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Sleight of Hand
Police are stumped by a string of bank robberies; A government employee steals taxpayers' money.

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Sneak An Inch, Steal a Mile
An inmate uses his power and charm to corrupt female correction officers; A cemetery groundskeeper makes horrible discoveries.

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Episode 6
An LAPD officer snaps after being terminated; Church members trust the wrong financial investor.

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Episode 5
The first lady of a Baptist church is found murdered; Suspicions arise after two bank tellers are robbed.

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Episode 4
A new sheriff is murdered after vowing to expose corruption inside the police force; A politician uses his influence to an egregious end.

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Episode 3
Two co-workers are found battered and bloody in their store; Things turn violent at an adult film company.

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Episode 2
Two co-workers are found battered and bloody in their store; Things turn violent at an adult film company.

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Episode 1
Story A: To woo women at hospital, a fraudulent doctor uses a false identity. Story B: A woman lashes out against her co-workers after suspension from her job.

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Criminals at Work is an intriguing true crime television series that premiered in 2016. This enthralling show provides a window into the world of workplace crime, giving audiences a rare look into a realm where the professional and criminal worlds intertwine. Each episode delves deep, showcasing two unique cases of workplace crime with a gripping narrative that is sure to pique the interest of true crime aficionados.

The stories presented in Criminals at Work offer a broad scope of crime in the workplace, featuring various types of establishments from across the United States. Each narrative unfolds a specific crime that has taken place on the job, from theft and embezzlement to instances of assault and even murder. Drawing directly from actual case files and first-hand accounts, including re-enactments, on-site storytelling and interviews with the victims, criminals at Work paints a detailed, chilling picture of the audacious acts committed.

One of the most surprising twists of Criminals at Work is the show’s focus on crimes committed by individuals that are often least suspected. Employees, managers, trusted colleagues, all caught in wrongdoing, adds to the startling reality of these real-life suspenseful incidents. The element of the unexpected adds an eerie thrill to the narrative, reminding us that crime is often not committed by remote strangers but by individuals who are well-acquainted and ingrained within their circles.

While focusing on the crime aspects, the show also provides us with a clear detailed understanding of the work environments and the personalities of those involved giving us a vivid picture of the business operations, the dynamics among colleagues, and the factors that may have led to the situation.

As crime series go, Criminals at Work is unique in its focus on workplace crime. It pays close attention to the psychological elements involved in these cases, examining not just the crime itself, but also the motivations and tactics the perpetrators use. In-depth interviews and careful analyses of the circumstances surrounding each crime are used to provide a full understanding of why these individuals turned to illegal activity.

Moreover, the theme extends beyond showcasing the magnitude of the crime but illuminally the cascading effects of these actions on the victims. The emotional, psychological, and even physical toll crime exacts on innocent individuals is explored in depth. The series provide viewers with an empathetic perspective, widening the lens to observe and understand the consequences of these criminal acts within a work environment.

Alongside the recounting of each case, the show also emphasises the methods law enforcement and investigative agencies use to crack these cases. Utilising a range of cutting-edge forensic techniques, skilled psychology, and good old-fashioned detective work, these authorities are brought to light in their relentless pursuit of justice. This focus enhances the show's realism and paints a complete picture of the hard work and dedication of the officers involved.

The creators of Criminals at Work have done an excellent job in maintaining an exceptional level of storytelling that strikes the appropriate balance between the exploration of criminal motivation and the impact of their actions. The thought-provoking commentary, authentic re-enactments, and emotionally resonant interviews all serve to draw audiences in, quickly absorbing them into the world of each case.

While it may be a difficult watch due to the severity of the crimes depicted, Criminals at Work is an enlightening exploration into the darkest corners of the human psyche. The blending of the ordinary and extraordinary, the professional and the criminal, create a starkly compelling narrative. This is precisely what makes Criminals at Work so captivating; it constantly reminds us of the thin line between the ordinary and the abnormal that exists in crime.

In conclusion, Criminals at Work is a sensational watch for true crime and mystery fans, providing a fresh perspective on workplace crime. It presents a striking blend of criminal profiling, victim impact accounts, mystery, suspense, and the cold reality of crime committed in perhaps one of the most unsuspected arenas - the workplace. This unique dimension adds an intriguing layer of suspense to the series, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in criminal psychology and the gray areas of human behavior.

Criminals at Work is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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