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Showdown on Rig 28
The Big Dog Big Wigs come down hard on Oscar to pick up the pace, forcing him to take it out on his slacking crew. A visit from Cheston's girlfriend distracts him while he's on the clock, while Mitch risks a parole violation when he's kept overtime on the rig.

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Digging Deep
When a pressure spike causes a cave in and brings the rig to a screeching halt, Oscar steps up to the drilling slot to keep the rig running. A visit from his family reminds him of what is truly at stake.

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The Final Countdown
A dangerous explosion causes a stir on Rig 28, and it's a dead-sprint to finish the fourth and final hole before the looming deadline. With no driller to take charge, Freddie commands Oscar to do it himself.

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Competition for the driller position becomes intense, and when Freddie has major doubts about Cheston's ability, he struggles to prove himself against Mitchell, despite a looming deadline.

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End of the Line
Brandon struggles with legal problems and is upset when Cheston refuses to bail him out; and to compound matters, Oscar is getting fed up with Brandon's all-too-frequent no-shows. Later, Cheston squares off against Mitch in a battle for the vacant driller position.

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Double Cross
A deadly gas build up threatens the crew, and it's up to Brandon to soar high above the rig to try and relieve the pressure. Things turn tense when Freddie comes by for an impromptu rig inspection, and the friction between the boys builds up at couples therapy.?

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Drilling Lessons
Cheston is walking a fine line when Brandon lets him down yet again, and he must seek out the help of a rival driller - behind his best friend's back. Brandon is put on final notice by Oscar when his own job is on the line.

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Growing Pains
Brandon keeps his promise to Cheston and gives him a drilling lesson, but things dont' go as planned and Cheston risks their friendship by talking to a rival driller in the hopes of coming out on top.

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Home Sweet Homeless
Brandon's always been sketchy, but failure to show up for work indicates something is very wrong.

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Under Pressure
The temperature and a few tempers continue to rise in the fifth season opener. Brandon struggles to keep a crew on Rig 28, and makes a huge sacrifice.

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Black Gold is a gripping reality television show that aired on truTV from 2008 to 2013. The show is built around the gritty, high-stakes world of oil drilling in the Texas oil field. It is a chronicle of the lives, livelihoods, and ambitions of a group of determined men pushed to their limits in pursuit of black gold, a nickname for oil, which is at the core of their work and lives.

Created by Thom Beers and narrated by Tom o'Brian, the show is set around the booming yet perilous oil fields of Midland and Odessa in West Texas. Black Gold takes viewers into the day-to-day operations of the driller crews at work and draws a vivid picture of the hard, dangerous, yet rewarding job that combines physical strength, mental tenacity, and a lot of courage.

Each episode opens a window into the sacrifices and struggles of the drillers and their squads who routinely face harsh and unpredictable environments, erratic schedules, and the constant threat of risks and mishaps that come with this demanding career. All these elements are captured with a raw authenticity that creates a unique tension-filled yet compelling viewing experience.

Black Gold is defined by its focus on three drilling rigs owned by the Longhorn Drilling Company. As the crew members push their drilling machines to punch holes deep into the earth in their urgent quest for oil, their camaraderie, rivalries, personal problems and dreams form the human center of the show. The show delves deeper into their personal lives marking a captivating blend of workplace-based reality with real-life drama.

The drama is heightened by the fascinating insights that Black Gold offers into the technical aspects of oil digging, a complex and risky business fraught with numerous natural and man-made challenges. Aside from this, the show clearly shows that oil digging is not just about the grueling physical work, but also involves considerable strategic thinking, patience, and stress management. It underscores how oil exploration is a gamble, where luck, skill, and persistence could potentially yield millions or result in catastrophic losses.

The show also touches on issues beyond the oil field. It gives viewers a glimpse into the macroeconomic side of oil production-- painting a vivid picture of how the global demand and prices of oil can significantly impact the life of an ordinary driller in Texas. Furthermore, Black Gold addresses a range of socially relevant issues like economic inequality, the ethics of oil exploitation, and environmental concerns associated with oil drilling.

Black Gold emphasized the significance of safety precautions and procedures in such a high-risk profession like oil drilling. The show never shies away from documenting accidents and near-misses that frequently occur in the oil drilling job, serving as a stark reminder of the value of safety and the human cost of occupational hazards.

As the seasons progress, viewers witness the perseverance, transformation, and resilience of the show's cast. Despite the inherent dangers and grueling work conditions, the bond between crew members strengthens under the pressure and they rise to the challenge, showing determination, courage, and the will to succeed against all odds.

One of the key strengths of Black Gold lies in its accented portrayal of its characters. Unlike many reality shows where characters can feel scripted or forced, the drillers of Black Gold are authentically themselves. Viewers rapidly develop a genuine connection with these real men, who are just doing their jobs under extreme conditions while juggling personal crises, thereby making their stories resonate on a deeper level.

In summary, Black Gold is a gripping and intense reality television show that not only peeks into the difficult world of oil drilling but also humanizes this complex and tough profession. It sheds light on the men who brave the elements and risk their lives for the pursuit of black gold–stressing that at the heart of this dangerous job, there's an intriguing interplay of dreams, toil, comradery and hope for a better life.

Black Gold is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 44 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.2.

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How can I watch Black Gold online? Black Gold is available on truTV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Black Gold on demand at Google Play online.

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