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And So, Off into the World...
Sizilien has her hands full performing triage at the aid station, while Shin and the others are occupied with Miria's exceptional fighting skills. Once the dust settles, Aug proposes an plan to King Sweed that could change the entire world.

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The Mightiest Corps of Magicians Ever
A horde of over a hundred demonoids crosses the border and invade the Kingdom of Sweed. However, Shin and the other Ultimate Magicians are already en route to provide their assistance in neutralizing the demonoid threat.

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The Fall of the Empire
While Aug looks forward to his installment as crown prince, the study group practices flying, thanks to Shin's floating magic. As the last town in the Blusfia Empire falls, Schtrom recounts the events that led to his overthrow of the nation.

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The Grandchild, the Magic Gear, and the Engagement Party
Before Sizilien will allow Shin to date her, she insists on having him ask her parents for their blessing. Shin experiments with a new form of magic, and thinks the Ultimate Magic Study Group is ready to take their training to a higher level.

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A Starlit Pledge
As Shin's training camp continues, the group members' skills improve. Aug's fiancee and younger sister ask to come stay at the camp, and their presence compels Shin and Sizilien to come to terms with their feelings for each other.

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Let's Go to Camp!
The members of the magic academy enjoy mixed results while training with their knight school counterparts. With the demonoid threat looming over them, Shin decides to hold a magic training camp for the group over summer vacation.

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Outbreak of War and a Joint Training Exercise
Following the routing of an imperial invasion force and demon attacks, Diseum orders the students at both the magic and military schools to increase their combat readiness, resulting in a joint training exercise for both schools.

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A Pioneering New Hero
Mark takes Shin and the others to his family-run blacksmith shop, where Shin commissions a new sword, and buys a gift for Sizilien. The Blusfia Empire begins preparing to go to war.

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The Name of the Instigator
News of Shin's exploits proves impossible to keep under wraps, and many more applicants wish to join the study group. The king orders a joint investigation into the appearance of the new demonoid.

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An Emergency Arises!
During their first full day of school, Shin and the others get a tour of the academy. After Kurt's father is summoned by the king over Kurt's behavior, he is grounded, while Kurt's mother invites his former magic teacher over to speak to him.

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The Unconventional New Student
After moving to the royal capital, Shin prepares to take the entrance exam for Earlsheid Magic Academy, a high school for magicians. However, his far-disproportionate skill in magic already ensure that he is in a class by himself.

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(Sub) A Babe in the Woods Goes to the Capital
Shin Wolford is a boy, who used to work in an office in Japan, but after being killed in an traffic accident, is reborn in another world, where he learns magic from his adoptive grandfather, Merlin, and grows up sheltered from the world.

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Wise Man's Grandchild is whimsically comical, captivatingly action-packed, and intensely intriguing. This anime series, which initially debuted on AT-X in 2019, has rapidly become a staple among the fans of the fantasy and adventure genres in the anime world.

Traversing the familiar line of "person reborn into a fantasy world," Wise Man's Grandchild, nevertheless, offers a fresh and fascinating narrative that captivates viewers and lures them into its enthralling world.

The storyline revolves around a young man named Shin, who, after a sudden death in our contemporary world, is reborn in a fantastical realm filled with magic, mythical creatures, and grand adventures awaiting. His reincarnation has granted him extraordinary magical capabilities, however, his acclimation to this new universe does not come without its complications.

From the very outset of this series, Shin is adopted by the extraordinarily gifted wizard named Merlin - indeed, bestowed with the same name as the legend from Arthurian tales. In a recluse environment, Merlin tutors Shin, thoroughly training him in magic, and unsurprisingly, our protagonist displays akin exceptional magical prowess. Yet, in his determination to make Shin an unparalleled mage, Merlin overlooks conventional education – leading Shin to be unusually powerful but oblivious to common sense and the functioning nuances of this new world.

As Shin turns fifteen, Merlin acknowledges this gap in his upbringing and sends him to the Magic Academy positioned in the Earlsheid Kingdom. The Academy is a hodgepodge of youngsters attempting to develop their magical abilities, navigate society's dynamics, and face adolescent complexities. It is here, among peers, foes, and potential leagues, that Shin must grasp social norms, refine his capacities, and unravel his true place in this magical universe.

Wise Man's Grandchild's story is beautifully underscored by stunning visuals. The anime's picturesque landscape, the artistically designed details of the characters, the vibrantly powerful casting of spells, and the thrill-fueled action sequences all serve to deepen the viewers' immersion in the series. Likewise, the use of effects and lighting enhances the portrayal of magic, providing genuine appreciation of its presence in the fantasy world, and a sense of awe over Shin's unparalleled capabilities.

But the heart of this series isn't entirely in the magical showdowns; it's in the characters and their interpersonal dynamics. The show offers a blend of inter-character relationships, such as friendships, rivalries, and budding romances, with each one developing, maturing and evolving as the series unfolds. The ever humble and kind-hearted Shin, his magical peers, the quirky and lovable Merlin, the prestigious magic academy, royal figures, all constitute the wonderfully diverse and dynamic cast.

Wise Man's Grandchild's humor is a distinctive charm in itself. It derives comedy from the unexpected - stemming from the protagonist's bouts of obliviousness, the occasional hilarious magical miscasts, and the quick-witted dialogues. It provides much-welcomed light-hearted tones to ease moments from the otherwise magical action intensity.

There's an element of growth and self-discovery within Wise Man's Grandchild, where the characters actively learn and develop as people and magicians. As they train relentlessly, encounter various adventures, and face different adversaries, they step out of their comfort zones, challenge their boundaries and learn about their capabilities and their places in the world. Throughout these circumstances, if often subtly so, Wise Man's Grandchild makes viewers realize the significance of maintaining individuality in a world or society with set norms or pressures.

Finally, Wise Man's Grandchild is sprinkled with snippets of romance -- providing an extra layer of emotional complexity to the characters as they navigate their way through familial ties, friendships, and romantic interests within the magical universe.

Wise Man's Grandchild is a magical ride that not only satisfies the viewers' thirst for spellbound action but also provides relatable character dynamics, hearty humor, stunning visuals, and an undeniably engrossing storyline. If stories of magic, adventures, growth, friendship and, a little romance tickle your fancy, make sure to embark on the splendid journey that is Wise Man's Grandchild.

Wise Man's Grandchild is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

Daman Mills, Lindsay Seidel, Katelyn Barr
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