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Young & Yacht'in
Josh takes the gang for a getaway on his new yacht, where Gabi hits it off with the yacht's chef, Alex Guarnaschelli. When Alex offers Gabi an amazing opportunity, it ruins Josh's plans.

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Young & Magic
When Gabi can't tell Josh she doesn't like him being a magician and Sofia can't tell her grandmother she's going to keep dating Nick, they both swap confrontations to disastrous consequences.

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Young & Bullseye
Wanting their boyfriends to become friends, Gabi and Sofia organize a double date. But when the guys don't hit it off, their conflict spreads to Gabi and Sofia.

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Young & Motorcycle
Gabi is excited when she inherits a motorcycle, remembering how she used to ride one all the time. But when she shows off her new bike to Josh, his reaction is not what she expected.

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Young & Mexico Part 2
Gabi's attempts to reunite Sofia with her vacation love Juancarlo create even more problems for Sofia's love life. Meanwhile, Yolanda finds herself strangely drawn to Elliot's piano playing.

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Young & Mexico Part 1
Gabi takes Sofia on a last minute vacation to Mexico to cover up the fact she forgot her birthday. But when Sofia learns that Gabi forgot, her anger leads Gabi to make it up to her by introducing her to a handsome stranger.

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Young & Handsy
Gabi panics that her relationship with Josh is over when it seems that the spark has died

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Young & Communication
Needing some "me" time, Josh fakes joining a swim club to get some space from Gabi and not hurt her feelings. When Gabi learns about Josh's ruse, she concocts an elaborate plan to get him to admit his lie.

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Young & Third Wheel
Josh decides to set Sofia up with someone in hopes she'll be less of a third wheel in his and Gabi's relationship. But when Sofia hits it off with Josh's dentist, Gabi isn't so sure he's the right one for her friend.

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Young & Downton Gabi
Gabi and Josh delight in their new status as an official couple, but Elliot and Yolanda are worried about how their work lives will change now that Gabi is the "lady of the house." Trying to make things less awkward, Gabi asks Josh to spend more time at her apartment, but Josh is horrified when he learns how messy Gabi is.

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Young & Amnesia
Gabi is horrified when Josh doesn't remember her after a bump on the head, especially since he seems to remember everyone else – and he was about to tell her something important. When Josh thinks he and Gabi met right before his accident at her audition to be his chef, Gabi sets out to recreate their first meeting in the hopes of jogging his memory.

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Young & Hold
Gabi and Josh's friends-with-benefits relationship is jeopardized when one of them meets someone else. Elliot battles with a squirrel he discovers in Josh's penthouse, only no one believes the squirrel is real.

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Young & Vegas Baby
Gabi is feeling down about her birthday, even after she discovers she and Ms. Wilson share their special day.

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Young & Bridesmaids
Gabi and Sofia are annoyed when they hear that high school frenemy Lizette is throwing a lavish destination wedding, with all expenses paid, for the wedding party. Desperately wanting a vacation, the girls scheme to get Lizette to make them bridesmaids.

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Young & Couchy
Sofia is excited when her boss gifts her a used couch believing it means she's on her way to an advancement. But Gabi despises the couch and sells it behind Sofia's back with the assistance of Josh's new app.

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Young & Softball
Josh attempts to bond with his father Matt, but they have difficulting finding common ground.

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Young & Josh's Dad
Josh's dad Matt calls his son for the first time asking to meet. When Josh says no, predicting his father is only after his cash, Gabi takes matters into her own hands.

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Young & Kiki
Josh attempts to conceal an important meeting with celebrity chef and lifestyle expert Natasha Cook-Campbell, aware that Gabi is Natasha's biggest fan.

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Young & Valentine's Day
Gabi and Josh think their no-strings relationship means they can skip celebrating the day of love. But when they each are convinced the other bought a heartfelt gift, panic ensues.

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Young & Punch Card
Gabi and Josh attempt to show every body that they won't let emotions get in the way of their new arrangement as "friends with benefits." Yolanda's effort to cut corners while doing her work causes disastrous issues for Elliot and even more so for Josh.

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Young & Hungry is a delightful, hilarious, and light-hearted sitcom that aired on FreeForm from 2014 to 2018, starring an ensemble cast, including Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski, Aimee Carrerro, Kym Whitley, and Rex Lee, among others. The show is a fun-filled, comedic dive into the chaotic world of a young blog writer turned personal chef, navigating her unique journey through the worlds of food and love. The series highlights the life of Gabi Diamond, played by Emily Osment, who finds herself working as the personal chef for a tech millionaire, Josh Kaminski, portrayed by Jonathan Sadowski. Gabi is a spunky and eccentrically charming young woman with cooking expertise and an unruly personal life, making her character both relatable and endearing. In her culinary journey through the series, she attempts to prove herself to Josh, the well-to-do San Francisconite, who lives a life far removed from Gabi's reality but finds her spontaneity refreshing. Next up, the eccentric cast includes Josh's publicist and close confidante, Elliot Park, played brilliantly by Rex Lee. Elliot's somewhat snooty and image-concerned character often becomes the source of hilarious altercations and misunderstandings, hitting the comedic notes just right. Then, Yolanda, Josh's housekeeper, portrayed by Kym Whitley, adds a unique zest to the series with her sassiness and witty remarks. Also worth mentioning is Gabi's roommate and best friend, Sofia Rodriguez, portrayed by Aimee Carrerro. The character, with its ambition, nervous quirks, and unconditional loyalty to Gabi, brings a significant contribution to the funny and heart-warming dynamics of the show. The series brilliantly amalgamates the culinary world with the quest for love and identity, all laced with humor. The main plot is centered on Gabi and her romantic chronicles with her boss, offering viewers charmingly tangled love stories with a side of comic relief. Further spicing up the plot are guest appearances by stars such as Ashley Tisdale, Jesse McCartney, Jayson Blair, Mallory Jansen, Jessica Lowndes, and Virginia Williams to name a few. Despite the comedic forefront of the series, Young & Hungry does not shy away from tender moments that effortlessly capture the complexities of modern relationships and the struggle of youth trying to find their place in the world. The struggles Gabi faces in balancing her professional and personal life, her desire to succeed in her career, whilst battling prejudices owing to her humble background, resonate with the audience and evoke both laughter and heartfelt connections. Young & Hungry stands out for its unabashed celebration of food and the connections it can build. The show is often flavored with cooking sequences that add a comforting and engaging visual appeal to the narrative. Whether solutions are being whisked up in the kitchen or problems are being marinated, the food element is wound into the story brilliantly, creating a show that invites the audience into the warmth and chaos of the kitchen. Another notable feature of the show is the balance it maintains between the disparate worlds of Gabi and Josh - her struggle and his success, her zestful youth, and his serious, collected demeanor. The stark contrast and the resulting interactions form the backbone of the series, offering a fast-paced, high-energy show that consistently leaves viewers with a batch of laughter. Overall, Young & Hungry proudly straddles the realms of humor, romance, friendship, food, and diversity, woven together with lovely storytelling and the incredible acting prowess of its lead ensemble. It's a charming and heartening representation of the spirit of youth, ambition, culinary passion, and the warmth of genuine relationships. Pleasantly surprising, deliciously entertaining and peppered with many funny and tender moments, this delightful sitcom provides an entertaining recipe for easy and enjoyable viewing. It's a show that will make you laugh, make you hungry, and most importantly, make you feel.

Young & Hungry is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 71 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski, Rex Lee, Aimee Carrero, Kym Whitley
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