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Kiss Him, Not Me
The guys decide to all get together and tell Kae how they honestly feel about her along with Mutsumi. Kae decides to go on a date with all of them individually to decide who's feelings she will accept.

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Forward! Guard the Castle!
Mutsumi tells his brother Kazuma, "Serinuma-san is my girlfriend." However, Kazuma keeps on pursuing Kae, now with even more gusto.

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Brother Invasion
Mutsumi finds a hidden treasure map in the History Club room and invites everyone to go treasure hunting. Igarashi, Nanashima, Shinomiya and Nishina are less than thrilled about the idea, but after finding out Kae would be going alone with Mutsumi, they decide to go too.

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The Beach! Bathing Suits! Time to Get Serious!
The six go to Nishina's holiday house by the ocean to swim. Everyone has fun bodyboarding, eating at a beach hut, and playing beach volleyball.

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I'm at a Disadvantage
After the group's pilgrimage is over, Nanashima begins to notice there's been a change in Kae's relationship with others in the group. Nanashima realizes his only advantage is that he looks like Shion, and with Shion out of the picture, he's lagging behind the rest.

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On A Journey to the Holy Land of Kachu Rabu
Everyone goes together on a one night trip in order to attend the death anniversary of Hyakki Sametora, the samurai the lord in Kachu Rabu is modelled after. Both Kae and Nishina are enraptured by the real armor and helmet Akane is modelled after, and a portrait of Sametora.

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Let the Shipping Wars Begin!
A new anime, Katchu Ranbu, or Kachu Rabu for short, has started, and it's hugely popular. Bot Kae and Nishina are elated about the show, until they find out that they each ship Lord x Akane and Akane x Lord respectively and get into a huge fight.

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Back to My Original Self! What Should I Do?
The anime Mirage Saga is hosting a Valentine's event, and Kae decides to make a chocolate for Shun for the event. As Kae fusses over what chocolate to make in order to perfectly capture Shion's beauty, Nishina suggests Kae try making a 3-D chocolate sculpture.

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Christmas in the Holy Land
With Christmas around the corner, Nanashima suggests everyone have a party. However, Kae says she can't possibly make it because she's going to Comiket.

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The Clear and Blue Autumn Sky, and Passionate Maiden
For the school cultural festival, Kae's class decides to host a cosplay café. Kae is fired up about designing the costumes not only for her classmates Igarashi and Nanashima, but also for Shinomiya, who's playing the role of a princess for his class which is putting on a play.

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The Strange Room And The Four High School Boys
After having lost weight, Kae does extremely well in PE class. Seeing that, some girls from the soccer club ask Kae to help play in a practice match.

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Can She Do It? A Real Life Otome Game
Kae Serinuma is what you might call "fujoshi". When she sees two boys talking, she starts to rave in crazy thoughts!

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Based on a manga series of the same name, Kiss Him, Not Me is a 2016 anime television series aired on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System). The show blends the genres of romantic comedy, slice-of-life, and harem to tell an engaging and fascinating story that revolves around pop culture, romance, and personal transformations. Capturing the essence of idol fascination, friendship, and the nuances of attracting someone, the show flawishly portrays a classic geek-to-chic narrative embedded within a humorous and heartwarming plotline.

The central character of Kiss Him, Not Me is Kae Serinuma, a high school student known for her fujoshi (female otaku) tendencies. As an ardent fan of anime and manga, Kae is obsessed with imagining romantic relationships between male characters, often referred to as "yaoi" or "Boys' Love (BL)" within the otaku subculture. More comfortable in the world of her fantasies and significantly overweight, Kae's life takes a 180-degree turn when her favorite anime character dies – plunging her into overwhelming grief that, surprisingly, leads to rapid weight loss.

Emerging from her bereavement period unexpectedly slim and attractive, Kae becomes the center of attention for many - a complete paradigm shift that she must now navigate. She finds herself being pursued by four popular boys at her school, each with a distinct personality— the thoughtful senior, the cool and aloof school prince, the boisterous childhood friend, and the innocent and adorable junior. Much to their dismay, however, Kae would rather indulge in shipping them with each other than considering an actual romantic relationship with any of them. As the story unfolds, it highlights how Kae deals with this sudden change in her social status while juggling her undying love for anime, manga, and her school life.

Kiss Him, Not Me excellently encapsulates Japanese pop culture and the life of an otaku, injecting heartwarming moments and playful humor into Kae's journey. Additionally, the series does an exceptional job in portraying the voice of the fans, capturing the essence and influence of a fascinator.

The character development and relationships in Kiss Him, Not Me make for a fascinating watch. As Kae's suitors seek to win her over, they gradually begin to see and appreciate her for more than just her physical transformation. Through various school activities, shared fandom experiences, and even cosplaying together, they come to understand and value Kae's unique perspectives, intense passions, and her genuine, kind-hearted nature.

One of the great elements about Kiss Him, Not Me is that it is more than just a comedic harem. It not only explores the rich and complex facets of the otaku culture but also delves into themes of self-acceptance, societal expectations, and the individual complexities of human relationships. It vividly portrays that beauty isn't just external and that personas are always about more than meets the eye.

In terms of animation and music, Kiss Him, Not Me doesn't disappoint. The animation style balances the color palette wisely, placing special emphasis on character designs. As Kae transforms, the animation reflects her change, highlighting the series' central theme. The music, too, plays a significant role in setting the mood for the show - upbeat, lively tracks for comedic scenes, and softer, subtle ones to represent more serious moments.

In summary, Kiss Him, Not Me is a fun-filled indulgence that navigates the chaotic, intriguing world of high school romance and otaku culture. It offers a unique twist to traditional beauty transformation narratives and harem anime, making it a great pick for anime enthusiasts seeking a mix of humor, romance, and otaku culture.

Kiss Him, Not Me is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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How can I watch Kiss Him, Not Me online? Kiss Him, Not Me is available on TBS with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Kiss Him, Not Me on demand at Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play online.

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