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OVA 2-Magical Heart Kokoro-chan
Kokoro, Sekai, Hikari and Nanami end up in a secret underground facility, where they learn a mysterious gas is turning men into lecherous zombies.

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School Days
Sekai disappears, and Makoto is wandering around aimlessly until he meets up with Kotonoha again, under the town's Christmas tree. As they pass the night together and Sekai witnesses the two of them heading back to Makoto's place.

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Everybody's Makoto
Christmas is coming around the corner, and although Makoto is dating Sekai, it seems as if he wants out of it. So it appears as if he is haphazardly getting himself involved in other relationships, despite his promise to Setsuna.

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Mind and Body
As the school festival comes to an end and Makoto and Sekai dance at the bonfire, it finally seems like they're happy together and things have settled down. However, Kotonoha watches from the shadows, and obstiantly denies what has happened still believing that their still going out.

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After Evening Festival
Makoto makes a promise to Sekai to dance with her during the School Festival's folkdance; however, he also made the same promise to Kotonoha. As Kotonoha mans the front desk at her class' school festival activity, she ferverously texts Makoto and awaits for a single response back...

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School Festival
Makoto hasn't told Kotonoha yet of his relationship with Sekai.  However, one night Kotonoha bumps into Sekai outside of Makoto's apartment and an altercation goes down.

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Festival Eve
Makoto has put out the outwardly appearance that he is avoiding Kotonoha, as his relationship with Sekai has developed even more. Setsuna has noticed that their relationship together has changed, and tells Makoto to stay away from Kotonoha and cut off all communication with her, for Sekai's sake.

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A Revealed Relationship
Things have developed with Sekai and Makoto. From the outside, it seems like Makoto is still involved with Kotonoha, however his relationship with Sekai has accelerated.

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Makoto and Kotonoha go to the pool for a date on the same day as Sekai and 6 of her friends. At the pool, it's clear that Makoto and Kotonoha are dating, however it seems as if Makoto has developed feelings for Sekai, hinting her that he wants to be with her instead.

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Makoto wants to develop his way of expressing himself. He was on the school's rooftop with Kotonoha when he tried to get close to her, but didn't expect for her to turn him away.

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Crossing Thoughts
When Kotonoha first started dating Makoto, they did not mesh well together. Makoto's thoughts were all over the place thinking about Kotonoha.

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Distance between the Two
Makoto and Kotonoha go on their first date together, and Makoto's heart and mind are in a whirlwind of excitement and bewilderment, but it doesn't go as he had imagined it to go. The next day, Makoto later tells Sekai about the date, and she tells him to slow it down and not smother her.

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During the freshmen orientation, Ito Makoto met Katsura Kotonoha and immediately developed a crush on her. They would ride on the same train together every morning, and all Makoto could do was make himself look busy by looking at the standby screen on his cell phone.

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School Days is a captivating romance-drama anime series from AT-X that initially aired in 2007. The story springs from the visual novel of the same name, enriching the vivid world of the game with memorable characters, intertwining relationships, and a rollercoaster narrative brimming with delightful romanticism, high school drama, and unexpected twists.

The storyline revolves around Makoto Ito, a high school student who becomes allured by Kotonoha Katsura, a quiet girl who also takes the same train to school. Makoto, feeling this nascent affection but unsure of how to express it, starts taking secret pictures of Kotonoha and setting them as his cellphone wallpaper. Sekai Saionji, his classmate who discovers this secret crush, decides to put her cupid's hat on and helps Makoto to woo Kotonoha.

With Sekai's assistance, Makoto gathers his courage and starts spending his time with Kotonoha. As the story progresses, what seems to be a blossoming school romance becomes complicated. The characters are drawn into a tumultuous love triangle, struggling with their feelings, teenage angst, and the pressures that come along with adolescence. Makoto in particular, realizing that romantic relationships are more complex than he initially thought, must balance his actions and affections effectively lest he becomes lost in this labyrinth of love.

The show skillfully articulates the intricacies, dilemmas, and excitement of high school love. The characters develop through their own experiences and interactions, reflecting on their actions and the subsequent consequences. School Days successfully manifests different kinds of love - the warm-hearted, the unrequited, and the destructive - leaving audiences to question the inherent nature of love and its manifestations.

Every character in School Days has a distinct persona and backstory that align with the narrative's progression. Makoto, our protagonist, is an emblem of an ordinary high school student who is suddenly thrust into the overwhelming world of romantic feelings. Kotonoha, the subject of Makoto's affection, is an introverted girl who gradually opens up under Makoto's persistent pursuit. Sekai, the lively and helpful classmate, not only aids Makoto but brings a level of depth and balance to the love triangle, making the plot more intriguing.

School Days is expertly layered with subplots that extend the canvas of the story. Each secondary character has their own set of experiences, perspectives, and dilemmas that are intricately woven into the main narrative. Consequently, these subplots set forth numerous ripples that influence the primary storyline, making the series dense and all the more engaging.

The animation in School Days does an excellent job of creating an immersive high school setting. From the soft blushes, intimate moments, intense confrontations, and stunning landscapes, everything is meticulously animated to ensure viewers' engagement and arousal of their emotions. The show excels not only in visual expressiveness but also in its soundtrack. The music, ranging from upbeat to melancholic melodies, elevates every scene - amplifying the emotion, tension, or tranquility.

Moreover, the show's direction and screenplay expertly handle the narrative and its progression. The pacing of the story, the complex character development, the delicate handling of the relationships, and the unraveling emotional arcs of the characters makes for a compelling watch.

School Days does not shy away from unveiling the less glossy side of teen love, such as jealousy, obsession, and despair, making it more grounded in reality than your average high school romance anime. At the heart of it all, the show sheds light on the consequences and repercussions of one's choices and actions, a valuable life lesson imparted through the lens of a young adult narrative.

While School Days may initially appear to be a typical high school romance, the show soon takes several surprising turns that sets it apart from other series in the genre. It takes on a realistic perspective on the complexities of first love, friendships, betrayals, and the numerous pangs of growing up, making it more than just a simple love story. In essence, School Days provides viewers with a memorable emotional rollercoaster ride, providing alternating moments of joy and sorrow with every unfolding episode, making it an anime series worth watching.

School Days is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.9.

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How can I watch School Days online? School Days is available on AT-X with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch School Days on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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