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L.A. Hair Confidential
Season 5 highlights; Kim dishes on her new staff. Kim opens exclusive archives of love life & family life.

Watch L.A. Hair Season 5 Episode 10 Now

Hair We Go!
Kim fights to pull off the hair opera for the sake of her family and her business. Later, project manager Gocha stirs trouble amongst the stylists; and Leah is pushed to her breaking point.

Watch L.A. Hair Season 5 Episode 9 Now

Hair Du Soleil!
Kimble Studio is doing a hair opera; Kim makes a last-ditch effort to keep Leah working in the salon and puts her in the director's chair. Later, when disaster strikes, Kim is forced to hire Gocha back.

Watch L.A. Hair Season 5 Episode 8 Now

MaCray Cray Like...Wo!
Kim gets hair-raising news from Sheen Magazine! Leah runs to Jonathan Antin to escape the family business.

Watch L.A. Hair Season 5 Episode 7 Now

Put Your Business Panties On!
After an explosive blowout, Kim does damage control! If Jay and Giorgio don't makeup, they're fired! Kim takes on her biggest business venture yet when she pitches her new line of products to HSN.

Watch L.A. Hair Season 5 Episode 6 Now

I Snatched Your Weave!
The sheers come out during Kim’s wig and champagne bar launch event. Gocha crashes the party bearing shade.

Watch L.A. Hair Season 5 Episode 5 Now

Making the Cut
Kim evaluates her new team and pulls one stylist from the cutting room floor. When a fashion show turns upside down, Kim takes Gocha to task!

Watch L.A. Hair Season 5 Episode 4 Now

Down Wright Shade
Hair Majesty calls on internet star James Wright to blow up her wig line. Kim reveals her secret man!

Watch L.A. Hair Season 5 Episode 3 Now

Go Big or Go-Shady
The shears come out when Kim & Gocha battle it out in a fantasy hair competition. Kim styles Grammy-award singer Chrisette Michele for a music video.

Watch L.A. Hair Season 5 Episode 2 Now

The Kimpire Strikes Back
The "Hair Majesty" Kim Kimble is back but her staff...has been cut loose! It's time to rebuild the "Kimpire" as she trims out the old and weaves in the new!

Watch L.A. Hair Season 5 Episode 1 Now

L.A. Hair first premiered in 2012 and is a captivating reality television series that airs on WE tv. The main protagonist is the dynamic Kimberly Kimble, a celebrity hairstylist based in Los Angeles, California. Already a well-established name in the beauty industry, Kimble's client list includes A-list luminaries like Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, and Shakira, to name just a few. Even the renowned Oprah Winfrey has had her mane tamed by Kimberly's skilled hands. These credentials alone make the series an intriguing prospect and an interesting watch.

Kimberly’s professional journey through the glamorous and at times cut-throat world of Hollywood's beauty industry forms the crux of this show. Contrary to popular belief, the hairstylist profession isn't just about styling and cutting hair; it involves a great deal of interpersonal skills, diplomacy, and unexpected surprises - elements that are portrayed in every episode of L.A. Hair.

The primary setting is Kimble Hair Studio, aka KHS, the hub of Kimberly’s professional activities. The show provides an eye-opening sneak peek into the daily hustles of the salon, the team dynamics, and the high expectations from the upscale clienteles. It illustrates the inevitable collision between art and business within the buzzing confines of this high-end salon and takes the viewers on an unpredictable journey where dazzle, drama, and deadlines must constantly contend with one another.

Much of the drama and excitement in L.A. Hair comes from the interactions and arguments amongst the stylists as they negotiate the high stakes world of Los Angeles' beauty industry. The show plays out like a battle royale, with each stylist fiercely trying to retain their individuality, shine in their craft, and protect their space within the salon hierarchy. Yet, they're all aware that they must ultimately work together for the greater good of the company. Amidst the glitz and glamour, shared accomplishments, misunderstandings, and conflicts arrive hand-in-hand, leading to an intense and engaging viewing experience.

On L.A. Hair, while Kimberly Kimble is no doubt the heart of the show, the series also spotlights the multifaceted personalities of her team. This includes her vivacious mother Jazz, the lively Terry Hunt, the flamboyant Anthony Pazos, the tenacious Dontay Savoy, and the ambitious China Upshaw, among others. The dynamics between these characters will have you opting for binge-watching over bedtime in no time.

Beyond the salon, the show pulls back the curtain on the personal lives of Kimberly Kimble and her team. The extra layer of their private joys, struggles, and triumphs adds a deeper relatability to the characters. From balancing family and relationships to their inner drives and dreams, the show includes a casual mix of their off-screen life which makes it all the more engaging.

On the spectrum of reality television, L.A. Hair stands out for the authenticity of its setting and the sincerity of its characters. It highlights the sweat and soul that goes into maintaining a successful business in the ever-competitive beauty industry and impresses upon how the pursuit of perfection can be thrilling, challenging, and occasionally frustrating.

The styling sessions are themselves visual treats, depicting artistry coming to life via Kimberly’s creative interpretations and her team’s professional execution. It’s almost like watching a live masterclass unfolding in real-time, revealing all the hard work that goes behind the perfect manes of Hollywood that seem effortlessly gorgeous on the silver screen.

L.A. Hair is thus a gripping blend of real-life drama, reality television, and a fascinating glimpse into the beauty industry's intricacies, all glued together by the charismatic presence of Kimberly Kimble. It provides inspiration for those in the hairstyling industry and serves up plenty of entertainment for viewers who relish reality television.

To sum up, L.A. Hair offers an emotional roller coaster ride that keeps you hooked. It’s a bold and true portrayal of glamorous Hollywood, and at the same time a raw narrative of its backstage reality. Tune into this engaging series for a unique balance of cut-throat competition, sparkling celebrity encounters, riveting drama, and a good measure of humor and heart.

L.A. Hair is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 58 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.2.

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How can I watch L.A. Hair online? L.A. Hair is available on WE tv with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch L.A. Hair on demand at Plex, Pluto TV, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Philo online.

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