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Norbit, released in 2007, is an American comedy film that was directed by Brian Robbins and co-written by Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, Jay Scherick, and David Ronn. The film features Eddie Murphy in three major roles, with an accomplished supporting cast that includes Thandiwe Newton, Terry Crews, Clifton Powell, Eddie Griffin, Katt Williams, along with Cuba Gooding Jr. This film showcases Murphy's unique talent for creating diverse characters and his icing ability to entertain by portraying multiple roles with remarkable ease and panache.

Murphy plays Norbit, a timid and kind-hearted guy who has been bossed around all his life, beginning from his adoption by the Chinese restaurant owner Mr. Wong, to his forced marriage with Rasputia, the gluttonous, mean-spirited, and fiercely controlling woman. As Rasputia, Murphy delivers a performance that is as hilarious as it is horrifying. This character, with her outrageous antics and overbearing attitude, often steals the scene.

Norbit's life takes a turn when he crosses paths with his childhood sweetheart, Kate, portrayed by Thandiwe Newton. Kate's return to town captures Norbit's heart and gives him the determination to change his miserable life. Newton brings grace and charm to her role, serving as the perfect counterpoint to Rasputia's aggressive ebullience.

As Kate's fiancé, the sleazy Deion, Terry Crews exemplifies a con artist disguised as a charming suitor. His character pushes Norbit's patience to the limit, fueling his motivation to stop Kate from making a huge mistake. Throw in a band of ex-pimp brothers with plans for Kate's newfound business venture and you have the perfect recipe for a comedic storm, as Norbit tries to save the day and possibly his love life.

Meanwhile, Eddie Griffin and Katt Williams stand out as the hilarious ex-pim duo Pope Sweet Jesus and Lord Have Mercy. They serve as the comic relief throughout the movie, providing laughs in almost every scene they appear in. On a different note, Clifton Powell as Earl Latimore, head of the Latimore brothers, portrays a malevolent character who shows no remorse manipulating others for his own gain, thus serving as a perfect antagonist.

In one of the more understated roles, Murphy also embodies the character of Mr. Wong, the Chinese man who takes Norbit in as an orphan. Murphy's portrayal of Mr. Wong, complete with a Chinese accent and a grotesque prosthetic, adds another layer of humor to the film.

The movie thrives on ridiculous situations, slapstick humor, and over the top portrayals. While some of its humor often treads into crude territory, it manages to do so in a way that's consistently humorous and entertaining. Norbit's personality transformation throughout the film and his determination to fight back under the most hysterical and preposterous circumstances add up a fun journey of self-discovery, love, and courage.

The film's physical comedy is further enhanced by the near-genius prosthetics and makeup, which earned an Academy Award nomination. This further propelled Murphy's performances, allowing him to fully inhabit the various characters, each unique and different in their appearance and personality traits.

Despite its exaggerated comedy and eccentric characters, 'Norbit' manages to weave a storyline full of heart, warmth, and courage. It speaks volumes about standing up against oppression, the enduring power of love, and the courage in finding and reclaiming one's voice and rightful place in the world.

Norbit is truly a showcase of Eddie Murphy's multifaceted acting abilities, where he brings to life three starkly different characters in a clear, distinctive, and utterly memorable manner. Overall, this film is a roller-coaster ride of laughs, threaded with touches of romance, a dash of drama, and a strong character arc that makes the viewing experience an enjoyable one.

Norbit is a Comedy movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 102 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 27.

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