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Quo Vadimus
A company named "Quo Vadimus" puts an 11th-hour stock bid on Continental Corp. Rebecca may be coming back into Dan's life.

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La Forza Del Destino
The discussion among the staff is centered primarily around who is bidding to buy CSC, and the very real possibility that they may all be out of a job soon. Dan is shocked to discover that Kim is actually NOT his secretary.

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Bells And A Siren
Dan has hired a publicist, but is a little apprehensive about some of the places he is asked to go. Natalie has a job interview with Saturday Night Live.

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April is the Cruelest Month
Reductions in Olympic coverage appear to be harbinger of future staff cutbacks at Sports Night. Jeremy plans a Jewish Sader at the studio and invites several of the non-Jewish staff to participate.

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Draft Day: Part II - The Fall of Ryan O'Brian
Sports night continues to cover the professional football draft. Tensions are strained between Casey and Dan.

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Draft Day: Part I - It Can't Rain at Indian Wells
It's football draft day, and the staff is making predictions on who will be picked. Word starts to spread that Jeremy is dating a porn star.

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The Local Weather
The episode is told by Dan to his therapist. Sports Night is covering the tape-delayed broadcast of a track and field event in New Zealand.

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With the unpleasant breakup of Natalie and Jeremy, relationships in the studio are strained. The staff of Sports Night create teams and play the game "Celebrities".

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And the Crowd Goes Wild
After experiencing some vision problems, Casey goes to an ophthalmologist. Since he had to have his eyes dilated, he has to wear dark glasses and can't see.

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Dana Get Your Gun
One hand washes the other as everyone's plans depend on favors from each other. Dana inherits a revolutionary war rifle and is less than thrilled about it.

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The Sweet Smell of Air
Dan wants to change his name to "Daniel". Sam Donovan is driving Dana crazy. Michael Jordan would like to announce his new line of cologne on Sports Night, but the staff is concerned that they won't have the opportunity to discuss sports with him. Casey goes to his son's class to give a presentation of sorts.

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The Cut Man Cometh
Sports Night provides special coverage of a boxing match. When the scheduled ring-side color commentator gets sick, they must recruit a man who is only marginally qualified for the job.

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The Giants Win the Pennant, the Giants Win the Pennant
Dan is excited to learn that Isaac attended a specific historic baseball game in 1952, but Isaac is reluctant to talk about it. Casey bumps into Pixley and writes his phone number on her hand.

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A Girl Named Pixley
Per the rules of Dana's dating plan, Casey goes out on a date with a girl named "Pixley". The staff is trying to research news for tomorrows show, which is short by 42 minutes.

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The Reunion
Dana must deal with the recent news that her brother Kyle has been taking anabolic steroids and will be suspended from the team. The staff buys "Secret Santa" gifts for each other and discuss who should be "Athlete of the Year".

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Kyle Whitaker's Got Two Sacks
Dana cannot contain her pride for her brother who got two sacks while playing in a Monday night football game. Jeremy is in charge of the irresponsible cousin of a network executive, and must learn to take a hard line with him.

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Dan continues to see Abby, hoping to get to the bottom of his escalating emotional problems. Casey interviews Shane McArnold - an old friend and professional baseball player who has signed with the New York Yankees.

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Jeremy convinces Dana that he is qualified to eliminate any potential Y2K problems from the computers as they approach the millennium. The "dress rehearsal" test of his changes doesn't go without some problems.

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Louise Revisited
An internet poll asks viewers who is cooler - Dan or Casey? Casey intends to win this poll by any means necessary, and recruits Jeremy to help.

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Cliff Gardner
The presence of Sam Donovan has everyone on edge. In spite of Casey's best efforts, Dana will not budge with regards to her "dating plan".

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When Something Wicked This Way Comes
A rumor is spreading through the studio that the network has hired a ratings expert for the show. Casey makes plans for his first date with Dana.

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Special Powers
Ninety days have passed since Gordon broke up with Dana, and Casey is trying to find the right time and method to approach her romantically. Dana is worried about Isaac's ability to work since returning from his stroke.

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Sports Night is a unique and innovative ABC show that aired from 1998 to 2000. Its combination of drama, comedy, and poignant social commentary delivered through the lens of sports television offers a rare glimpse into the chaotic, exhilarating, and often poignant world behind live sports broadcasting. The series was created by Aaron Sorkin, who later became celebrated for his work on "The West Wing" and "The Social Network." Starring an ensemble cast of Josh Charles, Peter Krause, Felicity Huffman, Joshua Malina, Sabrina Lloyd, and Robert Guillaume, Sports Night provides a layered and complex look at the tumultuous lives and lively personalities that run the fictional television sports news show, also called "Sports Night." The show within the show covers an array of sporting events and stories, mirroring the wide world of real life sports. Josh Charles plays Dan Rydell, a co-anchor on the show who is clever and charming, though sometimes overly self-concerned. Peter Krause portrays fellow anchor Casey McCall, a man torn between his fading domestic bliss and the excitement of his work life, all while maintaining a masterful handle on the behind-the-desk banter necessary for the job. Huffman plays executive producer Dana Whitaker, who boldly navigates the tough, male-dominated world of sports broadcasting while juggling her complex personal life. Malina portrays Jeremy Goodwin, a newcomer to the broadcasting scene who quickly finds himself engrossed in not just the logistical complexities of live TV, but also the tangled web of relationships behind the scenes. Sabrina Lloyd plays associate producer Natalie Hurley, an ambitious and tenacious woman who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty in the pursuit of a good story. Robert Guillaume powerfully portrays network executive Isaac Jaffe, a role that earned Guillaume a post-stroke comeback, embodying a character who exhibits strength, wisdom and a deep love for the game. Sports Night cleverly explores both the kinetic energy of live sports and the world behind the broadcasts. With its whip-smart dialogue, the series also provides a deeply personal insight into the lives of those who make the magic happen, dealing with issues like workplace relationships, the tension between delivering hard-hitting journalism and selling entertainment, and the personal sacrifices made for the sake of ambition. Sorkin’s signature razor-sharp dialogue is elevated by innovative storytelling techniques, making the show feel both contemporary and timeless. Another characteristic of Sorkin's work - a blend of drama and comedy - is also beautifully realized in Sports Night, often delivering both high-stakes tension and comedic punchlines within the same scenes. The dynamic sporting world serves as an exciting backdrop to the show, with sports footage interspersed between rapid, behind-the-scenes dialogue. More than just a showcase for dramatic sports events, it is also a commentary on the sports industry, calling attention to its glamour and spectacle, as well as its shortcomings and inherent sexism. The influence of 24/7 news cycles, the blurred lines between entertainment and journalism, and the struggle to maintain integrity in the face of corporate pressures are all strikingly relevant themes that Sports Night grapples with, making it a compelling watch even two decades after its release. Sports Night is rich with well-realized characters and complex relationships that weave through every level of the show's production team. Each episode holds incredible attention to detail in terms of script and direction. The well-rounded characters deal with real human experiences and challenges - love, friendship, ambition, and disappointment, making it much deeper than just a workplace sitcom. While it may have had a relatively short run, Sports Night left a significant impact on the television landscape. Critics frequently praise the show for its intelligent writing and stylized dialogue, and the series is often credited as paving the way for workplace comedies and dramas to come. In conclusion, with its brilliant cast, real-world themes, witty dialogue, and distinctive characters, Sports Night provides a captivating look at the world of sports broadcasting beyond the bright lights and cheers, delving into an intricate web of professional struggles and personal triumphs. A true cult classic, the show remains beloved by audiences and critics, securing its place in the annals of television history.

Sports Night is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 45 episodes, the show debuted on 1998. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

Joshua Malina, Robert Guillaume, Felicity Huffman, Peter Krause, Josh Charles, Sabrina Lloyd, Ron Ostrow, Kayla Blake, Jeff Mooring, Greg Baker, Timothy Davis-Reed
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