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Passing the Torch
Leland is ready to pick a successor at Sugarhill. The family takes the stage to show him what each one of them has to offer the label, and old conflicts resurface.

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Facing the Music
A big presentation hovers for Leland as the Robinsons fight for the Sugarhill throne. Also, Rhondo and LeA make peace with Shanell but continue to doubt her real motives; Shanell comes up against obstacles in her personal life; and Lelo's former life catches up with him as he scurries to prove himself to his father.

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Papa Said Knock It Off
With the family collapsing, Leland tries to smooth things over. He approaches Shanell about her betrayal of Rhondo, and after Darnell won't leave the house, Big Lee takes action.

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Hostile Takeover
Leland presents LeA with an offer but his strong-willed daughter has thoughts of her own. Meanwhile, Rhondo arouses the rest of the Robinson men to aproach Big Lee with their questions about how he's running Sugarhill Records.

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Who's Got Game?
Darnell splurges on a lavish present to prove his love to Eseni; Leland tries to unite the Robinsons by hosting a family basketball game.

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Step Up or Shut Up
Rhondo is influenced by a discussion with rapper Raekwon to step up and prove he's heir to the family throne. Also, Darnell throws out new ideas to Leland; a sit-down between Lady Luck and LeA erupts into a screaming ordeal; and Lelo goes to court.

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Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?
Patriarch Leland fights to keep his role as boss while facing troubles with the younger generation. Meanwhile, Darnell looks for Sugar Hill's next big artist but ends up in the hospital, and LeA gathers the clan for a cookout

Watch First Family of Hip Hop Season 1 Episode 2 Now

The Empire Strikes Back
The Robinson family fights to keep peace in the series opener of this reality show highlighting a family's quest to put hip-hop label Sugar Hill Records back in the lead.

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First Family of Hip Hop was a captivating American reality television series from 2017 that illuminated the lives and adventures of a multi-generational family that pioneered the realm of hip hop. Produced by the esteemed Bravo network, this series intertwined the dynamics of family, wealth, and the music industry, unraveling the power, influence, and challenges within one of America's most influential hip hop families - the Robinsons.

With hip hop as a cornerstone of modern music and culture, First Family of Hip Hop delivered a fascinating inside glimpse of a family that exhibited a significant role in the establishment and propagation of the genre. The series centered on the Robinsons' history, which traced back to the pioneering days of hip hop music. Sylvia Robinson, the matriarch of the family, was renowned for co-founding the legendary Sugarhill Records, the label that introduced the world to hip-hop by launching groundbreaking acts such as The Sugarhill Gang and recording the first ever hip-hop single, 'Rapper's Delight.'

As the family navigated through the intricacies of relationships, heritage, and entrepreneurship, the series offered an interesting perspective on how the legacy of Sylvia Robinson influenced each member's personal and professional lives. The narratives within the show were powerful representations of personal aspirations, familial support, and dedication in honoring the family's pivotal contribution to the world of music, specifically hip hop.

At the show's heart were Leland Robinson Sr., Sylvia's son, and his children Leland Robinson Jr., Darnell Robinson and Antonio Jordan, who sought to preserve and expand the Sugarhill legacy while keeping the family business and heritage intact. Each episode delved into their individual journeys, revealing the ups and downs, triumphs, and travails in managing the weight of their family's name and the music label that shaped an entire genre.

Furthermore, the series also shed light on the kinship, squabbles, rivalry, and love among the younger generation of the Robinsons. The aspiring musicians within the family – LeA Robinson and Darnell Robinson – were seen grappling with advancing their musical careers, carrying the Robinson’s musical legacy while carving out their unique paths. The siblings, guided by their parents, had to learn to strike a balance between their personal ambitions and collective goals.

Beyond the family members, the series highlighted multiple characters grounded in the music industry, from executives and representatives to assistants and other artists, contributing to the authentic representation of the business side of music. The reality lens captured the unique pressures and expectations within the industry, particularly for a family like the Robinsons, stewards of a formidable legacy of music.

Yet, underlying the series was a broader exploration of the evolving landscape of hip hop. First Family of Hip Hop was far more than a tale of a single family. It underscored the transformations within the musical genre and music industry since the establishment of Sugarhill Records. With the Robinsons at the story's core, the audience was enlightened about the undeniable influence of hip hop and its growth from the streets into a global phenomenon.

Marvelously interweaving family drama with pulsating beats and a touch of history, First Family of Hip Hop achieved an appealing blend of personal narratives and broader cultural discussions related to the music industry. The show provided viewers with an unrivaled insider access into the legacy of hip hop from the perspective of a family whose contributions have undeniably helped to shape it.

As such, fans of reality television, music enthusiasts, and particularly those interested in the culture and history of hip hop, found themselves absolutely wrapped up in the world of the First Family of Hip Hop. The series served as a resounding testament to the challenges and triumphs of legacy, entrepreneurial spirit, and family bonds, set against hip-hop's compelling historical and contemporary backdrop. The show encapsulated not only the Robinsons' journey, but also creatively celebrated the spirit and evolution of hip hop.

First Family of Hip Hop is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.5.

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