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Marlon Wayans & Mo Mandel
In 'Lifestyle Change,' a contestant's wife is left not wanting a hug, when her husband tells her he is a secret cuddler. In 'Inheritance,' a contestant crosses something off a elderly client's bucket list, after admitting he is a gigolo for the older woman.

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Melissa Peterman & Sarah Colonna
Sarah Colonna co-host's 'Boy Boyfriend' while Melissa Peterman co-host's a 'Awards Lunch.'

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Chuey Martinez & Josh Meyers
Martinez hosts 'Narcoleptic,' where a contestant has to persuade her friend into giving her a rude awakening. Josh Meyers hosts ''Yoga Class' where a contestant leads a yoga class with some unusual stretches.

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Penn Jillette and Jessimae Peluso
Jessimae Peluso co-hosts 'Speed Dating' as a contestant's girlfriend experiencing the worst possible date of her life, as a sexy woman wants to "lock-in" on her man. Penn Jillette co-hosts 'Cupcakes' as a contestant expresses how unhappy they are with a focus group, deciding to literally bite off more then they can chew.

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Howie Mandel & Jack Osbourne
TURKEY DANCE: After demanding some turkey, then stealing two of the raw birds from a nearby counter, a contestant has his hands full trying to explain himself to his irritated wife. Co-host: Howie Mandel.

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King Bach and Alex Mandel
HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART: A contestant takes her mid-life crisis to a whole new level. DOCTOR'S WAITING ROOM: A contestant has to handle her husband's raising blood pressure.

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Kym Whitley and Josh Wolf
STAKEOUT: After seeing the contestant take a stranger's personal belongings, this friend does all he can to prevent the paranoia from resulting in someone getting into trouble with the law. Co-host: Kym Whitley.

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Tom Green and Iliza Shlesinger
WINE TASTING: After a contestant hijacks a wine-tasting seminar and chugs from a $3,000 bottle of wine, her friend might just want a drink of her own. Co-host: Jeannie Mai.

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Happy Howie-ween with Ross Mathews & Bobby Lee
FOOTBALL: A contestant has football on the brain and decides to kick off the new season while her friend watches from the sideline. Co-host: Bobby Lee.

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Hypochondriac / Best Medicine
HYPOCHONDRIAC: What starts out as simple exercises in staying healthy quickly turns into a series of obsessive procedures, as our contestant finds creative ways of keeping the germs at bay. Co-host: Howie Mandel.

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Deal With It was an American reality television game show that aired on the TBS network from 2013 to 2014. The series aimed to craft an exhilarating game show out of ceasing ordinary moments, tapping into the realm of candid camera tricks and impromptu challenges to surprise unsuspecting participants.

The show was the brainchild of comedian and television host, Theo Von, and was produced by such noted comedians as Howie Mandel and notable production companies like Alevy Productions and Roy Bank's Banca Studio. The widespread involvement of comedy talent and expertise injected the show with a spirit of fun, levity, and an ample amount of natural humor.

In essence, the show intertwined reality and game show formats in a genuinely intriguing and seamless manner. Each episode of Deal With It involved two people, often friends or family members, out enjoying their day, typically at a restaurant. Unbeknownst to one of the duo, they were about to become the star of a hidden camera game show. The unsuspecting participant is initially approached by a host or celebrity guest, who usually introduces the show premise under the guise of a random reality TV program.

After the initial contact, they are then secretly given an earpiece through which they receive commands from the host and his accomplice, usually a celebrity guest. The commands are designed to be outrageous, embarrassing, or just plain goofy, depending on the willingness of the person to “deal with it”. These challenges can range from small awkward actions, like spilling water intentionally, to outrageous deeds such as expressing absurd opinions loudly or dancing inappropriately. There is a compounding structure to the tasks, with each new task amping up the absurdity and embarrassment factor.

The payment structure of the show is based on the participant's ability to successfully complete the challenges. There are five levels of tasks, each more bizarre and challenging than the last. If the participant completes a task without backing out or getting discovered, they would collect a certain dollar amount aligned with each level. However, if at any time the participant elected not to “deal with it” and refused the task, or if their partner discovered the ruse, they would win no money and their portion of the game would be over. The ultimate goal is to complete all five levels without being ousted by their companion, winning the maximum cash prize.

A unique aspect of the show was the strategic incorporation of celebrity guests as accomplices. These guests usually joined the host, Theo Von, in an undercover control room, where they observed the action and provided the instructions via the earpiece. Celebrity guests ranged from superstar comedians, actors, and reality TV stars lending their own individual sort of humor, wit, and ideas to make the game more enjoyable and engaging for everyone involved, and, of course, the viewers at home.

Deal With It was essentially a mix of unexpected surprises, laughter, and pure human reactions to unforeseen quirky scenarios. It might have relied on its subjects' embarrassment for laughter, but there was no denying the charm and genuine fun of the show as it balanced humiliation with the thrill of a game show prize.

The dynamic interplay between the host, the celebrity guests, the participant, and their unsuspecting companions, coupled with the cleverness of the pranks, gave the show an unexpected depth and range. All together, these characteristics established Deal With It as an exciting blend of comedy, reality, and game show elements that had viewers eagerly tuning in week after week.

Furthermore, the show attested to the power of improvisation and natural reactions in television entertainment. It demonstrated humanity's capability of humorously dealing with bizarre, awkward, and embarrassing circumstances they weren't prepared for, thus making Deal With It not only an entertaining experience but also a very human one. This distinct blend of unexpected reality and engaging gaming components made the show a memorable entry in the genre of reality game shows.

Deal With It is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 31 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.3.

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