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Finch is an enthralling, post-apocalyptic science fiction film released in 2021. This strikingly thoughtful film, first premiered on Apple TV+, was directed by Miguel Sapochnik, known for his work in significant episodes of Game of Thrones. The story is about a robotics engineer named Finch, his dog Goodyear, and a robot called Jeff, trying to survive in a dystopian future. Starring the venerable Tom Hanks for the titular character, he once again demonstrates his incredible acting range and sensitivity, bringing to life a very different and compelling on-screen persona. In the very near future, Finch, humanity, and other life forms are grappling with the consequences of a cataclysm event: a solar flare has caused a worldwide destruction leaving a dangerous, unlivable environment unfit for most life forms. Tom Hanks portrays the role of a brainy inventor who, after surviving a decimating catastrophe, is living out an austere and lonely existence. A world seemingly forgotten by time, the film is set against eerily desolate cityscapes, and abandoned suburban homes, giving viewers a vivid look at what a sun-scorched apocalypse could look like. The harsh atmosphere filled with dust storms and post-apocalyptic loneliness leaves the protagonist with two companions: Goodyear, his affable and loyal canine, and a robot companion, Jeff, voiced by Caleb Landry Jones. These three characters embark on an unforgettable road journey that forms the crux of the film. The character of Finch is a man of substantial resilience and ingenuity working to ensure survival for himself and his dog. He constructs Jeff, an optimistic and advanced AI-driven robot capable of learning and expressing a kaleidoscope of human-like sentiments: to serve as a protector to his dog after his demise. His meticulous crafting of the robot illuminates his brilliance as an engineer and his dog-loving heart. Caleb Landry Jones, providing the character of Jeff with a voice and motion capture performance, captures the innocence, uncertainty, and curiosity of this new consciousness being brought into a broken world. Marie Wagenman is also featured in the film, in a support, yet crucial, role, further intensifying the plot. The versatility of Tom Hank's acting skills becomes visible as he lets viewers feel the vast range of emotions Finch goes through. His growth, struggles, his love for his dog, his relationship with Jeff, and the determination to survive in a grim, desolate world are heartrending. His captivating performance, coupled with an endearing robotic character and a faithful canine companion, make for powerful storytelling that pulls at the heartstrings. The movie keeps you engaged, combining elements of suspense, heartwarming interactions, intense emotions, and compelling character growth. The innovative narrative of Finch successfully takes viewers into the world of a man compelled to survive against all odds, befriend artificial intelligence, and embrace the fullest extent of his humanity. Finch threads deep emotional undercurrents beneath the raw, harsh visuals of a post-apocalyptic world, becoming a tear-jerking and thoughtful contemplation about companionship, human-robot relationships, love, and the fragility of life. Unlike standard post-apocalyptic films, Finch tells a more personal, human story: a man coming to terms with the fact that he is one of the last people left on Earth, dedicating what could be his last days to ensuring that he leaves the world a little better than how he found it. Finch is a moving tale about the power of unyielding hope, challenging survival, the essence of companionship, and the fear of leaving loved ones behind. At its core, it is an exploration of the human spirit's unflagging resilience amidst overwhelming despair. The film beautifully captures the nuances of unexpected friendships and bonds that transcend traditional barriers, casting a lasting impression long after the credits have rolled. In conclusion, "Finch" stands out as a remarkable story woven into a riveting screenplay, effectively combining elements of tragedy, survival, and even delightful humor, resulting in a profoundly affecting piece of cinema. Despite the backdrop of a grim and desolate world, the movie manages to hold onto an underlying sense of optimism and hope, reminding us of the enduring human spirit and capacity to love, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Finch is a Adventure movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of 115 mins. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 57.

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Where can I stream Finch movie online? Finch is available to watch and stream at Apple TV+.

Miguel Sapochnik
Tom Hanks, Caleb Landry Jones, Samira Wiley, Laura Harrier, Skeet Ulrich
Also directed by Miguel Sapochnik
Also starring Caleb Landry Jones
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