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Finale Part Two
Judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich crown the next MasterChef champion.

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Finale Part One
The final three home cooks take on their last challenge in the MasterChef kitchen in front of a live audience. Each chef has to whip up a spectacular three-course meal, knowing only one deliberation stands between them and the $250,000 prize.

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Semi-Finals: Pasta & Keeping Up With Gordon
The remaining five home cooks take on two rounds of challenges that determine who will move on to the Finals.

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Restaurant Takeover - Hell's Kitchen
With Gordon Ramsay's reputation on the line, the top six chefs face the ultimate challenge of taking over the world's largest Hell's Kitchen restaurant.

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The Wall
The chefs face their biggest challenge yet: a 55-foot wall. The chef with immunity is tasked with pairing contestants to cook on opposite sides of the wall, where they must rely on great communication in order to save themselves from a double elimination.

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Patio Grilling Challenge
The remaining nine home cooks are tasked with firing up their grills and preparing a restaurant quality barbecue plate that is guaranteed to impress the judges.

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Kelsey's Stadium Food
The contestants must cater to the average sports fan while incorporating elements from their region to elevate their dish, and the chef with immunity is tasked with giving a penalty to the home cook of their choosing to receive a five-minute timeout.

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Fish Out of Water Mystery Box
The chefs face their toughest Mystery Box challenge yet - fish! When the chefs with immunity are able to switch up the other contestants' fish, the competition starts to fire up.

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Tag Team
The remaining home chefs must tackle a classic MasterChef test: the tag team challenge. The contestants must take turns preparing a delicious three course meal, working together to ensure they are on the same page every step of the way.

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Military Rations Mystery Box
In this week's challenge, the Mystery Box is back and the chefs must individually face the challenge of preparing a gourmet meal out of army rations.

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Dodgers Stadium Field Challenge
The chefs split into two teams to prepare a lunch for over 100 kids at Dodger Stadium, and the chef with immunity gets to choose one member from each team who must swap sides and work with the other regions.

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United Cakes of America
The remaining home chefs face the hardest challenge yet in this scrumptious celebration of MasterChef's 250th episode! The kitchen heats up when the chef with immunity is tasked to assign each contestant with an iconic cake to recreate.

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Birds of a Feather Mystery Box
The top 17 home chefs return to the kitchen for their second Mystery Box Challenge, but this time with a twist - one region will begin the challenge 10 minutes behind the rest. With one box per region, the chefs must race against time to incorporate flavors from home in their dishes and impress the judges.

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Trial by Fire: Field Challenge
The home chefs face their first team challenge when they're tasked with pairing up with another region and grilling a delicious meal for 101 firefighters and emergency personnel.

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Apple Mystery Box
The remaining home chefs are back in the kitchen with their first Mystery Box Challenge - apples! With both sweet and savory flavors on the table, the chef with immunity is tasked with assigning each region which kind of dish to cook.

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State Fair Food
The Top 20 home chefs enter the kitchen for their first challenge. Each contestant is tasked with creating a state fair-inspired dish, but there's a twist - whoever wins the challenge grants the rest of their region immunity from going home.

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Regional Auditions - The South
The "United Tastes of America" auditions conclude with chefs from the South. Each contestant has 45 minutes to prepare a signature dish that will impress the judges and secure the five remaining spots in the Top 20.

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Regional Auditions - The West
Chefs of the West are the next up in the audition round. Each contestant has 45 minutes to prepare a signature dish that will impress the judges and secure a spot in the top 20.

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Regional Auditions - The Midwest
The auditions continue as chefs from the Midwest battle it out for a coveted spot in the top 20. Each contestant has 45 minutes to prepare a signature dish that impresses the judges in order to continue on in the competition.

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Regional Auditions - The Northeast
Season 13 of Masterchef celebrates the "United Tastes of America," bringing together chefs from four regions of the country: the Northeast, the Midwest, the West and the South. In the first round of auditions, chefs from the Northeast prepare their signature dishes for judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich, with guest judge Daphne Oz.

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MasterChef is a dynamic and competitive cooking show that aired on Fox in 2010. Produced and judged by the culinary genius, Gordon Ramsay, the show puts a spotlight on gifted home cooks across the United States. The show's format is an American adaptation of a British television series of the same name, with Fox keen on carrying the success of the original over to American audiences. MasterChef soon turned out to be a compulsively watchable show, marked with moments of culinary ingenuity, copious amount of tension, laughter, hope, and, every now and then, failure. At its core, MasterChef is about ordinary people with an extraordinary passion for food. The qualifier "amateur" is highly significant, because the participants are home chefs who have never worked in a professional kitchen. The contestants come from a variety of backgrounds and occupations, bringing to the table an eclectic mix of cooking skills, styles, cultures, and personal stories. The transforming journey from their home kitchens to the MasterChef sound stage offers a refreshing departure from the usual fare of professional cooking shows. Yet, the contestants are pitted against each other in high-stakes cooking wars just like the professionals, each vying for the coveted MasterChef title. As is emblematic of any Ramsay show, MasterChef has the globally acclaimed chef ensuring his mark on every episode with his unmistakable characteristic flair. Ramsay alongside his judge-panel colleagues, restaurateur and winemaker Joe Bastianich and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot, conducts a series of tests that include group challenges, mystery box challenges, and timed tasks, to gauge the cooking abilities, teamwork, creativity, palate, attention to detail, and composure of the contestants under pressure. The show starts with thousands of contestants from across the country participating in auditions. The contestants are required to present a dish that best represents their culinary abilities to the judging panel in five minutes. Selected individuals are then given aprons, allowing them to move forward in the competition. As the show progresses, the challenges get tougher, pushing the culinary boundaries of the contestants, and the pool whittles down to the best cooks in the country. One of the distinctive aspects of MasterChef is its mystery box challenge, where the contestants are given a box of unknown ingredients. They are then required to come up with a dish using those ingredients within a certain time limit. This challenge tests the creative boundaries of the contestants as they scramble to make something delicious, inventive and visually captivating. The dishes are then evaluated by the judges, who provide feedback and select a winner who usually gets an advantage in the next round. Each episode of MasterChef serves up a mix of tension and enthusiasm, evoking a range of audience emotions. Those invested in the contestants and their stories might find themselves cheering for their favorites, groaning at mishaps, or wincing when a harsh critique is dished out by the judges. Meanwhile, foodies get to indulge in the fantasy of beautiful food and intricate plating techniques, all the while picking up cooking tips, ideas, and techniques from skilled chefs and avid home cooks. An emotionally charged competition, MasterChef not only shines the spotlight on the art of cooking but also the people behind the dishes. It digs deep into the profiles of the contestants, their personal motivations, and their journeys. For many contestants, their culinary creations are a reflection of their life experiences, heritage, or a tribute to their loved ones. You'll find yourself connecting with these amateur chefs and rooting for your favorite to win the title of MasterChef. Group dynamics, team leadership, individual perseverance, and most importantly, love for the culinary arts helps shape this series. The contestants face critique, pressure, and extreme scrutiny, not only from the esteemed panel of judges but also from their fellow competitors, making MasterChef an intensely heated competition. MasterChef, in its essence, captures the magic of culinary storytelling. It goes beyond the dramatic reality TV tropes to portray the intimate connection that people have with food and how that connection can create extraordinary culinary manifestations out of ordinary ingredients. It offers a delicious concoction of drama, competition, camaraderie, and culinary artistry that leaves the audience hungry for more. From Gordon Ramsay's exacting standards and fiery temper to the culinary triumphs and flops, MasterChef is a testament to the love of food and the remarkable talent of everyday individuals.

MasterChef is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 13 seasons with a total of 265 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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