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Birthday Bash-Less / Tickle Trouble
Tango gets frustrated. Tickle Bugs enter the ranch.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 18 Now

Little Brother Blues / It Takes Two to Tango
Miguel and Ogie team up. Tango forgets her promise.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 17 Now

Thunderin' Thundertot / Clara's Shortcut Rut
Thundertot goes to a sleepover. Clara takes shortcuts.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 16 Now

Sonny Daze / Rebel's Wonderful Way
Sonny the Kid cheats. Blitz teaches Rebel.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 15 Now

A Dino-Might Night / Luna Sees the Light
Sonny steals a Christmas Tree. The dino leads a herd.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 14 Now

Friendship Clashes / Tango Takes Charge

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 13 Now

Perky Finds His Purpose / Raptor Showdown
Perky stows away! Blitz and the microraptor argue.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 12 Now

Miguel VS Thunderfoot / Light Touch Tango
Thunderfoot knocks down the bridge. Tango does chores.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 11 Now

The Creepy Cryosaur / Jon's Dino Detour
Clara scares the Jr Ranchers. A dino needs Jon's help.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 10 Now

The Mighty Dino Mites / Home Sweet Home
Blitz loses his stuffy. Clover brings home a Rhinorex.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 9 Now

Winging It / Eggs on the Edge
A pterosaur learns to fly. Pterosaur eggs in danger!

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 7 Now

Dino-SOAR! / The Flyer and Rescue Squad
The Ranchers are tested. The Squad goes on a mission.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 6 Now

Dino Ranchers — Roll! / Risk It for Biscuit
A T-Rex needs rescuing. Jon and Biscuit work together.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 5 Now

Tango Dino-Sits / Fast Friends
Tango babysits the mites. Blitz's patience is tested.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 3 Now

Bathtime for Bopper / Min Flies Solo
Clover helps bathe the mites. Maggie hurts her wing.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 2 Now

Wranglin' Thunderfoot / Wings Over Dino Ranch
Thunderfoot is wrongly accused. Pterosaurs gets lost.

Watch Dino Ranch Season 2 Episode 1 Now

"Dino Ranch" is an enthralling animated series from Disney Junior, first premiered in 2021. The show revolves around the engaging world of prehistoric creatures and the charismatic Cassidy clan who live on a unique dinosaur ranch. It successfully merges the timeless appeal of dinosaurs with that of the old western, ranch-styled universe, catering mainly to preschool children, and offering a refreshing blend of action, adventure, emotion, and humor.

At the heart of the story are the three young protagonists – Jon, Min, and Miguel Cassidy. Jon is a courageous, head-on bull-wrangler with a heart of gold. His foster sister, Min, is daring and adventurous. She also has an incredible knack for understanding what the dinosaurs are trying to convey. The youngest of the trio, Miguel, exudes boundless excitement and is the world's tiniest, but greatest, cowboy. Together they explore, venture on daring rescues, and learn the essentials of teamwork, caring, and critical problem-solving skills while they herd, ride, and befriend dinosaurs—thriving in a delightful mix of the old west and prehistoric times.

Strategically located right smack in the middle of Jurassic Junction, the Cassidy family ranch acts as the heart of it all. This lively, bustling place is populated with various dinosaurs, offering a diverse and rich landscape. Dinosaurs on the Dino Ranch range from the impressive T-Rex and swift Raptors to the loving and loyal Brontosaurus, all co-existing side by side, offering children an educational as well as riveting perspective about these amazing creatures, their characteristics, habits, and habitats.

The parents, Bo and Jane Cassidy, embody the spirit of frontier heroes. Bo, an enthusiastic dinosaur wrangler, brings both humor and action to the series. Jane, his spouse, is a phenomenal dino vet who heals and cares for the creatures of the ranch while instilling in their kids the virtues of empathy and understanding.

"Dino Ranch" showcases a heartwarming insight into the classic family—the enduring bonds of love, the buoyant spirit of adventure, the beauty of an unconventional but close-knit community, and the values of teamwork, responsibility, and compassion. Despite the challenges and conflicts that may arise, the series expertly illustrates that a kind word, an understanding ear, and a whole lot of teamwork can mend any predicament or misunderstanding.

The show with its splendid animation, vibrant color palettes, and well-plotted storyline, artfully engages the imagination and curiosity of young viewers. Simultaneously, it also imparts valuable life lessons, subtly encouraging children to embrace their unique personalities, display kindness, respect differences, tackle obstacles, and foster friendships.

Every episode delivers a self-contained and age-appropriate narrative and is packed with numerous funny moments, thrilling adventures, and cliff-hanging situations that perfectly balance comedy, warm-hearted teaching moments and action sequences. The plotlines are straightforward and digestible, suitable for kids' attention spans.

Complementing the storyline, the enchanting background music, the rich and detailed scenery, and the larger-than-life characters add more charm to the series, successfully creating an immersive watching experience for the young fans. Parental figures will also appreciate the light-hearted humor, the cultural diversity represented, as well as the heartening themes of family and unity that "Dino Ranch" communicates.

"Dino Ranch" from Disney Junior presents a perfect package of cowboy boots, prehistoric roars, and family love. The enchanting fusion of the wild-west ranch-life and the fascinating world of dinosaurs have won over the hearts of its target audience and even the adults by providing wholesome family entertainment. It crafts a unique, captivating, and comprehensive educational experience that extends beyond simple animation, making it a delightful addition to the line-up of childhood shows.

Dino Ranch is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 46 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.4.

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