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Greyhound is a 2020 naval war thriller film that takes viewers into the heart of naval warfare during World War II, capturing the suspense and constant danger of the Battle of the Atlantic. The film is directed by Aaron Schneider, featuring prominent Hollywood actors such as Tom Hanks, Elisabeth Shue, and Stephen Graham. Its screenplay was penned by Tom Hanks himself, showing another facet of the actor’s talent besides exceptional acting skills.

The film offers a detailed depiction of naval warfare during World War II, providing viewers with an immersive, intense, and suspenseful experience. It tells the story of a first-time captain leading a convoy of 37 ships through treacherous waters occupied by German U-boats. The film examines not just the physical conflicts that take place in this high-tension environment, but also the psychological toll it takes on the individuals aboard the ship.

Tom Hanks takes center stage in Greyhound as Captain Ernest Krause, a devoted and experienced naval officer. This role showcases the skillful nuance of Hanks’ acting ability as he brings to life a character caught in desperate circumstances, yet refusing to buckle under the pressure. His performance injectively captures the quiet angst of Krause, a first-time commander whose stolid exterior conceals the turmoil within.

Elisabeth Shue shines as Krause's beloved Evelyn. Although her screen time is limited, Shue delivers a heartfelt and moving performance. She manifests the home front perspective, a symbol of what the soldiers had left behind, providing downright emotional anchors for the story.

Karl Glusman commendably portrays the character of Lieutenant Charlie Cole, serving as the helmsman on board the USS Keeling, codenamed ‘Greyhound’. Other supporting actors like Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan, and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo also put up strong performances, each contributing to the tension and chaos prevalent in the hazardous situation at sea.

One of the real stars of Greyhound is the incredible cinematography. The film masterfully uses visual effects to create a vivid picture of the Atlantic battlefield. The CGI animations of the sea and the combat ships are notably realistic, almost making the audience feel they are part of the crew on the destroyer. Wide shots of the convoy against the pervasive U- boat threat convey the true vastness of the Atlantic and the isolation from the struggles faced on land.

The film’s production design also deserves praise for its meticulous attention to detail, accurately representing naval life during the war. Authentic costumes, well-researched set designs, and accurate models of the naval armada of that era combine to transport viewers back in time. Furthermore, the precise sound design used to heighten the suspense and tension is absolutely enthralling and adds greater authenticity to the movie.

Coming to the gripping plot, it dances on the wire-thin edge of tension and release. The ability to condense a daunting experience into a thrilling 90-minute feature is masterfully achieved in Greyhound. The movie makes the life-or-death decisions Krause must take seem all too real and weighty.

What sets Greyhound apart from other war movies is its focus. Instead of splitting its attention across multiple fronts, Greyhound keeps its eyes on the battle at sea. It focuses relentlessly on Captain Krause, his ship, and his responsibilities. Every choice he makes, every command he issues, comes with weighty and potentially fatal consequences, all too vividly displayed on the screen.

Greyhound presents a detailed account of the psychological wars fought in the minds of soldiers as much as the physical ones in the battlefield. It appreciates the human courage, self-sacrifice, and determination that accompanied war efforts during those days. With its intense and gripping storytelling, Greyhound is dramatic war cinema at its best.

Greyhound is a Action, Drama, War movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 64.

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Where can I stream Greyhound movie online? Greyhound is available to watch and stream at Apple TV+.

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