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Wherever I Go (Part 1 of 2)
Miley and Lilly prepare to go off to college when Miley gets a movie offer that she can't refuse.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 114 Now

I am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar!
Mamaw comes out for Miley's high school graduation.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 113 Now

Kiss It Goodbye
Miley is now faced with living life out in the open as a celebrity.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 112 Now

Can You See the Real Me?
Miley gives her first interview to Robin Roberts after revealing her secret.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 111 Now

I'll Always Remember You (Part 1 of 2)
Miley is rejected from college and the paparazzi catch Jesse dating both Miley and Hannah.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 109 Now

Hannah's Gonna Get This
Miley has writer's block and she ends up writing something that is un-Hannah like.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 108 Now

Love That Lets Go
Miley tricks Lilly into getting on Blue Jeans, but then she accidentally breaks her leg.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 107 Now

Been Here All Along
Miley finds out that Jesse's father is in Afghanistan fighting the war.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 106 Now

It's the End of the Jake As We Know It
Oliver comes to visit Lilly and shows her a picture of Jake cheating on Miley.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 105 Now

De-Do-Do-Do, Da-Don't-Don't-Don't Tell My Secret!
When Siena sees Hannah Montana outside the house, Jackson threatens to tell Siena the secret.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 104 Now

California Screamin'
Miley goes on a mission to find her dad a date and sets him up with Lori, the school nurse.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 103 Now

Hannah Montana to the Principal's office
Robby fails to register Miley on time for school.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 102 Now

Sweet Home Hannah Montana
Miley doesn't like her new room, but doesn't know how to tell her dad.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 101 Now

Wherever I Go
Miley and Lilly prepare to go off to college when Miley gets a movie offer. This is the final episode of Hannah Montana.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 13 Now

I Am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar!
With Miley's secret out, Mamaw can barely get any time alone with MIley without a fan popping out pushing her to the back of the line. Meanwhile Jackson makes a comment that he wouldn't like Sienna if she has short hair causing Sienna to get her hair shortened off to spite him.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 12 Now

Kiss It Goodbye
Miley regrets revealing her secret to the world as she now cannot have privacy from the media hounds. She seeks advice from her Aunt Dolly.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 11 Now

Can You See the Real Me
Miley gives her first interview after revealing her secret on the Robin Roberts show.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 10 Now

I'll Always Remember You
Once again Miley's dual life complicates her life and her love. Jesse breaks off with Miley because he's first caught smooching Hannah and then hugging Miley.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 9 Now

Hannah's Gonna Get This
Hannah's producer wants her to write an 11th song for her next CD, and when she does he doesn't think its right for her. Meanwhile Jackson tries to grow a mustache.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 8 Now

Love That Let's Go
Blue Jeans and Lilly are accidentally injured on a ride through the woods. Jackson tries to share Siena's interest in reading, but he finds that her choices in literature are vastly different from his own.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 7 Now

Been Here All Along
Miley stands up Robbie on a promised father-daughter date to spend time with Jesse, someone Hannah dumped for Jake. But she feels bad when Jesse stops to talk with his deployed father on the phone.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 6 Now

It's the End of the Jake As We Know It
Miley can't understand why Lilly and Oliver are giving Jake the cold shoulder. Jackson drives everyone crazy by constantly talking about Siena.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 5 Now

De-Do-Do-Do, Da-Don't-Don't-Don't Tell My Secret
Siena assumes the worst when Jackson can't explain why his old girlfriend, Hannah Montana, is lurking outside his new home. Robbie and Rico go on a fishing trip.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 4 Now

California Screamin'
Miley feels sorry that her father is always worrying about her so she decides to set him up with the school nurse. Meanwhile Jackson is worried that Sienna will dump him after they have their first kiss.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 3 Now

Hannah Montana to the Principal's Office
Miley finds out that her father forgot to register her for school and she won't be allowed to attend until the second semester. So she gets the idea to have Hannah enroll instead.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 2 Now

Sweet Home, Hannah Montana
Miley and her family move to a new home.

Watch Hannah Montana Season 4 Episode 1 Now

Hannah Montana is a beloved American sitcom that aired on the Disney Channel from March 2006 to January 2011. This engaging show features music-filled episodes and a vivaciously talented ensemble cast with Miley Cyrus in the leading role. She shares the screen with her real-life father and well-known country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, Jason Earles, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, and Moisés Arias. The show, teeming with comedy, drama and adventure, catapulted Miley Cyrus into stardom, making her a familiar name in households across the globe. The central premise of Hannah Montana revolves around the extraordinary double life of a teenager named Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus). By day, Miley is an average schoolgirl navigating typical teenage experience, complete with all the drama and dynamism that high school years involve. Friendships, academics, and budding romances form a substantial part of her everyday life. It's the life she prefers, a place where she can be her authentic self. However, when night falls, she transforms into her alter ego - Hannah Montana - the chart-topping pop sensation adored by millions. This double-life scenario lends plenty of intriguing twists, fun-filled moments, and a unique freshness to the show. Miley consistently finds herself struggling to balance the pressures of her two vastly contrasting worlds. Her secret identity needs to be shielded from her school friends, teachers, and romantic interests during the day, while her popstar image requires constant upkeep during her nighttime appearances. Billy Ray Cyrus plays Miley’s loving father, Robby Stewart, in the show. Robby, a widower and a former famous country music star himself, offers unwavering support to Miley in handling the dual chaos of her ordinary teen life and the glamorous allure of her musical career. Complementing Miley's journey is her fun-filled relationship with her goofy and loving elder brother Jackson, superbly portrayed by Jason Earles. His antics, hilarious mishaps, and futile attempts at making it straight into the cool club of high school sparkle the comic quotient in the series. Miley’s life is further enriched by her two best friends, Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) and Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso). Lilly is her confident, loyal, sometimes ditzy but always supportive best friend who is among the very few people aware of Miley's secret identity. Oliver Oken also plays a vital and humorous role, being friends with both Miley and Lilly. The situation becomes even more interesting when Oliver becomes one of Hannah Montana's biggest fans, not knowing his best friend is behind the blonde wig! Furthermore, Moisés Arias plays the role of Rico Suave, the scheming and often bothersome child entrepreneur who runs the local surf shop and who is Jackson's primary tormentor. His character, mostly acting as comic relief, adds another layer of humorous complexity to the show’s plot. Hannah Montana is a rollercoaster ride filled with catchy music, humor, and heartwarming moments. The music intertwined with each episode is another engaging aspect of the series, showcasing the vocal prowess of Miley Cyrus. The show is infectious and entertaining, offering the audience not only an insight into the complexities of dual identities but poignant life lessons on friendship, family, and staying true to yourself. While the sitcom is targeted towards preteens and teenagers, it transcends age barriers with its beautiful storytelling and top-notch performances, especially by Miley Cyrus, who embodies the character of Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana seamlessly. The show's special episodes became much-anticipated television events, bringing in a broad audience demographic. The series ended with its fourth season, named "Hannah Montana Forever", which followed Hannah's final years of high school and her decision about the path her future would take. In conclusion, Hannah Montana is a humor-packed, music-filled exploration of a young girl’s world as she oscillages between the fronts of a quintessential teenager and a high-profile pop star. It reflects on friendship, familial relationships, personal growth, and the unlikely challenges of living a prodigious double life while still being in high school.

Hannah Montana is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 130 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.3.

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