhat overwhelmed English language teacher assigned the monumental task of teaching a diverse group of adult immigrants in London. The characterization was brilliant, as Brown, the new language instructor, struggled to make his way through the labyrinthine world of languages and cultures he's been thrust into. Zara Nutley took on the role of the punctilious and steely-eyed principal, Miss Dolores Courtney. Nutley delivered an impeccable performance as the stern headmistress, always ensuring order and discipline in her revered institution. Her character often served as an effective counterpoint to the classroom mayhem, providing some of the most comedic moments in the series. Barry's motley group of students were a fascinating mixture of personalities hailing from different parts of the globe, each contributing to the humour of cross-cultural misunderstanding and language barriers. The students were portrayed by a talented ensemble cast which included Tommy Godfrey playing Sid, the school's wisecracking caretaker, and Iris Sadler as Gladys, the generous tea lady. Among the students were Ricardo Montez playing Juan from Spain, Albert Moses as Ranjeet from India, Pik-Sen Lim as Su-Li from China, Robert Lee as Taro from Japan, Kevork Malikyan as Maximillian Papandrious from Greece, and many more diverse characters. What set Mind Your Language apart was its deft weaving of humor and human interactions from various diverse cultures attempting to understand and learn English, each bringing elements of their own culture, mannerisms, knowledge and confusion into the classroom. It was the epitome of cultural chaos under one roof - each episode presenting hilarious moments, showcasing the mishaps and misunderstandings, as various cultures collided in one tiny classroom. The show relies heavily on the classic comedy style of stereotyping for its humour – although this might seem problematic from a modern perspective, at the time it was largely seen as a light-hearted, comedic representation of cultural diversity. The series presented its characters in a manner that was both endearing and comedic, highlighting not just their foreignness but also their individuality. The students became emblematic figures representing different nationalities, with their language errors and cultural mishaps often being the main source of comedy. The humorous attempt by the students to grasp the English language while dealing with cultural differences is the crux of the series, resulting in comic situations and misunderstandings that render the series unforgettable. On the other hand, the character of Jeremy Brown served as a symbol of patience and linguistic struggle as he attempts to navigate the daunting task of teaching English to this diverse group. He is charming and personable, suggesting a natural ability to disarm and amuse, even in the midst of often chaotic and challenging teaching moments. His character is the show’s bridge between different cultures, with his irrepressible spirit and tireless efforts forming the emotional center of the series. Overall, Mind Your Language presented a tableau of cultural diversity with the classroom as a microcosm of wider society. The show was about much more than language; it encapsulated the challenges and humor in overcoming cultural and language barriers to form meaningful connections. Irrespective of their cultural differences and language difficulties, the students form a close-knit group that manages to coexist amidst the chaos, offering viewers a valuable lesson in acceptance and unity amidst diversity. In all its humor and fun, the series, with its robust ensemble cast and memorable performances, has become a cult classic. It's a nostalgic trip down the memory lane of 70s British television where humour was found in simple situations, and laughter was born out of loveable characters trying their best to mind their language.

Mind Your Language is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 29 episodes, the show debuted on 1977. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.7.

Barry Evans, Albert Moses, Harry Littlewood, Tommy Godfrey, Dino Shafeek, Zara Nutley, Ricardo Montez, Jamila Massey, Pik-Sen Lim, Robert Lee, Anna Bergman, George Camiller, Iris Sadler, Kevork Malikyan, Robert Lee
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