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Stop Crying and Smile.
Zack struggles to get Rachel outside the building. But what kind of future awaits her on the outside?

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A Vow Cannot Be Stolen.
Zack and Rachel have found the stairway leading to the building's exit. At last, the end of their ordeal is in sight...

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Swear You Will Be Killed by Me.
Zach confronts Rachel after learning the secrets of her past.

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I'm Not Your God.
As Zack is looking around in Rachel's room, a TV suddenly turns on and starts playing a news story about a bizarre murder case.

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Try to Know Everything about Her
Gray proclaims himself closer to being a God than anyone else and sentences Rachel to burn alive for the things she did to the other floor masters. Hanging on her cross, Rachel insists that she's not a witch and that she only wants Zack to kill her.

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'cause You Are My God, Zack
Gray proclaims himself closer to being a God than anyone else and sentences Rachel to burn alive for the things she did to the other floor masters. Hanging on her cross, Rachel insists that she's not a witch and that she only wants Zack to kill her.

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The Witch Trial Shall Start
Carrying Zack's knife, Rachel sets off once more, determined to find Danny and get the medicine she needs to stop Zack's bleeding. But once again, pink smoke carries her away into a world where she can't tell illusion from reality.

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There Is No God in This World.
Danny, who Zack thought he killed on Floor B5, shows up and offers Zack a deal: Rachel's eyes in exchange for medicine to treat his wound. Meanwhile, Rachel finds Zack's room on Floor B6 and retrieves the knife he asked for.

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Yeah... I'm a Monster.
Rachel heads to Danny's floor with Gray, the priest, to search for something she can use to treat Zack. However, Gray tells her she must undergo a series of tests to get there.

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Who Are You?
After slashing open his own belly, Zack is left without the strength to stand, so Rachel sets off alone into Floor B2 in search of something to stop his bleeding.

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Zack Is the Only One Who Can Kill Me.
After willingly shooting a dangerous drug into his arm so that they could move forward, Zack begins to grow overwhelmed by the urge to kill. But with the last traces of rationality left in his mind, he tells Rachel, "Don't let me kill you just yet...

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Don't Let Me Kill You Just Yet
Rachel finds the key card to get them out of the poison gas room, but Zack handles it too roughly and breaks it. The hourglass announces that their time is up, and a powerful poison gas begins to pour into the room.

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A Sinner Has No Right of Choice
The door to Floor B3 opens to reveal a space like a prison cell, enclosed by pure white walls and iron bars. The moment Zack strikes the locked door before them with his scythe, the duo are barraged by machine gun fire.

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I Swear to God.
After arriving at the small room in the back of the reference room, Rachel encounters Eddie, the digger of graves and master of Floor B4. Eddie claims that he knows what happened to Rachel's parents and why she's in this building.

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Your grave is not here.
Rachel is saved from an attack by Danny, the man calling himself her doctor, when Zack appears. She asks Zack to kill her, and he agrees as the two of them start to search for a way out of the building.

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Kill me... please.
A young girl named Rachel awakens at the bottom basement level of a closed-up building. She's lost her memories and has no idea why she's here.

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Angels of Death is a chilling, dark fantasy anime series that premiered on the Japanese broadcaster AT-X in 2018. Adapted from a popular video game series of the same name, this compelling horror-psychological thriller plunges viewers into a mysterious, multi-storey building – a sinister labyrinth that holds existential dread in each of its corners. We start off by following the young girl, Rachel Gardner, also known as Ray. Rachel finds herself waking up in the basement of an unknown building, with no memory of why she is there or even what happened before she woke up. As she searches for a way out of the dreary asylum-like setting, she quickly becomes aware that each floor of the building has a 'floor master,' a sadistic individual tasked with killing intruders. The protagonist soon encounters one such inhabitant of the premises, Isaac Foster, better known as Zack. A scythe-wielding maniac with bandages wrapped around his face, Zack is a floor master with a horrifically violent streak. But rather than being an adversary, a strange pact emerges between him and Rachel – one that triggers an unlikely – yet undeniably thrilling – journey towards escape. Swearing an oath to help each other, Rachel and Zack descend upon and ascend through the floors of the building, defying various harbingers of death and unveiling unsettling truths about themselves and their situation. Angels of Death's twisted narrative effectively balances outright horror and psychological intrigue, keeping the viewers keenly attentive on the edge of their seats. Each of the floor masters possesses a distinct aesthetic and philosophy tied to the act of killing, providing a bizarrely fascinating assortment of villains for Zack and Rachel to face. The terrifying atmosphere of the show’s setting is heightened by its atmospheric animation and haunting soundtrack, which amplifies its macabre mood and adds substance to its grim action. The relationship between its two unlikely allies, Rachel and Zack is a key element of the dynamic in the show. Their interactions range from comical and bizarre to deeply emotional and tragic, providing a multi-layered exploration of the human psyche - of fear, happiness, longing, despair, and everything in between. The show further stands out by its focus on themes of eschatology, existentialism, and absolution. The narrative is heavily steeped in religious symbolism, layered with philosophical contemplation and metaphysical questionings about life and death, faith and disbelief, sin and redemption, which might require prior background in understanding biblical references. The story manages to pull off this heavy thematic content without becoming overly abstract or inaccessible, managing a good balance between high concept themes and simple survival horror. As we unravel Ray's and Zack's pasts through each episode, a tangible tension envelops the narrative. Concurrently, the audience becomes acquainted with the dark pasts of their opponents, creating an enigmatic story punctuated by violence and mystery that leaves viewers questioning morality, purpose, and the meaning of survival. Despite its macabre premise, Angels of Death also presents a picture of inner strength and determination. The characters’ unwavering will to survive in adversity adds a gripping and emotionally resonant undertone to the series. It also cleverly inserts elements of dry humor and irony into its dialogue, lightening the grim narrative with sharp comic timing. With 16 tightly scripted episodes, Angels of Death is a compact series that pulls no punches when it comes to character development or narrative progression. The pacing is brisk and tense, never wasting time on unnecessary subplots or filler episodes. Each scene and episode has a meaningful impact on the characters' development and the progression of the plot, making every moment engaging and impactful. To sum it up, Angels of Death is not everyone's cup of tea. It is a gritty, intense, and at times, inherently disturbing series that goes deep into the human psyche's dark corners. However, for viewers with a penchant for psychological thrillers, dynamic characters, and deeply philosophical themes, this show is a veritable must-watch.

Angels of Death is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

Haruka Chisuga, Meg McClain, Dallas Reid
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