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Top Secret World War Ii
Exploring the unbreakable codes, top secret underground nerve centers, super-human navy seals, and most classified operations of WWII.

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Breaking The Rules
Exploring the significance of the Civil War, the CIA, the Civil Rights movement, and the advent of flight.

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Secrets And Scandals
Exploring prohibition bootlegging and the history of Madison Square Garden.

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Fighting For Freedom
Learning about the phrase Go for Broke!, the Fall of Saigon at Vietnam's bitter end, the legends spun around top-secret microfilm, and the classic movie, "The Dirty Dozen.

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Making America
The stories behind George Washington, the California Gold Rush, the vast highways that stretch across America, and the wars between the United States and Great Britain.

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Defying the Nazis
The Season 2 premiere investigates the fight against the Nazis prior to America's entry into World War II.

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Episode 1
Summary not available

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What History Forgot is an intriguing and educational television program that debuted on the American Heroes Channel in 2015. It masterly weaves an interesting blend of history, drama, and knowledge, creating a captivating depiction of lesser-known historical events and figures. What History Forgot's core principle places a spotlight on hidden historic elements, the uncovered, obscured, or just broadly unknown facets of human history that have helped shape our current world in ways we barely recognize or understand. In each of its six engaging episodes, viewers get an opportunity to explore an assortment of unique historical events and persona narratives that have been left out of traditional history books. From the forgotten heroes who helped to shape today's technology to rundown infrastructures that once stood as bastions of innovation and progress, the show highlights the events and figures buried by time, unearthing them in a series of enlightening narratives that widen our understanding of the past and its nexus with the present. To walk through our unknown past, What History Forgot has chosen an accomplished host – Joe Moniaci. Moniaci is an educator, history enthusiast, and comedian who flawlessly combines his passion for history and storytelling talent. With his conversational style and infectious enthusiasm, Moniaci carefully sifts through the pages of history with a sense of humor and a dose of curiosity, taking viewers on an exciting, educative, and entertaining journey through the inexhaustible treasure troves of history. What History Forgot is not just a conventional historical program. It is a riveting and distinctive presentation that breaks from the mold of usual history narratives. Instead of focusing on familiar themes or grand historical occurrences, the show mines the wealth of forgotten tales. Combining careful historical research with dramatic recreations and captivating narration, it gives an engaging voice to the silenced segments of history. In one episode, for instance, viewers might explore the secret technologies used during times of war that have morphed into everyday utilities. In another, the focus might shift to revolutionaries who quietly moved the gears of history, people whose stories remain untold regardless of their contribution to the world we live in today. It is the everyday minutiae, the details that often slip between the cracks, that form the backbone of this courageous show. Each episode features interviews with experts, historians, and scholars who provide insights and offer diverse perspectives on each topic. These interviews, coupled with Moniaci’s accessible narration style, make the complex histories clear, demonstrating the importance and contemporary relevance of these forgotten historical accounts. Additionally, the series uses a range of stunning visuals, period photographs and artifacts, and compelling reenactments that add a layer of authenticity and vividness to the story, instilling in the viewer a sense of a time and place that are no longer available to us. What History Forgot is cleverly constructed for a wider audience, including history buffs, enthusiasts, students, and regular viewers. Beyond simply imparting knowledge, the show is geared towards fostering an appreciation for history, emphasizing its importance for our understanding of the present and its guiding role for the future. At the same time, it employs an engaging story-telling approach that goes beyond simply recounting historical events—it makes history come alive. Through the lens of What History Forgot, viewers get to see history as a dynamic, evolving entity, not as a static recollection. It emphasizes that history is not just about regurgitating dates and facts but is also about connecting the dots and understanding patterns, building a narrative that impacts our present and future. In summary, What History Forgot is an enticing blend of charm, eclectic subject matter, and educational content that dives deep into the abyss of forgotten history. The American Heroes Channel has brought to its viewers a remarkable series that boldly journeys into uncharted territory, daring to tell the tales that have been left untold, reminding us that in history, nothing is insignificant or unworthy of remembrance.

What History Forgot is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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