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The Nurse Killer Richard Speck
In 1966, mass murderer Richard Speck systematically tortures, rapes and murders eight student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital.

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Bambi Bembenek
Police officer turned killer Laurie Bembenek is convicted of murdering her husband's ex-wife, Christine Schultz; Bembenek claims she was framed for the savage murder, but the evidence included her husband's police revolver and fibers from her wig.

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Murder Made Me Famous is a compelling and provocative docudrama series produced by AMS Pictures and aired on REELZ. First premiered in 2015, the show explores how unexpected individuals are thrust into the public spotlight through infamous acts of violence. By offering a deeply investigative yet profoundly respectful look into some of the most notorious crimes in recent history, Murder Made Me Famous serves as both an intriguing true-crime immersion and a psychological study of individuals involved.

The show's narrative structure distinguishes it within the saturated true-crime genre where it focuses not just on the crimes but also on their societal impact. Devastating and shocking events are recounted through stylized dramatic reconstructions, in-depth archival research, and enlightening interviews with people closely related to those involved, including family members, friends, law enforcement, and media personnel. The series unfolds with a unique blend of fact-finding and storytelling that keep viewers engrossed from start to end.

Murder Made Me Famous comes with a twist as its title implies; it examines how the media coverage of certain criminal cases often leads to the perpetrators becoming widely known, if for all the wrong reasons. Each episode is dedicated to analyzing a different notorious case, many of which have achieved global recognition. The series delves into the lives of people who were unknown before their abhorrent acts, brought them a level of notoriety that most could not comprehend.

Across its run, the series looks into a wide array of infamous individuals like Scott Peterson, Jodi Arias, Ted Bundy, and Aileen Wuornos, among others. It explores their backgrounds, motives, and psychological state, seeking to humanize rather than deify these individuals. The show underlines that these people are, indeed, people, albeit with deeply troubled psyches that led them down paths of destruction.

Its unique narrative format is what sets Murder Made Me Famous apart. Each episode is set up like a mini-documentary on the given subject, stitching together real footage, expertly crafted reenactments, and narrations to provide a well-rounded perspective on the scandalous events. The way the storyline navigates the unsettling realities of these infamous murders makes it a riveting experience for fans of true crime but also an insightful exploration for those interested in psychology, social impact, and media studies.

Particularly striking are the insights provided by experts in related fields, such as retired detectives, former defense attorneys, criminologists, and forensic psychologists. Their perspectives, combined with riveting first-hand accounts of those touched by the crimes, tell a compelling story. Far from providing a one-dimensional picture, the show complicates our understanding of how society reacts to crimes of this magnitude, essentially questioning what compels us to remember not just these events, but the people who perpetrated them.

Adding another layer to the series is a no-nonsense approach to the role of media in these events. Murder Made Me Famous confronts the media's role head-on and questions its responsibility in creating 'celebrities' out of murderers. This almost reflexive self-awareness related to media's role in shaping public perception makes for an engrossing watch, one that transcends the nature of a mere recounting of a crime.

Moreover, Murder Made Me Famous is as much a social commentary as a true crime series. It forces the viewers to question fundamental aspects of society such as the oftentimes blurred line between infamy and fame or public fascination with violence and our collective memory of these heinous crimes.

Overall, Murder Made Me Famous serves as a vehicle for complex storytelling that looks potently into the darker side of human nature and society's fascination with crime. Its unique blending of stark realism, attention to detail, and a mix of different storytelling techniques makes for an intriguing watch. The objective view towards criminal behavior and the scrutinizing gaze it sets upon society's response to crime place it within the upper echelons of the genre. It's an unmissable show for true crime enthusiasts and anyone interested in a broader societal commentary.

Murder Made Me Famous is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 46 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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