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No Escape
Large spiders invade a house; a pregnant woman battles bats in her neighborhood; a couple finds a bee colony in their home.

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Creeping Terror
A family's broken air conditioner could have deadly consequences; an invader that's killing animals outside a couple's home could find a way inside.

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Feeding Frenzy
A house is overrun by rats after a woman's sloppy neighbors move out; twin boys are tormented for weeks by an unseen source; a terrible smell saturates a family's home.

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Roaches invade an apartment in waves; opossums won't leave a family's home; a man tries to stop a stinkbug infestation.

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Midnight Terror
An apartment is taken over by roaches. A family's home is bombarded by opossums. A man works to put an end to a stinkbug infestation.

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Crawls from the Walls
In Tennessee, a farmer fights for his life when his home becomes infested with deadly spiders. In Georgia, a family is desperate to rid their house of the bed bugs their son brought back home from college.

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The Nastiest Battles
A look back on the season's highlights - including infestations of bedbugs, spiders, rats, ants and mice.

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The Most Horrifying
Highlights from the first season include infestations of spiders, rats, cockroaches, bats and snakes.

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Spreading Too Fast
A protected species of bat make their home in an attic, forcing a family to live in an RV; brown recluse spiders invade a dream home; a couple battle an infestation of crickets.

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Under Siege
The owners of a summer camp battle a bed bug infestation that's plaguing campers. A young family fight their apartment management over a spreading roach infestation.

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Night Terrors
A family home is overtaken by a tide of rats coming from an unknown source. A single mother is forced to move her family into a tent in the yard when a bug infestation overruns their home.

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Hostile Takeovers
Scorpions invade a dream home; a California family cope with blood-sucking parasites; a college student becomes ill while dealing with opossums in her home.

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Driven Insane
A Missouri clan uncover the source of noises in their attic, but then a legal battle begins; a Tennessee father's life is in danger following bites from a brown-recluse spider; a military family stationed in Japan are overwhelmed by ticks.

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Crawls from the Walls
In Tennessee, a farmer fights against a home invasion of deadly spiders. In Georgia, a family gets innovative following several failed attempts to rid their home of bed bugs.

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Dirty Wars
A family goes to war against the cockroaches spilling from a neighbor's home and into their own. A single mother battles the growing number of filthy rodents running riot through her home.

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Infested is a heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat documentary series that aired on Animal Planet in 2011. This show is not for the faint-hearted; it offers viewers an up-close and personal glimpse into the life-altering encounters faced by several individuals and families as they grapple with infestations by animals and pests of all kinds.

Each riveting episode delves into the real-life horror stories of different homeowners across the United States, who suddenly find their lives taken over by a variety of creatures. From venomous spiders and deadly snakes to colonies of bats and swarms of rats, there’s no end to the kinds of uninvited guests featured on this show. These ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary, nightmarish situations, battling insidious intruders that have managed to infiltrate and infest their homes.

The show follows a dramatic narrative, beginning with the initial unsettling discovery of the infestation. Then it unravels the tense process of identifying the creature or pest, attempting to understand its behaviors and devising a plan to reclaim the invaded territory. Throughout this process, the show also provides insightful commentary from animal and pest control experts, who understand the creatures and their habits. Their expertise provides valuable insights into the nature of these creatures, highlighting their role in the ecosystem, and explaining why and how they invade our spaces.

What sets this show apart is its approach to storytelling. Infested is more than just recounting terror-inducing scenarios - it interweaves these tales with personalized narration from the affected individuals, effectively humanizing their struggles. The combination of suspense, fear, and a deep dive into the natural world is skillfully executed to create compelling narratives. The series evocatively captures the duality of the situation: the raw fear and discomfort of having one's personal space overrun, juxtaposed against the primal instinct for survival exhibited by the infesting creatures.

While the show does have plenty of heart-stopping, adrenaline-pumping moments, 'Infested' also serves an educational purpose. Through the expert commentary and comprehensive data related to each creature, it raises awareness among viewers regarding these animals and insects. It also highlights the importance of eco-consciousness; addressing how certain infestations may be a result of ecological damage, thereby underlining our shared responsibility for the world in which we live.

Visually, the series uses a combination of various techniques to engross viewers in each family's nightmare. It employs recreations, actual footage, and computer graphics to provide a full spectrum depiction of the infestation. These are coupled with suspenseful music and sound effects that amplify the chilling essence of each story. As a result, Infested does a remarkable job of making you feel the fear, frustration, and desperation that the individuals faced during their experiences.

While 'Infested' certainly isn't for everybody, it is a gripping and unique exploration of the sometimes frightful intersection between humans and the animal kingdom. Its strength lies in the raw and unfiltered depiction of these infestations, making viewers acutely aware of the potential dangers that exist in close proximity to us. Furthermore, the sometimes grotesque and scary visuals serve as effective educational tools, imparting knowledge of different species, their behaviors, their survival instincts and our ways of dealing with them.

With its powerful storytelling, and a well-chosen blend of horror, suspense, and education, 'Infested' dares to investigate the dark and often unseen corners of our homes. This makes the series a unique addition to Animal Planet's programming, capable of providing both thrills and chills, and a greater understanding of the world we share with these creatures. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an adrenaline junkie, or simply curious about the shocks and surprises the natural world has to offer, 'Infested' is bound to be an unforgettable viewing experience.

Infested is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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