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Santo Trafficante
Florida and Cuba were ruled by top don Santo Trafficante. The King of Cuba's casinos was on the verge of mob stardom when a revolution destroys his plans.

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Bugsy Siegel
Bugsy Siegel, the Jewish gangster with charm and a killer's instinct, plays hard and dreams big. He's got a vision to build a gambling mecca in the Nevada desert; but when he stops playing by the Mafia's rules, Bugsy pays the ultimate price.

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Joey Gallo
Crazy Joey Gallo psychopathic killer, beatnik hipster and renegade mobster. Burning with rage and determined to make his way to the top, he wages all-out war against the US gov't and sparks a revolution in the mafia before going down in a hail of bullets.

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Al Capone
America's first superstar gangster, Al Capone, dominated headlines and is said to be responsible for the bloody St Valentines' Day Massacre. After being made the face of organized crime by US government Capone's public image brings about his downfall.

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Dutch Schultz
In the lawless days of Prohibition America one gangster stands out as the black sheep Dutch Schultz. When Dutch threatens to kill a state prosecutor the mob can't risk the fallout.

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Mob Cops
In the 1980's and 90's the mafia controls the New York criminal underworld. But by the early 200's evidence surfaces that the mob has gone much further and has people inside the NYPD.

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Joe Massino
Joe Massino, the "Last Don", crushes anyone who goes against the mafia code of omerta. Loyalty to his family and obedience to their code of silence is everything.

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Vincent Gigante
Under the disguise of mental illness Vincent Gigante evaded the authorities and rose to become the most powerful mobster in New York. When FBI realised their mistake they would stop at nothing to take him down.

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Albert Anastasia
As the head of Murder Inc. Albert Anastasia would oversee the American Mafia's most violent period in history.

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Arnold ‘The Brain' Rothstein
Arnold Rothstein schooled the founders of the American Mafia in the ways of organized crime in the 1920s & set the model for running crime business. Infamous for fixing the 1919 Baseball World Series, he was the criminal genius behind a bootleg empire.

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Mafia's Greatest Hits is a thrilling crime documentary series that premiered in 2012 on the American Heroes Channel. This gripping exploration into the underworld chronicles the tangled lives of the most notorious mafia figures in history, delving into the infamous reigns and ultimate downfalls of mafia bosses and key players who defined an era of organised crime. Each episode of Mafia's Greatest Hits carefully pieces together the life and crimes of a renown figure in the mob world. The hardened faces of men like Albert Anastasia, Sam Giancana, and Anthony Spilotro among others, get brought to life in vivid detail, sharing the stories of their ascent through the ranks and their eventual undoing. The series is presented in a meticulously researched, docu-drama style that mingles historical re-enactments with insightful commentary from a host of experts. This includes retired law enforcement officers, who waged relentless wars against these criminal empires, crime historians giving detailed accounts of the historical backdrop against which these sagas unfolded, and even the odd mafia affiliate lending unprecedented authenticity to the narratives. In the world depicted by Mafia's Greatest Hits, the respect and loyalty promoted by the mafia is contrasted by brutality, betrayal, and indulgence. The undertone of each episode, therefore, speaks volumes about the sheer paradox that is the world of organised crime. One of the core strengths of the series comes from its ability to humanize these infamous figures, providing a depth to their character often overlooked in other mob documentaries. Viewers get a lens into their backgrounds, motivations, flaws and even their personal lives, granting a well-rounded comprehension of these men as more than just their criminal involvements. In Mafia's Greatest Hits, the portrait of mafia life isn't limited to the phonelines tapped by FBI agents or the chilling testimonies made in courtrooms. Instead, it delves into the personal impacts of their criminal activities on their families, rivals, victims, and even the mafia bosses themselves. This proves to be the key to how the series offers multifaceted peeks into the gritty, complex world of mob crime. Further, the series doesn’t shy away from showcasing the audacious tactics employed by both the mafia and law enforcement in their mutual pursuits. It explores various law enforcement strategies, the pioneering applications of RICO laws, and the courageous efforts by those who risked everything to bring these criminals to justice. Simultaneously, it unpacks the manipulation, exploits, and the feared 'code of silence' within the mafia, painting an unflinching, comprehensive picture of their operations. The varied storytelling mediums used within the series to relay these captivating tales enliven these enduring stories of the mafia. Archival footage, expert testimonials, dramatic reconstructions, and cutting-edge VFX are masterfully interweaved, immersing viewers into the notoriously secretive and deadly world of the syndicates. Moreover, Mafia's Greatest Hits doesn’t shy away from discussing the societal implications and ripple effects of organized crime. It tackles head-on the themes of corruption, systemic failures, and societal dynamics that allow for menacing structures like the mafia to take root and thrive. In the end, Mafia's Greatest Hits manages to go beyond being a crime documentary series. It becomes a vivid storytelling saga, a riveting historical document, and a societal critique all at once. It's a must-watch for those intrigued by the real-life stories of crime lords, their rise and fall, and the fascinating underworld they commanded. Beware – once you dip into the world of Mafia's Greatest Hits, you are likely to be taken on a thrilling journey through the mob’s most notorious era that you won't easily forget.

Mafia's Greatest Hits is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 22 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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