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Twenty GIFs of Gifts
Buzz Buzzfeed, Child Who Sneaks Out of Bed, Stand-up from Esther Povitsky, Fon Danelli and Karate Karate perform at UCB Sunset.

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When Our Basketball Boys Win the Big Game
Holly & Alana, Dr. Rollerblade, Stand-up from Santina Muha, Nephew and Jerry Minor perform at UCB Sunset.

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We Will Explore Distant Galaxies
Bombardier, Matt Besser, Dr. David Tennyson, Stand-up from Ify Nwadiwe, Will Hines and Private Street perform at UCB Sunset.

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The Phantom In Us
George Lucas hosts, Health Teacher, Planet World, Talent Show Girl and Coach with Satan Amulet perform at UCB Sunset.

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The Incident With The Ducks
Eastwood, Romanto, Sasha Dustin Diamond, Lou the Super and Oh Brother perform at UCB Sunset.

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The Great Big Blue
When Harry Met Sally, The Worm, Stand-up from Adam Conover, Opposite Bob Dylan and Tremendosaur perform at UCB Sunset.

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All We Ever Do Is Fight To The Death
BOAT, Chad Gouda, Stand-up from Adam Newman, Judith and New Money perform at UCB Sunset.

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Yas Queen
Charles Duffney Toy Salesman, Kitty Kat Williams, Big Grande, Stand-up from Marcella Arguello and Quick & Funny Musicals perform at UCB Sunset.

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Highlights - Devin Field
Stand-Up from Devin Field

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Highlights - Eliza Skinner
Stand-Up from Eliza Skinner

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Highlights - Meditator Says His Silent Mantra Out Loud
Very Nick and Zach

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The UCB Show is a profoundly unique and engaging sketch-and-standup show that aired on Seeso from 2016 to 2017. Named after the famous Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) theatre and the training ground of some of the biggest superstars in comedy, The UCB Show is a brilliant, innovative and laugh-out-loud exploration of the world of improvisational and sketch comedy.

One of the central figures powering this unique show is Matt Besser, a co-founder of UCB and a well-known figure in the world of comedy. Besser, a virtuoso of sketch and improv, is a driving force behind the direction, selection, and execution of the series. His comedic chops provide the backbone of the show, forming an essential component of its unique brand of humor. Besser's keen sense of timing and unerring comic instincts permeate each episode through his hosting, participation, and behind-the-scenes direction.

Each episode of The UCB Show takes the audience on a comedic journey through a range of skits signifying a delightful mix of comedy styles. From the absurd and eccentric to the incisive and tellingly insightful, The UCB Show looks to explore the edges of comedy, delivering a delightful array of laughs to its viewers. The stand-up portions of the series feature a variety of comics, some known and some up-and-coming, lending depth and diversity to the humor portfolio of the show.

The UCB Show thrives on creative dynamism and a spirit of comedic innovation. It follows a lenient and free-flowing structure, offering the stage to both seasoned performers and fresh talents, all while keeping the audience on their toes. The humor can be raw, subversive, and wild while also being profound, engrossingly real, and occasionally bizarre. There's no adherence to a precise formula, and that's what keeps viewers eager for the surprises to come.

The venue where the series takes place, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, is not just the home of the show; it essentially becomes a character in the series. Showcasing the theater's inimitable spirit, long-standing comedy heritage, and the thrill of live performance, The UCB Show offers the viewer not just a series of comedic sketches but an endearing and authentic glimpse into an iconic institution and its ethos.

At its heart, The UCB Show is a love letter to the performing art of comedy. It exemplifies the essence of the UCB theater itself: a place where bold performers experiment with ideas, where comedians step out of their comfort zones to create authentic and unexpected humor. Through the theatre's iconic "Brick Wall," the show pays homage to this spirit of creativity, experimentation, and risk-taking that makes UCB and improv comedy such an enduring and influential engine of entertainment.

Yet, as entertaining as it is, The UCB Show goes beyond mere humor, subtly nudging its viewers to question norms, rethink perspectives, and peer into the corners of society with a fresh and satirical eye. A lot of the sketches serve as social commentaries wrapped in laughter, adding depth to the humor.

Viewers tune in for the humor but find themselves staying for the heart, diversity, and earnest celebration of comedic art that The UCB Show represents. It's a place where comedy and creativity intermingle to produce something unforgettable.

The show managed to transfer the best of live performances into the sphere of televised comedy, bringing audiences closer to the unique, energetic pulse of the UCB theater. From one-off gags to recurring characters and everything in between, The UCB Show has proven itself to be an enigmatic potpourri of comedic delights. The mix of skits, standups, and character performances makes this show a delightful playground for comedy enthusiasts.

In conclusion, The UCB Show is a delightful and refreshing take on the sketch-and-standup format, offering viewers a distinctive, laughter-loaded package. It not only serves as an extension of the UCB Theater's passionate commitment to the art of comedy but also as a platform where the raw energy of improv collides with the disciplined artistry of sketch comedy, making it an electrifying watch for comedy fans around the globe.

The UCB Show is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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How can I watch The UCB Show online? The UCB Show is available on Seeso with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch The UCB Show on demand at Amazon online.

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