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Deacon Jim Miller -- The Pious Assassin
His neighbors viewed him as a devout family man. The last thing his victims saw was a shotgun aimed at their heads.

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Bill Doolin and the Oklahombres
In the 1890s, the Frontier had vanished... but in Bill Doolin, it's spirit burned on. He terrorized Oklahoma with his brazen robberies and fought the greatest shootout in Western history.

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Bass Reeves - The Real Lone Ranger
Bass Reeves is no ordinary lawman. A slave set free by the Civil War, he hunts outlaws in the most dangerous territory in the nation.

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Bat Masterson - Defender of Dodge
This well-dressed gunfighter was a gambler, a hunter, an Indian fighter, and a scout – but above all else, Bat Masterson was a lawman. As Sheriff of Ford County, Kansas, Bat Masterson kept the peace on the volatile Frontier...

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Seth Bullock - Sheriff of Deadwood
In Deadwood, a mining camp swirling with violence and vice, Seth Bullock is the only stabilizing force standing in the way of utter chaos.

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Butch Cassidy - The Perfect Criminal
Until the day he died – whenever that was – nobody ever outsmarted Butch Cassidy. He always got away.

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Gunslingers is an engaging historical documentary series that originally premiered on the AMERICAN HEROES CHANNEL in 2014. From the same network known for its gripping recount of history and iconic events, this six-part series provides an in-depth, eye-opening examination of individuals living in the tumultuous Wild West era. This thrilling series takes viewers on an eventful ride into the famous and infamous age of outlaws and lawmen, the age of revolvers and rifles, the age of violence and vigilante justice, and, most of all, the age of the Gunslingers.

Showcasing the untamed expanses of post-Civil War America, Gunslingers uncovers the reality behind the legendary figures who lived and died by the gun. Each episode throws light on one prominent character from the Wild West, profiling legendary figures like Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, and “Wild Bill” Hickok. These gunslingers are not just characters of folklore and tall tales; their stories are a vital part of American history characterized by bravery, recklessness, and sometimes unfathomable cruelty.

Apart from these charismatic personalities, the series also brings forth the often-overlooked aspect of the Wild West – the context and circumstances that made these men what they were. The episodes retrace their paths, delving into what drove these men to live such brutal lives, whether it was an insatiable lust for wealth or power, revenge, or a misguided sense of adventure. As each episode progresses, these gunslingers' infamous deeds unravel, revealing a portrait of a man fueled by fearless courage or sheer desperation.

Crafted with meticulous attention to historical accuracy, Gunslingers brings history alive with high-definition reenactments that transport viewers back to the shootouts, saloons, and dustbowl towns that marked the era. Each reenacted scene is richly detailed, bringing an unprecedented level of authenticity to the series. These high-stakes encounters, captured through the lens of expert cinematography, create an immersive experience and reveal the harsh and unforgiving realities of Wild West life.

Historians and experts lend their insights throughout the series, providing context and perspective to the gunslingers' lives and decisions. Their expert commentary is a conduit to the past, offering a comprehensive understanding of the societal, political, and economic conditions that characterized the period. They not only recount the gunslinger narratives with scholarly objectivity but also challenge popular misconceptions that have seeped into the collective consciousness over time.

Furthermore, Gunslingers extracts the human side of this volatile era, offering a deeper understanding of the individuals beyond their deeds. It allows the viewers to see these historical figures not just as inherent criminals or heroes, but as real people with their own motivations, strengths, and vulnerabilities. This empathetic portrayal adds a humanizing depth to the characters, stimulating viewers to reinterpret and rethink the conventional narratives.

The show is accompanied by an evocative score that perfectly captures the spirit of the Wild West and enhances the more dramatic moments. The fusion of adept storytelling, skillful acting, and stylish production gives audiences an engaging and immersive historical viewing experience.

Gunslingers exhibits a unique blend of drama and history, delivering not just thrilling entertainment but also an enlightening education about a defining era in American history. It's a must-see show for those seeking to understand the backdrop against which modern America evolved. The series successfully strips down the romantic veneer cloaking the Wild West and drives home the stark realities that came to define an era of American history. For history buffs and casual viewers alike, Gunslingers is a striking portrayal of man's primal desire for power and survival.

In summary, Gunslingers embarks on a captivating journey, revisiting some of the most defining moments of the Wild West era through the eyes of the notorious figures that navigated its tumultuous landscape. With its high-stakes reenactments, insightful expert commentary, and emotive storytelling, it doesn't just recount history - it brings it to life with stunning clarity and raw emotion, pushing the boundary of the history documentary genre.

Gunslingers is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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