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Episode 208
Recovering from Rhea letting Cameron down, a mishap at their planned wedding venue throws Cameron and Rhea into a panic. They have 8 hours to forgive each other and find somewhere to get married.

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Episode 207
Cameron preps nervously for her stand-up special, accompanied by her ex-girlfriend Brie who is barely surviving a breakup. Meanwhile, Rhea is having the time of her life on the set of Bob's TV show.

Watch Take My Wife Season 2 Episode 7 Now

Episode 206
After Cameron's wedding suit shows up unwearable and Rhea lands a last-minute audition for a TV show, they decide to call off their joint bachelor party. Miranda (Tess Paras), Melina (Janet Varney), Dave, and Frances rush to their aid.

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Episode 205
Leading up to their sets at Best Bet, three female comedians navigate their respective worlds, and we see how their experiences inform their comedy. Then, we find them in the green room, where a somewhat clueless journalist interviews Cameron and Rhea about whether comedy matters.

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Episode 204
Cameron and Rhea realize they both have clutter in their lives. Rhea keeps everything and has a closet overflowing with keepsakes that have outlived their usefulness.

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Episode 203
As Cameron and Rhea hit the road, they learn the realities of being two women on tour: They get to celebrate with fans, but they also need to prioritize their safety. Meanwhile, back at Best Bet, Dave guest hosts for Cameron and Rhea and learns that running a show is not as easy as he thought.

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Episode 202
Cameron and Rhea are at home between tour dates and use the time to dive into wedding planning! After a miscommunication about whether they should have their friends Dave (Zeke Nicholson) and Frances (Laura Kightlinger) in the wedding party or not, Cameron and Rhea realize they must get on the same page about wedding decisions.

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Episode 201
Cameron and Rhea are performing on different stages in Portland. In this rare chance to see each other, they're still not seeing enough of each other.

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Take My Wife is a semi-autobiographical, single-camera sitcom that first aired in 2016 on the streaming platform Seeso. The show draws upon the real-life experiences of its two creators and leads, Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, who are also stand-up comedians and a married couple in real life. The comedy series is a sobering illustration of the trials, triumphs, and everyday moments of a queer couple trying to make it big in the world of comedy, while simultaneously navigating the challenges of their personal lives.

Take My Wife encapsulates the couple’s real-life meet-cute story of meeting through stand-up comedy in Chicago, forging a life and partnership in Los Angeles, and finally tying the knot. The show provides an admirable mix of wry humor, tenderness, personal reflections, and a much-needed perspective on queer representation in media and comedy.

The narrative of Take My Wife is grounded and complex, telling the story of these two characters as they seek to achieve their stand-up dreams but are almost always met with various obstacles. Symptomatic of the sketchy realities of the stand-up comedy genre, the show provides an insider's look into the grinding world of comedy clubs, the determination to get stage time, and the perpetual struggle to stay relevant, all the while offering comic relief through its vibrant comedic dialogue.

The chemistry between Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher brings authenticity to the screen. The nuances of their performances enhance the minute details of their intertwined professional and personal lives. Esposito assumes the role of the more experienced comedian in the duo, and Butcher, her partner, is the talented newcomer who's trying to find her place in the comedy circuit. Audiences have the opportunity to follow their love story while experiencing the raw, humorous, and sometimes painful reality of being a comedian.

A standout feature of the series is its earnest and empathetic portrayal of LGBTQ+ lives, a refreshing departure from tokenistic representations in many contemporary narratives. The characters of Esposito and Butcher are not merely defined by their sexual identities; instead, the series successfully normalizes their sexual orientation by showing them dealing with real-life issues such as career pressures, relationship dynamics, and the struggle of maintaining individual identities.

Supporting characters on the show are compelling and add depth to the narrative. They encompass a broad spectrum of gender identities, sexual orientations, and racial and ethnic backgrounds - a deliberate choice that imbues the show with diversity and inclusiveness. The casting in the show serves as a sharp commentary on the lack of representation in Hollywood, and the show uses this aspect to shed light on various types of discrimination, including sexism and homophobia in the industry and society at large.

The show’s production and writing style are undeniably strong. It strikes a successful balance between being a slice-of-life drama and a comedy show. The series does not shy away from dealing with sensitive topics, and it manages to do so in a light-hearted and humorous manner. To rich storytelling and reflective narratives, the episodes often end on thought-provoking and poignant notes, leaving the audience with plenty to think about.

Take My Wife also pays homage to the stand-up comedy world by involving numerous guest appearances from prominent figures in the comedy scene. These cameos offer the audience a broader and more realistic perspective of the comedy industry while adding a touch of star power to the show.

All these unique elements come together to create a compelling and innovative series that offers a unique blend of humor, social commentary, authenticity, and heartfelt emotion. Take My Wife is more than just a sitcom; it is a crucial catalyst for change in terms of how the LGBTQ+ community is portrayed on television. It is a series that goes beyond mainstream storytelling to reveal the grit, determination, struggles, and successes of those who dare to carve their path in the entertainment industry. It serves as a must-watch for not just individuals interested in comedy and stand-up, but for anyone seeking a well-rounded, high-quality offering of smart, contemporary, and inclusive television.

Take My Wife is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 14 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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