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Episode 6
The final episode explores Hitler's mental and physical decline as he was forced to confront inevitable defeat in the depths of his bunker in Berlin

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Episode 5
As the tide of war turns against Hitler, he accelerates the holocaust and sacrifices millions of lives on the eastern front, while retreating into drug addiction in his palatial country home

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Episode 4
This episode examines Hitler's transformation into the megalomaniac Nazi messiah responsible for the global carnage of World War II, as he invades Poland, France and Russia

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Death, Destruction and Legacy
A summary of the War through a time line of key events; key decisions; strategic failures; determination to destroy everyone; focusing on the power mad individuals now realising they now need to look out for the impending arrival of allied forces 1945.

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The Implementation of Terror
To implement his brand of terror required a group of men tasked with clear roles. A deep look at Goebbels, HImmler and Goring.

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Gradual Beginnings
A look at how Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Herman Goring, Josef Goebbels and Rudolf Hess made their individual journeys through pre-war Germany.

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Hitler: The Rise and Fall, produced by the American Heroes Channel (AHC), is an educational and insightful documentary television series that originally aired between 2016 and 2017. The show offers viewers a compelling journey into one of history's most infamous periods, dissecting the life of a man who, for better or worse, inarguably influenced 20th-century history to an alarming extent - Adolf Hitler. The series aims to educate viewers about Hitler's ascension to power and his subsequent downfall, providing thoughtful accounts that examine the oratory skills, political strategies, personal failings, and devastating philosophies that helped Hitler establish the Third Reich, and ultimately led to its ruin. This comprehensive exposé seeks to unravel the enigma that is Hitler, from his early days in Austria and Germany to becoming the Führer of the notorious Nazi Party. As the title suggests, the series is split into two distinct parts: 'The Rise' and 'The Fall'. The segment 'The Rise' focuses on Hitler's early years, from his promising childhood in Austria rife with unrealized potential to his vagabond years in Vienna and Munich, Germany. It charts his obstacle-laden path from being an aspiring artist to becoming an embittered World War I veteran. The series delves into Hitler's thought process and the factors that fueled his entrance into politics. It thus shines a light on Hitler's golden years, his tactical maneuvering, propaganda skills, and ideological campaigns that successfully swayed millions of followers, rapidly increasing the Nazi Party's strength and influence, thus setting the stage for a totalitarian regime. In contrast, 'The Fall' chronicles Hitler's ruling era and the devastating global war he instigated. It showcases how the dictator's extremist ideologies, trigger-happy decisions, countless invasions, systematic genocide, and ill-treatment of his own people led to a broad-based global opposition. Personal and political mistakes, major military miscalculations during brutal battles including Operation Barbarossa and the Battle of Stalingrad, Hitler's declining health, his paranoia, and his increasing isolation make up the narrative of the second half. As the world turned against Hitler and his empire crumbled around him, the series shows his desperate but fruitless efforts to hold on to power, concluding with the dictator's downfall. A panel of renowned historians and experts including Ian Kershaw, author of the esteemed biography 'Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris, and 'Hitler: 1936-1945 Nemesis', and World War II experts Richard J. Evans, Richard Overy, and James Holland, lend their expertise to the series. Through their inputs and archive footage, the series creates a comprehensive, credible profile of Adolf Hitler and efficiently illustrates his impact. The series also introduces viewers to essential characters who played significant roles in Hitler's life and Nazi Germany. It includes profiles of Hitler's childhood friends, his allies like Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler, his enemies, and even Eva Braun, his long-time partner, and short-term wife. Hitler: The Rise and Fall further examines the principles of the Nazi Party, which eventually ruled an empire spanning across Europe to North Africa. It scrutinizes the rationale for their discriminative policies which led to heinous human rights abuses and a brutal phase of history known as the Holocaust, thereby creating an atmosphere of fear and mistrust worldwide. High production values, vivid visuals, and gripping narratives coupled with scholarly commentary punctuate Hitler: The Rise and Fall. The series combines historical accuracy with dramatic presentation, making it perfect for history enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of this turbulent period and the man at its center. Overall, Hitler: The Rise and Fall is an intriguing, educational, and detailed account of Adolf Hitler's journey. By chronicling his life, the series offers a comprehensive exploration of how he reshaped global history, the devastating impact of his actions, and his eventual downfall. Importantly, it reminds viewers of the tremendous cost of unchecked power, extreme ideologies, and systematic oppression. Although Hitler's story is a dark chapter in our history, understanding it is vital to ensure the atrocities committed during his reign are never repeated. AHC's Hitler: The Rise and Fall serves as a stark reminder of this, effectively balancing fact with narrative to enlighten viewers about one of history's most infamous dictatorships.

Hitler: The Rise and Fall is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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