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Legendary Haunts
America's most gruesome institutions, including Moundsville, WV prison and Dixmont, PA mental institution.

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Castle of the Blood Countess
One unlucky family gets the unfortunate task to tackle Bathory Castle, home of the infamous Blood Countess.

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Urban Legends II
Lizzie Borden's notorious home, Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, St. Nazianz Seminary and The Bone Yard, the inspiration for the film Poltergeist.

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Castle Transylvania
Follows the Monohan Family tackling a haunted house in Transylvania when challenged to spend the night in Vlad the Impaler's lair.

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"Scariest Places on Earth" is a captivating paranormal reality TV series that aired on the FreeForm channel from 2000. This engrossing show explores some of the most haunted, mysterious, and inherently spine-chilling locations around the world. The program, starring Alan Robson and narrated by the magnificent voice of Linda Blair, offers viewers a thrilling experience as they delve into eerie landscapes, ominous manors, and old derelict infrastructures pulsating with unexplainable paranormal activities.

Each episode of "Scariest Places on Earth" shines the spotlight on a new chilling place across the globe, from the catacombs of Paris to the gothic castles of England, and from the haunted forests of America to the cryptic tunnels of Eastern Europe. The show utilizes a dramatic and suspenseful approach to send a distinct chill down the spine of the viewers. It combines this element of suspense with detailed, historical background information on each location, creating an unnerving yet educational viewing experience.

Alan Robson, a long-time radio presenter and renowned author, widely known for his investigations into paranormal activities, is a key feature of the show. Known for his "Night Owls" radio talk show where he shares ghost stories and takes calls from listeners experiencing supernatural encounters, Robson's familiarity with the world beyond the ordinary lends a gripping authenticity to the series. He not only hosts some episodes but also actively participates in the investigations, adding an element of weight and credibility to the show.

The second iconic figure associated with the show is Linda Blair, best known for her role in "The Exorcist". Serving as the narrator, her eerie and chilling voice sets the tone for the show, building suspense and contributing to the overall atmospheric experience of the series.

"Scariest Places on Earth" is not just another haunted exploration show, but it also includes distinctive features that set it apart from its peers. One compelling aspect is the so-called "fear experiment", wherein an ordinary family is invited to spend the night at the location being investigated. These participants are usually families with no prior exposure to paranormal encounters, and their experiences, reactions, and testimonials not only add a sense of authenticity but also enhance viewer immersion.

As the show progresses, professionals in paranormal investigations and researchers in ghostly activities are brought in to provide expert analysis and insights. Alongside them, local inhabitants are interviewed for their personal experiences and anecdotes about the places being explored, lending a vital human touch and cultural context to the series.

The series is well-structured, with each episode focusing on an entirely different location. This episodic layout makes the series continually fresh and exciting, maintaining viewers’ interest over the years. The engaging narration, combined with carefully selected video footage of the locations and comprehensive interviews, create an immersive and engaging viewing experience that draws viewers into a world of paranormal phenomena and unexplainable events.

"Scariest Places on Earth" strikes a fine balance between horror, suspense, and educational content. It illuminates the history and folklore of various places around the world while maintaining an atmospherically eerie and chilling ambiance. The show skillfully conveys the terror, mystery, and intrigue of these haunted sites, making it an ideal watch for fans of ghost stories, supernatural phenomena, and uncanny places steeped in myth and legend.

What makes the show genuinely fascinating is its ability to blur the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural. It invites the viewer to question the nature of reality and confront the possibility of an existential plane beyond our everyday experiences. Through its exploration of unexplainable phenomena, "Scariest Places on Earth" ultimately challenges the viewer to explore their fears and, in doing so, reflect on larger questions about life, death, and what might lie beyond.

While the authenticity of the paranormal experiences presented may be in question, there is no denying the success of "Scariest Places on Earth" in creating a suspenseful and enthralled viewing experience. The thrill of the unknown, the bone-chilling narratives, and the suspenseful exploration of some of the most frightening places in the world continue to make this show a riveting watch for any audience.

Scariest Places on Earth is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 4 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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