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Floating For A Bargain
Mac and Kelsey search for a home on the Bogue Chitto River.

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Gator Islands
Alligator Point, Florida is so swampy and wild, it's known as the Forgotten Coast. This area feels like the bayou, which is why water taxi driver Richard and Julia want a waterfront home here.

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Swampy Swimming Holes
Jeff and Gabby search for a home on a bayou swimming hole for them and their two kids.

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Crabman and Clan
Houma, Louisiana is a hot spot for crabbing. That's why commercial crabber Jordan and his wife Kayla want to move there.

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Bayou Dock Party
Tommy and Mari grew up in the bayou, so they are all about dock parties. Now they want a place of their own to hold their get togethers.

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Bourbon Street to Bayous
Barbeque restaurant owner Gene and his fiancée Elizabeth are looking for a Big Easy home, but deciding which area to live in is a challenge.

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Bayou Tropics
In Pensacola, Florida, life's all about being on your boat. After years of moving around with the US Air Force there's nowhere else Ron and his wife want to live.

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Cajun Chic Mansions
A couple look for a million-dollar home with the bayou as the backdrop.

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Cajun Pickle King
In the bayou, everything is pickled--from eggs to pigs' feet. Matt's family has been pickling for more than 80 years.

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Tiki Hut Millionaires
Tiki King, Leo, and his fiancée, Stephanie, are looking for a waterfront castle on Perdido Bay. They've worked hard to earn their fortune, and are looking along the shores of Florida and Alabama to find the million-dollar home of their dreams.

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Swamp and the City
Jazz musician, Jesse, and his Alaskan wife, Emilie, met and got married in less than 24 hours. Now, they are looking for a waterfront home in New Orleans where they can stay close to Bourbon Street and within their tight budget.

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Bayou Ski Town
Woodville, Mississippi is a bayou ski town - waterskiing that is. Bayou newlyweds Dustin and Stephanie are looking find their own piece of waterfront heaven where they can run out the door, hop on their boat, and ski!

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$100,000 Waterfront Bargains
Captain Henry and his wife, Danielle, are looking for a waterfront home for less than $100,000. To find a bargain on the water they will travel between two states, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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Swamps, Moss and Fast Boats
Drag boat racing couple Ryan and Linda are looking for a home in the largest lake in Texas, Caddo Lake. Ryan's main focus in a home is making sure he has a place to race and store his boats, but Linda is concerned about having enough space for everyone.

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Combining the thrill of house hunting and the allure of one-of-a-kind locations, Buying the Bayou is a reality show that premiered on Destination America. The series invites viewers on a unique house-hunting journey unlike any other, focusing on aspiring homeowners searching for unusual properties on the waterways and swamplands of Louisiana's Bayou country.

Buying the Bayou, which debuted on June 2, 2013, elegantly paints an image of the rich Louisiana landscape and the diverse housing market on the bayou, giving its audience an exciting opportunity to gain an insight into properties that are extraordinarily different to typical suburban homes. Here, homes are perched on stilts high above swampy terrain to thwart flooding, or are equipped with an alligator-friendly backyard to bring the natural world closer to your doorstep.

Each half-hour episode of Buying the Bayou throws the spotlight onto prospective homeowners who venture beyond the conventional residential areas in their search for properties. The series follows these adventurers as they tour properties ranging from habitable boats to grand mansions and lavish hunting cabins, all located amid the distinctive charm and mystique of Louisiana's bayous. The show's expert real estate agents expertly guide them navigating the unique world of bayou real estate and the peculiar considerations that come with it such as marsh grasses, alligators, and unpredictable weather.

The homes in question are often isolated, private, and reinforced against the harsh elements, yet every property is distinct, each narrating its unique story. Each potential buyer, complete with a diverse range of wants and needs, must negotiate the challenges of buying a home extravagantly located on the bayou, which can range from logistical hindrances to immense costs.

But buying a house on the bayou isn't just about finding a house that fits your requirements, it's also about adapting to the bayou lifestyle. This series is able to highlight the relationship the locals have with their environment, showing audiences how residents embrace the laid-back lifestyle, adapt to the stunning wildlife, and live with the consequences and rewards of living that close to nature.

One of the most distinctive features of the series goes beyond the properties themselves, and extends to spotlight the vibrant culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the bayou communities. The show shines a light on the sense of resilience, adaptability, and a strong love for the land that’s seen in these residents. Some property seekers are intrigued by the excellent fishing opportunities, while others covet the soul-stirring views and solitude, or the intriguing Cajun heritage and food culture.

Buying the Bayou balances the humor and novelty of unconventional house hunting with an earnest look at the intricacies of buying properties in such a unique environment. Through captivating storytelling, viewers are presented with a variety of characters and situational sketches that paint a comprehensive picture of life in the bayou.

The show’s primary charm though, lies in its ability to challenge the conventional concept of a dream home: a suburban house with a manicured lawn and a white picket fence. Instead, it invites you to envision a life in which your backyard is a scenic river, your neighbors are alligators and pelicans, and fish for dinner means a short trip in your own boat.

In Buying the Bayou, the properties are as eccentric, characterful, and interesting as their potential owners and the landscapes that surround them. With its memorable imagery, distinct locations, and charismatic prospects, this show is not about the mundane or predictable realities but the extraordinary and the downright exotic. If the challenge of finding a home in usual urban or suburban neighborhoods is not enough for you, Buying the Bayou assures a refreshing take on house hunting, one where the adventurous spirit is handsomely rewarded. Apart from providing property-purchasing insights, the show endows its audience with a newfound appreciation for the bayou and its inhabitants.

In conclusion, Buying the Bayou is more than just a simple property hunting show. It is an exhilarating delve into the unique confluence of cultural heritage, architectural diversity, and a distinct lifestyle that’s both a delightful adventure and a home-buying journey. For those contemplating moving to the bayou or those who simply appreciate well-rounded reality television that combines property, lifestyle and culture, this series is a must-watch.

Buying the Bayou is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 46 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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