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Halko Horse Farm
A local veterinarian recently purchased a 1798 farmhouse and feels she spends little time in its two most historic rooms. Jeff transforms one area into a home office and the other into a sunroom to give her the perfect space for entertaining.

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A Grand Ballroom
Master carpenter Jeff Devlin and his team return to the Washington Inn to renovate the 1812 portion of the property. They remodel the original entrance into a warm, welcome space and restore the empty ballroom to its former glory.

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New Bathroom and Bedroom
Jeff and the team head to Schwenksville, PA, to renovate an 18th-century farmhouse. They hope to uncover the home's historic finishes as they work to modernize a second floor bathroom and adjoined bedrooms.

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Kitchen and Dining Room
Jeff and the team head to Chester County, PA, to remodel an early 19th-century manor house. They work to preserve the home's history while updating a neglected dining room and a kitchen with an awkward layout to make them modern and functional.

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Attic Main Suite Renovation
Jeff and his team transform an unused attic into an elegant main suite in a 1770s home. They refinish the original wide plank floorboards and use salvaged wood to build bathroom vanities.

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Historic Mystery
Jeff and his team renovate a historic home with its roots dating back to a 1685 land grant. They create a stunning bluestone patio and indoor parlor, but the biggest excitement comes from a mystery surrounding the basement.

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Attic and Dining Room
Jeff and his team return to his former clients' 18th-century farmhouse to turn a first floor pass-through into a stunning dining room with a show-stopping fireplace. Then, they transform the third floor into a bright and airy home office and art studio.

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The Yardley Tavern
Jeff and his team take on the Yardley Tavern, built in 1750 and believed to have hosted George Washington. While renovating the mudroom, the team makes a historic find that gives clues to the structure's past.

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Stone House Revival is a classic and admired gem from the DIY Network that made its debut in 2015. The series showcases the admirable skill and undeniable charm of a man known as Jeff Devlin, a licensed contractor and host who strives to restore centuries-old houses while preserving their hallmark historical features.

The series is set against the backdrop of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a region steeped in American history and renowned for its older, structurally intriguing stone houses. In this setting, cities, and towns still boast homes that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, some structures even being older. These houses, made with stone and characterized by their age-old architectural styles, are a significant part of American history, and many are in dire need of restoration. This is where Jeff Devlin and his team skillfully step in to revive these houses to their former glory in the show Stone House Revival.

The enticing appeal of Stone House Revival lies in Devlin's masterful efforts to preserve the historical integrity of these houses while making suitable and stylish updates that remain true to each home's era. With a steadfast commitment to maintaining the history, character, and charm of each stone home, Devlin brings a passionate perspective to every restoration project, which audiences have hailed as a breath of fresh air.

Throughout the series, viewers can witness Devlin's keen eye for detail and expert craftsmanship. He can find beauty in design aspects that many might consider being drawbacks, such as uneven surfaces, narrow staircases, and low ceilings. These, he sees as markers of a bygone era, infused with stories and history worth preserving. Balanced with these are state of the art additions like modern appliances and fixtures which are incorporated seamlessly, maintaining a charming blend of old and new.

Each episode of Stone House Revival presents a fresh restoration challenge, as different homeowners approach Devlin with their distinct needs and visions for their historical homes. It could be anything from revitalizing an 18th-century cellar, rejuvenating a 1750s kitchen, renovating a 1700s living room, to reimaging an early 1800s bedroom. Devlin and his team are always up to the challenge, and the transformation they manage to accomplish by the end of each episode is marvelously dramatic yet in complete harmony with the original architecture.

Viewers also get an intimate look into the restoration process, learning valuable lessons about traditional construction methods and the specific challenges that come with restoring and updating older homes. The information that Devlin imparts throughout the episodes is not only informative, providing historic and architectural knowledge, but also practical. He shares tips and tricks on restoration and renovation that homeowners can apply to their projects.

However, what sets Stone House Revival apart from many home restoration shows, is Devlin's obvious passion for his work. The avid carpenter's love for antiquity, history, and craftsmanship comes through in every episode as he scrapes, drills, and builds his way through each project. His engaging on-screen presence, heartfelt interest in each project, and interpersonal connections with homeowners only heighten the show's appeal.

The result, in every case, is a beautifully restored and stylishly updated home that retains its historical charm, a testament to the past that fits perfectly into the present. The homeowners can live comfortably and robotically while being surrounded by and part of their home’s history.

In essence, Stone House Revival is a delightfully captivating show that offers a unique blend of historical preservation, home renovation, and engaging television. With Jeff Devlin's passion, skill, and charisma at the helm, the series keeps viewers hooked, episode after episode, as centuries-old houses are transformed into stunning modern homes that still respect their historical roots. Whether you are a home improvement enthusiast, a history buff, or simply love addictive television, Stone House Revival makes for an entertaining and educational watching experience.

Stone House Revival is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 49 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.8.

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