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The Custody of the Pumpkin
Clarence's bid to win the Pumpkin prize is threatened by Connie's ambition to marry Freddie off to Sir Gregory's niece.

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Necessary Rhino
Hannibal Didcot is bullying Clarence over a fake painting, so Connie encourages Hannibal to propose to wealthy American, Vanessa Polk. Galahad and Freddie have other ideas.

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Sticky Wicket at Blandings
Connie is trying to impress Colonel Fanshawe, in the hope that Clarence might succeed Fanshawe as Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire; but Beach is behaving very oddly indeed.

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Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best
Clarence has grown an appalling beard, to the dismay of Beach and Connie, but Freddie needs Clarence to convince Hollywood starlet Pauline Petite of his bona-fides.

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Hallo to All This
Clarence must prevent his younger brother Galahad publishing his scandalous memoirs and ruining the family name. If he fails, Connie will exile him to hellish London.

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Dirty Work at the Crossroads
Clarence and Connie's even more terrifying sister, Charlotte, is threatening to take up residence at Blandings. Permanently.

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Throwing Eggs
The poker-wielding Duke of Dunstable threatens to have Clarence committed for pottiness, so Beach and Freddie hatch a plan to rescue him. Eggs required.

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Blandings is a British comedy television series that was produced by the BBC in 2013 and 2014. It was broadcast on BBC One and comprised two seasons, with a total of thirteen episodes. The series is based on the Blandings Castle stories created by P.G. Wodehouse, one of Britain's most celebrated and revered humorists.

The series is set in the 1920s and revolves around the hapless Clarence Threepwood, the Ninth Earl of Emsworth, played by Timothy Spall. Emsworth is the lovably eccentric and slightly absent-minded head of the Blandings Castle, a palatial, if slightly crumbling, pile in the heart of the English countryside. Emsworth's primary concern and prize possession is his beloved pig, The Empress, who frequently takes center stage in the comedic plots.

The series features a colorful array of characters. The Earl's imperious and domineering sister, Connie, played by Jennifer Saunders, is a constant thorn in his side. She forever attempts to interfere with his relaxed and unconventional lifestyle, often attempting to marry him off to suitable (in her eyes) women. The series also features Emsworth's incompetent secretary, Rupert Baxter (David Walliams), and Freddie, his cheerful but naive and disaster-prone son, played by Jack Farthing.

Blandings showcases the hilarious mishaps and convoluted schemes that often grip this upper-class household. The episodic adventures typically involve disaster-prone love affairs, schemes hatched by Freddie to make money, and the persistent attempts by outsiders to kidnap or harm The Empress. Throughout all of this, Earl Emsworth stumbles and bumbles, trying to avoid his sister's wrath and keep harmony in his cherished country home.

The backdrop against which the chaotic antics unfold is Blandings Castle itself. The castle provides the perfect setting for this series – it’s large, grand, yet charmingly dilapidated. The grandeur of this location allows the filmmakers to contrast the grand setting with the utter absurdity of the events taking place within its walls.

Blandings isn't just about comedy, though. At its heart, it's a show about the eccentricities and foibles of British social class, particularly the idle lives of the aristocracy in the interwar period. Intricately constructed narrative plots, quintessential British humor, and the farcical adventures of the aristocracy all combine to make the show a fantastic romp that's full of laughs.

The performances of Timothy Spall and Jennifer Saunders constitute one of the main draws of Blandings. Spall’s slow, befuddled charm is the perfect fit for the character of Lord Emsworth, while Saunders is convincing as his haughty, manipulative sister. David Walliams, as the hardworking secretary Baxter, adds another layer of comedic elegance with his dry humor and unforgettable facial expressions.

Critically, the series was praised for its quirky humor, great casting, and the feel of escapism it provided. It immersed viewers in the world of a British high society milieu where the worries of the modern world don't seem to exist, and the highest priority is keeping an overweight pig in top condition. The writing, based on the original works of P.G. Wodehouse, garnered admiration for its quick wit, fast-pacing, and the ability to extract numerous laughs within a short span.

Blandings, with its eccentric characters and surreal humor, is an amusing jaunt into the ludicrousness of English high society during the 1920s. It blends slapstick comedy, dry wit, and satire into a hilarious exploration of family dynamics, social class, and the idiosyncrasies of British life. Engaging, quirky, and notably British, Blandings is an entertaining ride from beginning to end.

Blandings is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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