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Invasion Earth (2016) is an intense, gritty horror-thriller film that merges the backdrop of an alien invasion with psychological terror, showcasing a unique combination of sci-fi horror and character-driven drama. The film is directed by Steven M. Smith and boasts an intriguing cast comprised of up-and-coming talent like Jonathan Jules and Jon-Paul Gates. Layered with sinister undertones, the movie delves deep into the human psyche, presenting viewers with thrilling suspense that is just as nerve-wracking as its alien invasion plotline. The narrative begins with the convening of a group therapy session in a remote rehab center. Here, the audience is introduced to an ensemble cast of troubled individuals, each wrestling with their own demons - from drug addiction and alcoholism to PTSD. Jonathan Jules delivers a compelling performance as one of these disturbed individuals, dealing with the complexities of his character’s inner turmoil. The usual tension within the group therapy sessions take a dramatic turn when the team suddenly find themselves in the throes of a full-blown alien invasion. And thus, the real test begins for these broken, vulnerable individuals as they are thrown into a terrifying ordeal that requires courage, unity, and survival instincts beyond therapy sessions. Jon-Paul Gates shines as the somewhat stern group facilitator, stuck in the tangle of managing personalities, ailments, and now this unexpected alien threat. Under Steven M. Smith's direction, the movie is not just about the alien invasion; it interlaces elements of the psychological impact such an event would have on the group, parallelly highlighting their internal struggles. The aliens, therefore, serve as both a very real threat and a metaphorical amplification of their inner demons. This “double threat” approach elevates the movie from a simple horror-science fiction into a thought-provoking and emotive narrative. Invasion Earth establishes a unique horror setting by isolation – a remote retreat center away from mainstream civilization – which amplifies the intensity of the overall scenario. The rehabilitation center is carefully chosen to heighten the emotional depth of the characters, where each one is struggling with personal trauma and battling addiction. Every character in the movie is entrenched with flaws and their inherent strengths subtly bubbling under their troubled exteriors. Jules and Gates, along with the rest of the cast, brilliantly project the transformation their characters go through – from struggling individuals to survivors fighting an otherworldly force. The audience watches as they are forced to confront not just the aliens, but their personal flaws and weaknesses, questioning the essence of human instinct to survive in the face of seeming apocalypse. The special effects work in the movie is commendably impressive for an independent film. The filmmakers have played within their means to provide a believable alien invasion while enhancing the overall ambience of the remote setting. The extra-terrestrial element remains grotesque and scary but does not outshadow the palpable raw human drama unfolding in the film. Smith’s direction is commendable in the way he navigates the narrative. The treatment of a clear-cut genre movie is not black and white; instead, it is stirred in complexities - alien invasion on one side and profound character exploration on the other. Despite being a horror film, it does not shy away from embedding deep-rooted character arcs and emotional expositions, offering a well-rounded cinematic experience. The use of music and sound design adds to the overall intensity, creating sequences that keep you on the edge of your seat. The sharp enhancements and ebbing background score complement the terrifying uncertainty that the characters are grappling with, thereby making it a more immersive watch. Invasion Earth is ultimately a human story tucked underneath the blanket of a creature-feature horror movie. It presents an intriguing mix of character study and horrifying alien invasion, stirring an atmosphere of intense dread and suspense that keeps you hooked. It is a must-watch for fans who relish their horror movies to have a profound emotional anchor. The movie assures an unnerving experience revealing that the threat of the unknown might sometimes be less terrifying than confronting one’s own demons. It's a worthy addition to the sci-fi horror genre that deftly taps into the darker side of the human psyche masked under an alien invasion narrative.

Invasion Earth is a Science Fiction movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 106 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 2.8..

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