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Judgment Day
Megan and Lolly hire a stripper for Jayde's birthday, but when he arrives, Jayde is horrified and tells her dad. Lolly, feeling betrayed, retaliates, causing friction between the girls and their dads.

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Judgement Day
Megan and Lolly hire a stripper for Jayde's birthday, but when he arrives Jayde is horrified and runs to her dad. Feeling upset and betrayed, Lolly fights back.

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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Preachers' Daughter
The girls enjoy another wild night out. Kristiana gets into an altercation with a man.

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The Preachers' Daughter That Cried Wolf
The girls are not happy after they discover that they are building a church for the mission.

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The Devil in the Details
When Kayla sabotages Lolly by talking to her pastor, Lolly takes it upon herself to pack Kayla's bag. But will she actually decide to leave the house?

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A House Divided
Kayla decides to stay in Cabo, but later winds up getting in a huge fight with Lolly at the mission. Meanwhile, the rest of the girls are tired of Lolly's antics and decide to take action which causes her to blow up--and then face the consequences.

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Evil Eye for an Eye
Lolly volunteers to be a mission team leader; the girls shun Kayla when she refuses to donate her cereal to the poor; Lolly discovers Kayla's plot; Jayde continues to push boundaries.

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Turnt Up Game
Jayde attempts to prove to her overprotective dad that she can handle responsibility by being mission team leader. But, the freedom goes to her head as she flirts with boys and gets drunk on a wild night out.

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Jesus Went to the Club
Lolly upsets the girls when she chooses to go to the beach instead of paying a visit to the mission.

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Hot as Hell
Cierra's fury becomes problematic following her newly appointed role. Kayla causes issues.

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Mission from God
The third season premiere finds the girls on their way to Cabo San Lucas.

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Preachers’ Daughters is an American reality television series that aired on Lifetime from 2013 to 2015, spanning across three seasons. The show is a captivating glimpse into the lives of the offspring of seasoned ministers as they navigate through the complex challenges of adolescence while living under the strict expectations of their deeply religious, preacher parent(s). It explores the paradoxical lives of these young women who are torn between the lure of youthful indiscretion and the constraining bonds of their family faith.

Taking place in various cities across the United States, each season of Preachers’ Daughters introduces us to different families grappling with these circumstances. So, while the setting and characters may change, the series retains a consistent theme throughout – the struggle between personal desires and religious obligations. This fascinating portrayal of the private lives of families steeped in the weight of holy responsibility is what makes the show so intriguing.

In the first season, we venture into the households of three families: The Colemans from Joliet, Illinois, led by Pentecostal preacher Ken; The Koloffs from Kannapolis, North Carolina, guided by the powerhouse ex-professional wrestler and now evangelist Nikita; and The Perrys from Oceano, California, steered by Pastor Mark. These distinct families' unique stories of faith and familial bonds form the fabric of the show's initial season.

Each preacher demands a high standard of conduct from their daughters, though their approaches vary greatly. Some adopt strict, almost militaristic disciplinary styles, while others prefer more compassionate, understanding ways to guide their children. Regardless of their methods, each preacher has the same goal - to steer their daughters towards commitment to their faith and moral rectitude.

Tori, Kolby, and Olivia are the daughters experiencing the joys and challenges of youthful curiosity while battling the sometimes-drastic lifestyle requirements of their parental expectations in the first season. Their enthralling stories underscore the central theme of the struggle for autonomy amidst closely scrutinised lives. Dealing with issues like partying, dating, maintaining relationships, and other commonplace life experiences are weighed with much greater significance, given their environments.

From the second season, the show takes a different turn as it focuses on a new theme-'missionary trips'. The daughters from various preachers' families are sent on an outreach mission designed to give them exposure to different cultures and experiences. The aim is to hopefully ground them more in their religious beliefs as they witness life starkly different from their comfortable existence in the United States. This new situation presents fascinating dynamics, as the girls balance learning, faith-practices, societal outreach, and growing independence.

Season three adds a touch of diversity by introducing a new family, the Cassidys, led by Pastor Cassidy and his eight children. Here we see an expansion of the narrative to include the influence of siblings within preacher families and how they navigate the tightrope of religious obligation and personal exploration together.

One of the notable strengths of Preachers’ Daughters is its candid perspective that neither overly glorifies nor criticises religion, but looks at it as a way of life with its unique challenges. The show brings to life the profundity of the quote 'The people closest to the preacher can be the furthest away from God,' showing a different side of faith-based households not often explored in mainstream media.

Emotionally charged and socially revealing, Preachers' Daughters portrays a captivating mix of religion's influence on the traditional family unit and the challenges this influence can bring, particularly to young, impressionable members of the family. It talks volumes about the microcosm of religious culture in which these daughters are brought up, the pressures they face, and the surprising ways they rebel, comply or find balance.

Overall, Preachers’ Daughters successfully entwines the allure of reality television with the depth of spiritual explorations. It is a must-watch for those interested in understanding the more personal aspects of faith-based societies or those looking for a unique, thought-provoking reality show.

Preachers' Daughters is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 31 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.2.

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