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my love goes on and on
Yuzu promises Nina that she'll support Sara's love with her, but after learning that the girl of Sara's destiny is Mei, she can't help but feel shaken. Nina ignores all the attention she's drawing, desperately holding Yuzu back to keep her from going to Mei.

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love you only
Yuzu manages to reunite with her class, and then at the hotel she tries to confess her feelings and talk about that Christmas night with Mei. However, Mei tells her to forget about that night...

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winter of love
While Mei was able to accept her feelings on Christmas night, for some reason Yuzu couldn't respond sincerely. Ever since then the two have barely exchanged words and their relationship only grows more awkward...

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love is
With her dislike of Yuzu and Mei's relationship, Matsuri uses the secret photo she took at the shopping mall to blackmail Mei into fooling around with text-pal on Christmas. Meanwhile, Yuzu knows nothing of this and struggles to bake a cake for her first Christmas together with Mei.

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war of love
After accepting Matsuri's forceful invitation to hang out after school, Yuzu takes Mei with her to the station where Matsuri's waiting. Matsuri greets Mei with a cold stare, having believed she'd meet Yuzu alone, and then she grabs Yuzu's hand and happily drags her around the shopping mall.

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love or lie!
Mei and Yuzu study together at their house so Yuzu can place in the top 100 on their exams and keep their grandfather happy. However, after their kiss of mutual yearning, Yuzu can't concentrate at all.

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out of love
Mei's father, Aihara Shou suddenly returns home. While Yuzu is surprised to meet him for the first time, she explains to Shou how hard Mei's been working for the academy.

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under lover
After Himeko declares, "I've crossed a line with the president!" Yuzu gets competitive and wants to cross that line too.

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love me do!
After confronting Mei with her feelings and kissing her in the chairman's office Yuzu isn't able to face Mei and agonizes over it. Meanwhile, the student council vice president who's also Mei's childhood friend, Momokino Himeko, becomes suspicious of what happened in the chairman's office and meets with Yuzu on their day off to discuss it.

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sisterly love?
Yuzu realizes her feelings for Mei are love, and cries. Wanting to follow her emotions, Yuzu visits the chairman's office to try and reclaim her relationship with Mei after she went away.

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one's first love
During their first night sharing a room, Yuzu had her first kiss stolen by her step sister. Since then she can't get Mei off her mind, while Mei herself goes on as if nothing happened.

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love affair!?
Yuzu Aihara, a fashionable, spontaneous and fun-loving city-girl, transfers to a new neighborhood and high-school after the remarriage of her mother.More preoccupied with boys and shopping than studying, Yuzu struggles to fit in at the conservative girls' school and frequently clashes with the student council--specifically Mei Aihara, the hard-working, beautiful but cold student council president.

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Citrus is a captivating, dramatic anime series that aired on AT-X in 2018. Based on the popular manga title of the same name by Saburouta, the 12-episode series resonates with the viewers by delving deep into the complexity of teenaged relationships, familial ties, and personal self-discovery.

The main narrative of Citrus explores the unusual relationship between two step-sisters who find themselves attending the same all-girls high school. Yuzu Aihara, the protagonist, is an outgoing, fashionable, and rebellious high schooler who was fascinated by the idea of falling in love and attending a co-educational institution. Her dreams are brutally squashed when her incredibly dynamic mother remarries, leading to a series of life-altering changes for Yuzu.

Post her mother’s remarriage, Yuzu is forced to move houses and change schools – shifting from her co-educational institution to an all-girls high school. This shaking transition is only made worse by the school's strict rules that require the students to follow a simple dress code, forbid makeup, and regulate any form of interaction between the students.

At her new school, Yuzu finds herself rubbing shoulders with the seemingly cold, aloof, and impeccably disciplined Mei, who is not only the student council president but her step-sister as well. This meeting is the start of their complex relationship, starting from heated hatred and animosity to developing into inexplicable feelings that neither of them fully understand initially.

The series takes a turn when Yuzu starts developing romantic feelings for Mei, a confusing turn of events that pushes her into an emotional whirlpool where she battles against her own morals, society’s norms, and her newfound feelings. Simultaneously, Mei, always self-contained and emotionally distant, also starts navigating her emotions towards Yuzu, further causing tensions to brew.

Citrus excellently handles the taboo subject of same-sex love in a conservative setting, like an all-girls high school, and how societal preconceptions and self-doubts make the situation even more complicated. The show boldly addresses the trials and tribulations faced by the characters due to their romantic feelings towards the same gender and their subsequent struggle to find acceptance, not just from society but from themselves as well.

Each episode of Citrus probes deeper into the protagonists' evolving relationship, displaying mature themes and scenarios. Yuzu’s fun-loving and vibrant personality starkly contrasts Mei’s rigid and introverted demeanor, which leads to an amalgamation of arguments, misunderstandings, and passionate moments. The series is also replete with a handful of secondary characters who post their unique challenges to the lead pair's blossoming relationship and individual character growth.

The animation in Citrus is visually appealing and conducive to the theme of the story. With its delicate illustrations, meticulous attention to detail, and immersive setting, the series provides an excellent representation of the manga. The show effectively translates the emotive depth and complexity of the protagonists’ relationship, granting a visually rich platform for the narrative to unfold.

The use of poignant background music and voice acting in Citrus is characteristic, adding depth and reinforcing the intensity of the plot. The melodious openings and endings not only fit perfectly with the tone of the show, but also provides a brief respite from the emotional intensity that permeates each episode.

All in all, Citrus presents a challenging tale of self-discovery, love, acceptance, and growth. While it revolves around the emotional journey of two step-sisters and their entangled feelings, it also effectively addresses the societal constructs surrounding gender, orientation, and love. Despite its dramatic elements and intense emotions, Citrus is an anime series that touches the heart and leaves a lasting impression. It's a daring depiction of forbidden romance that laces shock with sweetness while still being relatable and emotionally honest.

Citrus is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

Tomoaki Maeno, Kana Ueda, Ikumi Hayama
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