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Psycho Duck
Penny rescues a poor duck from drowning, but after bringing it home, the ducks turns out to be vengeful and violent.

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Who you Callin' a Sissy?
Michael decides to shed his feminine appearance and personality.

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She Drives Me Crazy
Sugar Momma asks Oscar to help her study for the renewal exam, when her driver's license gets expired.

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Twins To Tweens
Penny wishes that Bebe and Cece were older so they can take care of themselves. Her wish then comes to pass but when they become popular and more liked than her at school she begin to regret her wish.

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Suga Mama's Believers
Suga Mama becomes the coach of Penny's baseball team. She then changes the name to The Believers. And they then go on a wining streak, until one of Suga Mama's old rivals comes back to town.

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Smackmania 6: Mongo vs. Mama's Boy
Mongo, a famous wrestler, gets sick from eating Proud Snacks. Oscar is then forced to step into the ring to defend Mongo's belt.

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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Teen Idol is in town, and Penny and the gang try to audition. Unfortunately, only LaCienaga advances to the next round- and an ugly duckling named Agatha Ordinario.

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Penny runs for school president.

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Culture Shock
For the celebration of diversity, Penny and her fellow classmates must swap lives with a student who comes from a different culture for a week. Penny is hesitant at first when she learns she will be switching with a Muslim student, Radika.

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Thelma And Luis
Papi gets sent to a nursing home that turns out to be a front for an okra farm where the residents are forced to work. So Penny and her friends team up with Sugar Momma to attempt to save him.

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Monkey Business
Oscar's monkey gets sick from eating one of the Proud family snacks and Mariah Carey's monkey gets sick also. They take their monkeys to the same Veterinarian.

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Penny Potter
Penny's great aunt Spice comes to town and tricks Zoe into believing that she has telekenisis.

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Wedding Bell Blues
Suga Mama announces that she is engaged to marry a man who Oscar is convinced is nothing but a fortune-hunter.

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It Takes a Thief
LaCienega's boyfriend Lil Wiz hooks Penny and the gang up with jobs at Wizard Kelly's store.

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The Camp...The Counselor...The Mole...And The Rock
Penny volunteers to be a counselor. Oscar is afraid she will be hanging with boys, so he has a camp kid spy on her.

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The Legend of Johnny Lovely
Penny rehearses for the debutante ball and meets a well-mannered man.

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Surf and Turf
Dijonay flirts with a new boy from Hawaii to make sticky jealous.

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The Proud Family is an American animated television series that aired on the Disney Channel from 2001 to 2005. This beloved show, created by Bruce W. Smith, sets itself apart through its unique portrayal of the daily adventures and experiences of a Black family, which was a groundbreaking concept in the world of animation at the time. The series focuses on the life of its 14-year-old protagonist, Penny Proud, who is a smart, confident, and kind-hearted girl living in the fictional town of Wizville. Penny is essentially a regular teenager, dealing with typical adolescent quandaries - from school, friendships, and first crushes, to complex family dynamics and moral dilemmas. Her character is relatable and real, offering both humor and insight for the young audience. The other central characters in the series are members of Penny’s family - her parents Oscar and Trudy, her younger siblings Bebe and Cece, and her grandmother Suga Mama. Oscar Proud, Penny's father, owns a snack business, while Trudy, her mother, is a veterinarian. Oscar is overprotective of Penny and often finds himself in hilarious situations because of his actions. Trudy is the voice of reason in the family, balancing Oscar's zaniness with her calm and loving nature. Bebe and Cece, the adorable toddler twins, bring a certain lighthearted charm to the show. The sassy and sharp-witted Suga Mama, Oscar's mother, is always on standby to help Penny navigate through life, often to Oscar's dismay. Her pet dog Puff is also a notable character, often involved in comedic situations with Oscar and Suga Mama. This diverse cast of characters and their interactions contribute to the charm of The Proud Family. The show cleverly brings together different generations under one roof, offering entertaining and educational storylines that celebrate familial love, cultural pride, and the navigating of life’s highs and lows. Despite its light-hearted tone, The Proud Family does not shy away from dealing with deeper social and cultural issues, and often incorporates messages about acceptance, tolerance, and perseverance subtly into its narratives. This includes touching upon aspects such as racism, disability, cultural diversity, socio-economic challenges, and more. The show beautifully reflects the value of unity, self-acceptance, and family love in the face of all adversities. The humor in The Proud Family has broad appeal, with slapstick and visual gags for the young viewers, and clever wordplay and cultural references for the older ones. The show’s humor often revolves around the interactions within the Proud family, Penny's experiences with her diverse group of friends, and the hilarious circumstances that arise from typical everyday situations. The animation style of The Proud Family is distinctive, colorful, and vibrant, capturing the energetic and lively spirit of the characters and the setting. The show's creative approach to animation helps each character come to life with a unique style, bringing an additional layer of originality to the show. Equally, the use of music in the series is noteworthy. Ranging from the catchy, soulful theme song sung by Destiny’s Child, to various musical numbers spread throughout the series, the soundtracks add a delightful rhythm to the storytelling. The Proud Family is one of those rare shows that strikes a perfect balance between humor, family values, cultural representation, and social commentary. It's a show that reaches beyond its teenage demographic, appealing to kids, adolescents, and adults alike. Throughout its four-season run, the series consistently proved to be a trailblazer, breaking down barriers and setting a precedent for animated sitcoms to follow. In conclusion, The Proud Family represents an important chapter in animation history, particularly for breaking ground in the representation of Black families. It stands tall as a testament to Disney Channel's willingness to experiment with diverse voices and narratives. It’s a fantastic exploration of life, love, family, friendship, and diversity, all wrapped up in an animated series that is humorous, moving, intelligible, and ultimately, incredibly fun to watch.

The Proud Family is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 51 episodes, the show debuted on 2001. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

Raquel Lee, Kyla Pratt, Tommy Davidson, Tara Strong, Paula Jai Parker, Jo Marie Payton, Karen Malina White, Soleil Moon Frye, Alisa Reyes, Orlando Brown, Carlos Mencia, Aries Spears, Cedric the Entertainer, Lydia Look
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